6-22-2011 TNJ 2011 Classic Wednesday


June 22, 2011  Yardley PA

Tournament managers and their hard-working grounds crews had to contend with intermittent, game-delaying lightning and sporadic bursts of rain but managed to conduct their mid-day exposure clinic and complete most of an initial 18-game schedule.

Game Scores

So Cal Choppers 2, NJ Intensity Deturo 1

Corona Angels 4, NY Top Prospects Elite 0

NJ Rock 2, CO Stars 1

So Cal Choppers 5, Top Prospects 1

Corona Angels 4, PA Newtown Rock 0

PA Chaos 1, CO Stars 1

AZ Storm vs Top Prospects /cancelled wet field

NJ Rocks vs PA Chaos

Newtown Rock vs NJ Gators

NJ Gators 5, Jersey Outlaws 3

Mizuno Pride 1, Carolina Cardinals 0

CA SGV Velocity 4, NJ CJ Lightning 3

NJ Jaxx 2, Mizuno Pride 1

Carolina Cardinals 2, Velocity 0

PA Lower South Liberty 6, NJ EC Elite 0

NJ Jaxx vs EC Elite

Carolina Cardinals vs Jersey Outlaws

LS Liberty 10, CJ Lightning 0

Numerous top ranked travel ball teams begin play on Thursday: the So Cal Athletics, who won the initial Premier championship in 2010; OC Batbusters, CA Cruisers, GA Elite, Texas Storm Durham, Texas Glory, GA EC Bullets, who won Gold in 2010, NJ Intnesity KOD, WA Ladyhawks, Jersey Inferno, AZ Hotshots, CA Grapettes, Shamrocks, and more.

SPY Notes
A major factor in Spy’senjoyment of these tournaments is seeing old friends, including former players who havebecome coaches.  Kara Brun, who dazzled with her arm and footwork as shortstop for the Arizona State Sun Devils in the 90s, now coaches the AZ Storm team created by Rick Beach;  rain delays gave an opportunity to recall the teams of that era as well profiling the current Storm.

A number of the uncommitted pitchers in the combine disappointed; poor mechanics but a few stood out, as did some of the position players we saw.  (note: not all of the uncommitted players in the tournament participated in the combine, and the combine was conducted on three separate fields so Spy saw only a few players.)

Combine Participants
Stephanie Butler, SS, NJ Intensity Deturo, 2012

Kate Biasi, 2nd, NJ Gators, 2012

Nicole Schroeder, 3rd/SS, CA Cruisers, 2012

Jordan Weed, P, NJ Intensity KOD, 2013

Savanna Jaquish, C, CA Cruisers, 2013

Katelyn Johnson, 2nd, NJ Pride, 2013

Katie Williford, P, Carolina Cardinals, 2014

Alison Frei, P, Newtown Rock Elite, 2014

Brittany Dzieciolowski, C, Newtown Rock,2012

Megan Lewis, C, Bad Apples Gold, 2014

Haley Hineman, ss/2nd, Mizuno Pride, 2013

Other Uncommitted Players Seen In Games

Alexis Osario, P,Corona Angels,2014

Lauren Butts, P, Top Prospects/Nightmare, 2014

Regan Green, P, Top Prospects/Delaware Swoop, 2015

Tara Klee, P, Chaos Gold, 2013

Sarah Good, 3rd,OF, CO Stars, 2014 (hardest hit of the day, a double)

Molly Sorenson OF, Choppers, 2014

Of course, some of the old ladies (committed) played well in the few games we saw.  Eg,Alyssa Lombardo of the Choppers, reports to Stanford in the fall; she covers the ground in center like a Stanford alum named Mendoza; drove in the winning run qagainst Intensity.  Sorenson drove in the other run.

In the 1-1 tie between CO Stars and Chaos, the Stars Kellie Eastman 2011 singled, scored on an rbi single by 2012 Joni Davenport.

Although the Top Prospects lost to Corona Angels, coaches praised the pitching of 2015 Regan Green.

Like all exposure tournaments, coaches were endeavoring to ensure that every player had some playing time, which sometimes limited chances to observe players in a variety of game situations.


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