6-22-2012 Team New Jersey Classic Friday

June 22 2012

VA Vienna Stars 3, AZ Storm 2
SoCAL Strikkers 5, Lady Gators Stump 1
WA LAdyhawks 13, Pennsbury Gems 0
NY Conklin Raiders 3, NC Carolina Cardinals 2
Tampa Heatwave 4, MC Belles 0
SC Carolina Elite 5, Lady Gators Stump 0
Pennsbury Gems 2, So Cal Strikkers 1
PA Chaos 4, Lady Gators Flannery 1
RI Thunder 4, TX Storm 1

The last two sessions – 7pm and 8:35pm were cancelled by rain and lightning.

GA Elite 1, CO Stars 0
AZ Storm 0, GA EC Bullets 0
NC Carolina Cardinals 7, PA Newtown Rock 6
WA Ladyhawks 1, NJ Nightmare 0
NJ intensity 3, CA Bownet Diamonds 0

Pennsbury Gems 5, CO Stars 2
NJ Nightmare  6, AZ Storm 1
PA Chaos 12, Lady Gators Stump 2
WA Ladyhawks 1, EC Bullets 0
NC Carolina Cardinals 3, Bownet Diamonds 0

NJ Intensity 7, AZ Hotshots 0
Corona Angels 3, Lady Gators Stump 0
PA Chaos 6, SC Carolina Elite 5
CO Stars 8, WA Ladyhawks 4
GA Elite 2, Pennsbury Gems 1

CA Grapettes 5, Vienna Stars
NJ Inferno 5, Corona Angels 0
Lady Gators Flannery 4, So Cal Strikkers 0
CA Cruisers 3, SC Carolina Elite 2
EC Bullets 0, RI Thunder 0

NJ Inferno 2, AZ Hotshots 1
Atlanta Vipers 4, Corona Angels 2
TX Storm 3, Lady Gators Flannery 2
SC Carolina Elite 3, MC Belles 1
RI Thunder 8, NM Sundancers 0

NJ inferno 3, CA Cruisers 1
Tulsa Shootout 5, So Cal Strikkers 4
NC Lady Lightning 7, CA Grapettes 7
Tx Storm 1, Team LI 1
NM Sundancers vs Vienna Stars

NC Lady Lightning 6, CA Cruisers 2
Tulsa Shootout 6, Atlanta Vipers 1
RI Thunder 3, CA Grapettes 1
TX Storm 3, NJ Breakers 2
MC Belles 3, Vienna Stars 2

The following games were not played because of thunder, rain and lightning:

Mizuno Pride vs NCLady Lightning
Team LI vs Atlanta Vipers
So Cal Strikkers vs VA Legends
NJ Breakers vs NM Sundancers
MC Belles vs NY Conklin Raiders
Tulsa Shootout vs Mizuno Pride
Conklin Raiders vs VA Legends

GA Elite 1, CO Stars 0.  First loss by the much-improved CO Stars.  Bottom 3rd, Jazmin Hawkins led off with a single; scored on Teale Moran’s sac fly.

NJ Intensity 7, AZ Hotshots 0.  Intensity took 3-0 lead in 1st; scored 2 runs in 3rd on throwing error after sac fly; Jordan Weed, Boston College, pitched the win.

NJ Inferno 5, Corona Angels 0.  Inferno scored first run on rbi by Jordyn Augustus, 2014.

EC Bullets 0, RI Thunder 0.  Gave first  look at well-regarded Megan Rico, who missed Thursday to attend orientation at George Wahington.  She went up against the Bullets Randee Bettis, Georgia State.  The teams prodded and poked but neither could get the breakthrough hit.  Next to last inning; 2013 Theresa Kane beat out a bunt; two outs later, the Thunder’s Gianna Hathaway singled, but Kane was out trying to score from 2nd.
NJ Inferno 2, AZ Hotshots 1.  Hotshots took initial lead on solo shot by 2013 Morgan Leonard.  Hotshots then loaded bases but could not score.

GA Elite 2, Pennsbury Gems 1.  2015 Madison Cousineau homered for Elite.

WA Ladyhawks 1, EC Bullets 0.  Alex Boyd 2013 socked a solo homer in the 5th.  Two singles followed but the Ladyhawks lost their lead runner in an attempted pickle. Alleyah Armendariz, Oregon State, worked her way out of a bases loaded jam in the 4th.  We were impressed with the arms on the left side of the Ladyhawks infield; rifle throws across the diamond by Taurie Pogue, 2014, and Lana VanDyken, NCState.

TX Storm 3, Lady Gators Flannery 2.  Storm broke a 2-2 tie on Lexi Fryar’s (Texas State) solo shot.

NC Lady Lightning 7, CA Grapettes 7.  One of the most anticipated games of the tournament pitted the young Grapettes against the talent-laden Lady Lightning Gold — 11 committed players and just five uncommitted, but one of the uncommitted is 2015 pitcher Regan Green whom college coaches watched throwing a  full arsenal of pitches.   The result was a bang-bang game in which 14 runs were scored – in bunches  — 13 runs in the third inning.  (Actually, Lightning scored two more runs in its last at-bat but under the look-back rule, the official score was 7-7.)  Lightning scored in the 1st; Lexi Davis (Auburn) reached on an error; pinch runner scored.  Lightning got a 2-out triple from Allison Geiner (UNCG)k but was stranded in the 2nd.  The Lightning scored six runs in the 3rd: Courtney Price 2013, Zina Holmes 2013, Davis, Marisa Runyon (Alabama) who doubled I 2 runs; Kara Salvo (Western Carolina) and Cailey Isaacs (VA Tech) gave the Lightning a 7-0 lead.  The resourceful  Grapettes rallied for seven of their own: Erica Musgrave, Haylee Moran-Rowen (2013), Paris Andrew (Purude) who tripled; Jazmyn Jackson (Cal), Ariana Hawkins (UVA), Kortney Solis (Sacramento State).  Two runs came when Grapettes loaded the bases, and Shelby Gill (Academy of Arts) doubled in two of the seven runs.

NC Lady Lightning 6, CA Cruisers 2.  This game gave a first look at very capable pitcher Lauren Batten, UNC. The Cruisers took the first lead, scoring two runs on an error in center.  Marissa Runyon (Bama) responded with a first pitch homer in the 2nd.  Lightning tied in the 3rd; a single was followed by an rbi triple by Jessica Weber (Eastern Illinois).   Another run scored on  sac fly by Courtney Price. Runyon drove in another run, Lightning now led 5-2.  Price closed out the scoring in the final inning  with a bases0loaded single.  6-2.

Thirty games are scheduled for Saturday, the final day. The EC Bullets games should draw attention from college coaces because thr Bullets will pitch much-heralded Kelly Barnhill, a 2015 pitcher.


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