6-23-2012 Team NJ Classic Final

June 23 2012
The final posting is a day late because Spy decided at 530 Saturday to beat the traffic on the Devil’s Highway, the NJ Turnpike.


NC Lady Lightning 6, TX Storm 1
FL Lady Gators Stump 1, CA Corona Angels 0
CA Grapettes 2, GA Elite 2
AZ Hotshots 0, GA EC Bullets 0

RI Thunder 3, So Cal Strikkers 2


NJ Intensity 7, TX Storm 3
Corona Angels 9, Tulsa Shootout 0

Lady Gators Flannery 3, Grapettes 1

CA Mizuno Pride 1, Atlanta Vipers 0

RI Thunder 1, WA Ladyhawks 1


EC Bullets 0, Team LI 0

Tulsa Shootout 3, GA Elite 1
NC Lady Lightning 1, WA Ladyhawks 1

Atlanta Vipers 1, AZ Hotshots 0

NJ Intensity 4, SoCal Strikkers 0


NJ Inferno 4, Bownet Diamonds 2

Mizuno Pride 0, VA Stars 0

Lady Gators Flannery 2, Pennsbury Gems 1

NJ Intensity 8, AZ Hotshots 1

NY Conklin Raiders 4, So Cal Strikkers 0


Pennsbury Gems 8, Bownet Diamonds 0

CA Cruisers 5, MC Belles 2
PA Chaos 9, NM Sundancers 0

VA Legends 5, AZ Storm 3

Conklin Raiders 6, NJ Breakers 1


NJ Inferno 3, NM Sundancers 0

CA Cruisers 5, VA Vienna Stars 3

PA Chaos vs MC Belles

NJ Breakers vs VA Legends

Conklin Raiders vs Mizuno Pride



AZ Hotshots 0, GA EC Bullets 0.  To use the vernacular, the Bullets 2015 pitcher Kelly Barnhill lived up to the hype, a no-hitter with 11 Ks, throwing hard at 70 mph.  The Bullets generated no offense, shut out in both games Saturday, after being shut out in three games Friday.

NJ Intensity 7, TX Storm 3.  Bit hard to follow; Intensity batted 13 players, and used 3 pitchers.  Without a lineup (seldom handed out at travel ball games anywhere), but aided by scorekeeper Monica Wymer, we saw three batters walked, Allender, Harrison, Garcia, loading the bases with 2 outs, creating one of those magic softball moments where coaches and players dream of a grand slam, but a strikeout punctured the bubble.

NC Lady Lightning 1, WA Ladyhawks 1.  Ace pitcher 2015 Regan Green, who pitched lights-out strikes on Friday, found that even the best pitchers are vulnerable the second or third time through the lineup.  Lightning took an early lead when Lexi Davis (Auburn) drove in Allison Geiner (UNCG). In their last at-bat, the Ladyhawks , whose pitcher Alleyah Armendariz (Oregon State) had kept them in the game, tied the game.   Gina Bond (2014) led off with a double.  With two out, 2014 Tauria Pogue doubled to center, rbi.

VA Legends 5, AZ Storm 3.  The Storm’s Andy Wellins, one of the best unsigned 2013 pitchers in the tournament, who has the grades for Ivies and everyone else, drew raves for her performances on Friday, but ran into some difficulty in this game.  Storm had scored three run when Wellins, also a good hitter, drew  a leadoff walk; one out, #18 walked, Kaylah Hampton (2014) drove in a run; two out, Denali Johnson (2013) drove in a run, Blakeley Koziol drove in the third run for Storm.  Legends, which had a 1-0 lead on an rbi by 2013 Autumn Vick, rebounded.  Bases loaded, Jennifer Genao (2013) drew an rbi walk; Stephanie Genao (2014( doubled in two runs for a 4-3 lead; a trailing runner was nailed at home plate, but S. Genao scored ona passed ball.  Two more runs scored next inning/  Maude McCourrey pitched the complete game for Legends.

EC Bullets 0, Team Long Island 0.  2013 Sam Martin pitched for the Bullets; Jessica Peslak (Hofstra) for Long Island.  The Bullets had an opportunity to break their scoreless streak top 1st, bases loaded, on a single by Megan Litumbe ( Georgia State) and two walks, with two out; but a fielder’s choice hit by Malea Bell nailed the runner at home. Litumbe doubled with 2 out, top 3rd, but was stranded.

CA Cruisers 5, VA Vienna Stars 3.  Frankly, it was surprising the energy displayed in one of the last games of the tournament, with the heat at 99 degrees.  The Cruisers overcame a 2-0 Stars lead when 2013 Shylene Helms blasted a bases-loaded double.  The lead grew to 5-2 when Alcy Bush (Northwestern) drew a bases-loaded walk.  The Stars rallied, Jordan Counts 2014 reached on an infield hit, Alexis Sargent (Penn) singled, and Taylor Thorpe (Georgia State) singled, loading the bases.  Counts scored on a sac fly by Whitney Burks (2014), but Jenny Peel (Shippensburg) grounded out.  Madison Larson, a 2016 who pitched in the 0-0 Stars game against Mizuno Pride, had an rbi single in this game.









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