6-21-2012 Team NJ Classic

June 21 2012


CO Stars 2, NC Lady Lightning Elite 0
PA Newtown Rock 1, CA Bownet Diamonds 0
NY Hudson Valley Hurricanes 26 Central Jersey Hornets 0
NC Carolina Cardinals 3, CA Mizuno Pride 0

CO Stars 5, SC Elite 2
NC Lady Lightning Elite 11, PA Newtown Rock 0
IL Hawks Franzen 4,Hudson Valley Hurricanes 3
NJ Nightmare 3, NC Cardinals 2

NC Lady Lightning Elite 11, NJ Intensity Paula 0
Newtown Rock 2, IL Hawks Franzen 0
CA Bownet Diamonds 9, NJ Nightmare 8

TNJ held a separate tournament at another site; Spy has no scores

NJ Nightmare 3, CA Corona Angels 1
GA Elite 5, NM Sundancers 2
CA Cruisers 3, NJ intensity 0
CA Mizuno Pride 10, VA Legends 0
NJ Breakers 4, OK Tulsa Shootout 1

NC Lady Lightning-Corn 3, Corona Angels 1
GA Elite 3, Bownet Diamonds 0
NJ Intensity 1, Sundancers 0
VA Legends 4, CA Cruisers 2
Mizuno Pride 5, NJ Breakers 0

CA Grapettes 4, NJ Intensity 0
TX Storm 1, Diamonds 1
NC Lightning-Corn 6, AZ Hotshots 0
CO Stars 5, NJ Nightmare 1
Tulsa Shootout 5, VA Legends 2

Grapettes 5, EC Bullets 2
Corona Angels 4, RI Thunder 0
GA Elite 11, NJ Breakers 0
CO Stars 3, Team LI 0
Mizuno Pride 3, NJ Nightmare 0

TX Storm 9, EC Bullets 4
NJ Inferno 5, Atlanta Vipers 0
Bownet Diamonds 8, NY Conklin Raiders 3
AZ Storm 1, CO Stars 1
Carolina Cardinals 2, AZ Hotshots 0

RI Thunder 4, TX Storm 1
Vienna Stars 2, Lady Gators Flannery 1
Atlanta Vipers 6, Conklin Raiders 0
WA Ladyhawks 1, Team LI 0
AZ Hotshots 3, PA Chaos 2

AZ Storm 4, NJ Inferno 1
Carolina Elite 5, Lady Gators Flannery 3
Lady Gators Stump 1, Pennsbury Gems 0
WA Ladyhawks 7, PA Chaos 1
Carolina Cardinals 7, MC Belles 1

AZ Storm vs Vienna Stars
Lady Gators Stump vs So Cal Strikkers
Pennsbury Gems vs Ladyhawks
Conklin Raiders vs Carolina Cardinals
MC Belles vs Tampa Heatwave
Carolina Elite vs Lady Gators Stump
Pennsbury Gems vs SoCal Strikkers
Lady Gators Flannery vs PA Chaos

A tip of the Spyglass to the players, coaches, umpires and spectators who endured 99 degree heat.

CA Cruisers 3, NJ intensity 0.  Hailey Hilburn 2015 for Cruisers. Sarah Cwiertnia singled in 2 runs.  Lot of memories; Stanford star Jenna Rich, a former Cruiser, was there cheering on sister Rhianna.  Taylor Weaver 2014 pitcher for Intensity.

Mizuno Pride 5, NJ Breakers 0.  Larisa Petakoff, Colorado State, pitched for Pride.  Vanessa Gonzales drove in 2 runs.

GA Elite 5, NM Sundancers 2. Korinne Raby, Penn, got the Elite a fast start with a first pitch homer.
TX Storm 1, Diamonds 1.  Both scores on homers, Haylee Haas, an unsigned, impressive 2013, for the Bownet Diamonds; Lauren Montgomery, Arkansas, for TX Storm.  Veronica Gulvins 2015 and Jordan Franks 2014 pitched respectively for Diamonds and Storm.  Both teams had good opportunities.

TX Storm 9, EC Bullets 4.  Storm was up 5-4; loaded bases in last at-bat to score 4 runs, including a bases-loaded walk and an hbp run.

Grapettes 5, EC Bullets 2.  Leading 2-1, Grapettes racked 4 runs – scores by Jazmyn Jackson, Cal; Ariana Hawkins, Virginia, Haley Snyder 2014.  Megan Litumbe, Georgia State, brought the Bullets closer with a powerful home run.  The Bullets had earlier lost a run at home when Elise Sandberg trying to score on a double was out at home on a rifle throw from 2013 outfielder Iyana Hughes.

AZ Storm 4, NJ Inferno 1.  Score reverted to 4-1 under look back rule, erasing an Inferno rally.  Game attracted attention from a number of college coaches because it featured two unsigned 2013 pitchers: Andrea Wellins for Storm, who has potential for the bigger conferences, striking out the side twice, and Mackenzie Thompson, who could do well at some of the smaller D1 schools in the audience.  Spy was very impressed with Storm catcher Cheyann Tucker, 2015.  In a break before the game, some umpires and Spy were commenting on the average-at-best throw-downs we had seen.  Tucker changed that with a superb throw to nail Cyndi Wilson, St Joseph’s who had just driven in Cailin Winokur, who had tripled.  Tucker, who had singled sharply in the 2nd, drove in 2 runs in the Storm’s three run 3rd.  Kaylah Hampton also drove in a run in that rally.  Inferno, in its last at-bat, racked a 2-run homer by 2013 Tori Goillie.

The umpires also noted that several coaches wasted orecuiys tunem wiuthg their huddles before and after at-bats, and in between.  The tournament rule was 1:20, drop-dead 1:25.

Spy also saw some runners-at-the-corners situations when, one out, coaches elected to hit away and failed to score.

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