6-2-2013 WCWS Sunday

WCWS Sunday June 2


Game 9: Florida def by Texas 3-0
Game 10: Michigan def by Washington 4-1

Game 11: Tennessee 2,  Texas 1
Game 12: Oklahoma 6, Washington 2

Game 9: Texas 3, Florida 0
Florida is 58-8; Texas 50-9.
Starting pitchers: FL Hannah Rogers.  TX Blaire Luna.

TX 1st: Hoagland singled; Washington sacrificed; Thom walked; Bruins flied out to left center; Ogle grounded to 3rd, fielder’s choice.
FL 1st: Stewart popped to short; Merritt fanned; Tofft grounded to 1st.
TX 2nd: Schmidt led with a single, stole2nd, reached 3rd on throwing error; Scott out 1-3; Smith fanned; Ceo popped to short.
FL 2nd: Haeger walked; Horton sacrificed; Fuller whiffed;  Schwarz  looked at a third strike.
TX 3rd: Hoagland walked; Washington whiffed, Hoagland stole 2nd; Thom walked again; Bruins slugged a 3-run homer over left which hit the top of the wall and barely eluded fielder Little; Ogle out 5-3; Schmidt took a third strike.
FL 3rd: Little hbp; Medina struck out; Little stole 2nd; Stewart struck out; Merritt hbp; Tofft  walked;  bases loaded; Haeger struck out, 6 K for Luna.
TX 4th: Scott popped to short; Smith out 1-3; Ceo put out at 1st.
FL 4th: Horton fanned; Fuller singled; Schwarz fanned; Little walked;  Medina caught looking.
TX 5th: Hoagland walked; Washington sacrificed; Thom and Bruins grounded to 3rd.
FL 5th: Sewart struck out; Washington looked at a third strike; Tofft walked; Haeger ground to 3rd.
TX 6th: Ogle fanned; Schmidt singled; Scott singled off wall in left; Schmidt out attempting to steal 3rd; Stephens flied to center.
FL 6th: Horton fanned. Fuller walked; Schwarz struck out; Little popped to 1st.
TX 7th: Ceo grounded to 2nd; Hoagland flied out to 2nd; Washington flied to center.
FL 7th: Facing elimination, the Gators had but one hit.  Gammel struck out. Stewart grounded to 3rd. Merritt hit back to Luna who had 14 Ks, gave up one hit..
Texas wins 3-0.  Florida eliminated.  Texas advances to play Tennessee at 6pm.  Florida’s ascent to the WCWS was remarkable, given that most observers wrote off the Gators after a fall incident resultedin he loss of three first team All Americans.


Washington 44-16, Michigan 51-12.  Winner plays Oklahoma at 830 tonight
Starting pitchers: UW BryannaWalker  UM Sara Driesenga

UW 1st: Hayward fanned; Fagaly singled to right, forced by Inglesby; Souza out 1-3.
MI 1st: Doyle fanned; Sappingfield out at 1st; Romero walked;  Blanchard flied to center.
UW 2nd: Lahners ground to 3rd; Wright singled to center; Jones out at1st;McNeill out 4-3.
MI 2nd: Lane reached on error at short; Knapp out looking; Sweet struck out; Lawrence up, Lane out stealing.
UW 3rd:
MI 3rd:
UW 4th:
MI 5th: Knapp fouled out to 3rd; Sweet walked; Lawrence fielder’s choice, advanced to 2nd and 3rd, wild pitch, Crummey rbi; Doyle singled, Sappingfield struck out. Wolverines 10.
UW 6th: Hayward singled; Fagaly sacrificed; Inglesby intentional walk; Creger-Zier in to run; Souza single; rbi;  advanced on throwing error;  Braun in to run; Hayward scored, Creger-Zier scored on the error;  Lahners doubled, rbi; Wright singled; Jones ground out 4-3, rbi;Fa’asua ground out 4-3. UW up 4-1.
MI 6th: Romero singled;  Blanchard fouled out to 3rd, double play; Knapp out 6-3.;  Lane walked;
UW 7th:
MI 7th: Sweet fanned; Lawrence out;  Crummey looked at a third strike, game ended. UW 4-1.
Washington advances to play Oklahoma at 830. Michigan is eliminated.

Tennessee is 51-10, Texas 51-9.  Texas three hours ago defeated Florida to advance: the Horns must defeat the Vols twice including a what-if game on Monday to advance to the championship.

Starting pitchers: Vols Ivy Renfroe.  Horns Blaire Luna. Luna had 14K in a 1-hitter against Florida.
Vols 1st: Chavane grounded to short; Dotson fanned; Gibson jacked a solo homer. Shipman struck out.
Horns 1st: Hoagland walked; Washington struck out; Thom grounded to 3rd; Bruins hit back to Luna.
Vols 2nd: Brown and Tarango struck out. Gaffin flied to 2nd.
Horns 2nd: Ogle fanned.   Schmidt singled; Scott put out at 1st; Smith up, Smith advanced to 3rd passed ball; Smith struck out.
Vols 3rd: Akamine struck out; Lewis fanned.  Chavanne walked; like Chavanne who stole 2nd, Dotson also worked a 3-0 count and walked; Gibson at 3-2, Vols double steal, flied out to center.
Horns 3rd: Ceo singled to center; Hoagland and Washington struck out; Thom back to Renfroe.
Vols 4th: Shipman singled off Hoagland’s glove tip for a single; Brown bunted, out 5-3; Tarango fanned; Gaffin  walked; Akamine struck out.
Horns 4th: Bruins fouled out to 1st; Ogle out 4-3; Schmidt fanned.  End of four, each team had 2 hits.
Vols 5th: Lewis watched a third strike; ; Chavanne out at 1st;  Dotson flied to center. Luna 68mph.
Horns 5th: Scott grounded toGibson at 2nd; pinch hitter Stephens lined to center; Ceo hbp; Hoagland at 3-1, Ceo advanced on a wild pitch; the umpire called an illegal pitch on Renfroe, Ceo wento 3rd, Hoagland to 1st, two out.  Ellen Renfroe relieved sister Ivy. Washington tapped softly to 1st.
Vols 6th: Gibson, whost 1st inning homer is still the game difference, walked. Shipman fanned., Luna’s 10th. Brown flied to center, Tarango walked, Luna’s fourth pass.  Burroughs running at 1st. Gaffin walked, loading the bases. Overstreet, hitting for Akamine, worked a 3-2 count and drew an rbi walk, Vols 2-0. Davin batting for Lewis, popped to 3rd, leaving bases loaded.  Luna has 10K, 6 walks.
Horns 6th: Thom singled to 3rd, no play. Bruin singled over short, the tying runs on base. Ogle struck out. Schmidt fouled out to left.  Scott hit to short, fielder’s choice out at 2nd.
Vols 7th:  Chavanne beat out an infield hit.  Dotson out 1-3 sacrifice. Gibson walked again. Shipman whiffed.  Brown walked, Luna’s seventh pass, bases loaded, two out. Tarango fanned, Luna’s 11th.
Horns 7th: Trailing 2-0, the Texans  know they will have to win now to Washington match.
force a what-if game tomorrow, or go home.  Stephens crushed the first pitch for a home run to deep center. Ceo out 1-3. Hoagland, top of the lineup, grounded to short. Washington lined to Renfroe.  Vols win 2-1 and advance to the championship round where they will face th winner of thr Oklahoma/washington match.

OU has run-ruled five of seven post-season opponents.
Starting pitchers: OU Keilani Ricketts (33-1)  UW Kaitlyn Inglesby
OU 1st:  Chamberlain lined to short; Casey singled to 2nd; Pendley at 3-2 struck out; Ricketts flied high to center.
UW 1st: Hayward fanned, Ricketts hitting 69mph; Fagaly  out 6-3;  Inglesby fanned.
OU 2nd: Williams reached on an error at 2nd; Shults forced Williams at 2nd; Martinez out 5-3; Parsons K.
UW 2nd: Souza hbp; Lahners fanned, Rickett 70mph; Wright hit into 6-4-3 double play.
OU 3rd: Turang slapped a triple into the left field corner.  Chamberlain up, Turang scored on a passed ball. Chamberlain blasted a rocket inside the left field foul pole, 2-0.  Casey out, running into her bunt.  Pendley whiffed.  Ricketts on 3-2 launched a monster halfway up the bleachers in center. 3-0. Williams grounded to 2nd.
UW 3rd: Jones fanned. Fa’asua whiffed. Suguro groundout.
OU 4th: Shults singled; Sampson in to run; Martinez sac bunt;  Parsons walked; Turang out 4-3; Chamberlain given an intentional pass; bases loaded.  Casey, the Aussie import, drew an rbi walk.  Pendley, who has struck out twice, did so again, this time stranding three runners.   OU 4-0.
UW 4th: Hayward 6-3. Fagaly worked 3-2, hbp.Creger-Zier in to run. Inglesby  struck out. Souza, the Husky hero in Game 1, struck out, Ricketts seventh.
OU 5th: Ricketts singled into right center. Miller running.  Williams lined to short, double play.  Shults at 3-2 struck out.  Inglesby has 5 Ks, three by Pendley.
UW 5th: Lahners nailed the first Husky hit off Ricketts, a solo shot into the center field bleachers.  Wright walked; Wetmore running.  Jones fanned. Fa’asua singled up the middle; Suguro at 3-2 hit a routine grounder which Pendley threw into center field, trying for a force, instead UW scored, OU 4-2. Hayward, two on,one out, struck out. Fagaly struck out, Ricketts ninth.
OU 6th: Martinez out 1-3. Parsons flied to left center. Turang reached error by second baseman.  Chamberlain at 3-1 walked. Casey dropped an rbi single into left field, Turang scored 5-2.  Henson hitting in place of the struggling Pendley, struck out.
UW 6th: Ingelsby, a good hitting pitcher, singles to 3rd, another error by Pendley. McNeill out 6-3. Lahners struck out, Ricketts tenth. Wright walked. Jones out 4-3.
OU 7th: Ricketts at 3-1 walked. Williams hits down the right field line but the ball hits the bag and bounces away from Husky fielders. Vance running.  Shults moves the runners with a sac bunt. Martinez out 4-3 but Ricketts scores, 6-2.  Parsons worked a full count  and walked.  Turang walked,  Bases loaded with 2 outs.  The anticipation was palpable as Chamberlain  stepped to the plate; she flied to center, and again the Sooners left the bases loaded.  OU 6-2.
UW 7th: ESPN showed Coach Gasso having some words with Pendley but the player remained at 3rd for the final inning.   Fa’asua struck out. #11.  Suguro grounded to Ricketts.   Hayward became Ricketts 12th victim.
Oklahoma eliminates Washington 6-2 and sets up a championship contest against Tennessee tomorrow night at 7.

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