6-21-2011 June 21 Update



The 2011 Louisville Slugger Independence Day Tournament will run from Wednesday, June 29th through Sunday, July 3rd. The 2011 tournament will mark the 15h year for the event to be held in Boulder and the surrounding area. The event has a national tournament flavor and level of competition. This year we will have one hundred twelve 18U and eighty16U teams from thirty-two states competing. Teams will represent all regions of the country, from coast to coast and border to border. Entries for the 2011 tournament were accepted until Friday, September 18, 2010 and all teams were notified of their status by mid October. One of the main objectives of the tournament is to provide participating girls an opportunity to perform for those college coaches in attendance. In 2010, 382 coaches checked in at the tournament, representing all levels of collegiate softball. 

Practice games will be played on Monday(6/27)  and Tuesday(6/28).  Pool play will start at 8:00am on Wednesday(6/29) and run thru Friday(7/1) with all teams playing two pool play games per day.  The single elimination tournaments will all start at 8:00am on Saturday(7/2) and will conclude on Sunday(7/3).  As usual we are running three separate tournaments.  In Boulder we host the 80 team 18U 

tournament and in Louisville the 32 team 18U event.  The top six finishers in Louisville earn a berth in Boulder in 2012. This year the 16U tournament has expanded from 48 to 80 teams.  We will play in Longmont as usual (48 teams) and will also play in Erie, CO at a new four field complex (32 teams).  We will play single elimination tournaments at both complexes and bring the finalists from each event to Boulder on Sunday to play for the overall 16U championship. 

While his Air Ministry is still investigating recent fatal crashes of Tupolev aircraft, the Russian president is journeying to the Paris air show in a French build Dussault. 

The US airlines netted $2.3 billion last year on baggage fees.  Not enough!  Air carriers announced today passengers will be charged a dollar for using self-service kiosks. 

A cable channel recently reprised the video of Johnny Cash’ Christmas  concert in Montreux Switzerland.  More than just a concert, the video included scenes from the runup to the concert, notably sdome dialogue between the infamous Highway men, Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kirstofferson and Waylon Jennings.  At one point, Kristofferson asked why they had to go all the way to Montreux for a Christmas concert.  Jennings answered with sincerity, “Because that’s where the baby Jesus was born.” 

Jennie Finch welcomed another baby boy, Diesel Dean Daigle, on June 19th.
Allison Hesse Shellaway gave birth to a daughter, Emma Rose, on June 18.  Allison is the webmaster for Spy Softball, which is published by Emma’s grandfather, Rayburn. (shown at 5 hrs and 3 days)

The day after Weiner resigned, tweets from Capitol Hill declined by 28%. 

There was a time when the man with the Texaco star rushed out to your car, asked  how much gasoline you wanted, he pumped the gas, washed your windshield, checked your oil and then the pressure in your tires.  Much of that service disappeared about two generations ago, but you could still pull up to an air pump and fill your tires as needed.  Now, you insert up to a dollar in an air pump and pump air as needed.  Assuming the damned thing works!  At the Exxon, a driver has about 30 seconds before the machine shuts off.  The guy behind the counter doesn’t work for Exxon; he sells candy and other food.  Truly peeved when he laughed about the erratic pump (while I silently prayed for tighter immigration limits for South Asia), I went to Sunoco where a mechanic was on duty, and paid him to fill my tires for the trip to the TNJ. 


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