6-26-2011 TNJ 2011 Classic Day Four


June 25, 2011

That torrential rain storm which wiped out half of the Day Three program reminded me of the monsoon rains in Rangoon in the late Eighties, which flooded the first floor of the hotel, and pushed the cobras out of the wall spaces.  Left the hotel in a powered row boat.

Tournament managers had grounds crews working in the pre-dawn hours Saturday while they improved a new schedule which tried to give each teams as many one-hour games as possible.  By 9am, the fields at both sites were playable, but still having 228-250 ft fences which denied home runs on more than one occasion.   The last game ended at 830pm.

Game Scores

Texas Storm Durham 4, NJ Inferno 0

NJ Intensity KOD 1, AZ Storm 1

CA Cruisers 1, Pennsbury Gems 1

RI Thunder 4, CA Team Smith 1

NJ Rocks 2, NJ MC Belles 0

VA Legends 3, NJ EC Elite 2

CA Grapettes 2, TX Storm Durham 1

CA Cruisers 3, NJ Intensity KOD 3

Pennsbury Gems 2, VA Shamrocks 1

PA Chaos 5, NJ Jaxx 1

Jersey Nightmare 3, CO Styxx 1

Vienna Stars 3, NY Team LI Angel 1

AZ Storm 1, TX Storm Durham 0

NJ Jaxx 3, VA Legends 2

Pennsbury Gems 3, Team LI Galati 2

NJ Nightmare 1, Vienna Stars 0

PA Chaos 5, CO Styxx

NJ EC Elite 6, NJ Rocks 2

NJ Inferno 1, Batbusters 0

Grapettes 3, VA Legends 3

AZ Storm 3, GA Elite 2

WA Ladyhawks 2, CA Team Smith 1

SC Choppers 10, TX Glory 0

NY Team LI Galati 5, TX Storm Durham 2

RI Thunder 1, Batbusters 0

Grapettes 3, GA Elite 3

CA Cruisers 1, NJ MC Belles 1

NJ Intensity KOD 3, TX Glory 3

SC Choppers 2, Ladyhawks 0

Storm Durham 1, PA Chaos 0

NJ Gators  5, AZ Hotshots 0

Batbusters 11, Pennsbury Gems 4

MC Belles 4, Legends 4

Cruisers 5, Shamrocks 1

Jersey Inferno 5, TX Eclipse 3

Team Smith 2, EC Bullets 2

Team LI Galati 2, CO Styxx 1

Jersey Pride 1, RI Thunder 0

Batbusters  4, Intensity KOD 0

Shamrocks 1, NJ Gators 1

CA SGV Velocity 5, GA Elite 1

TX Eclipse 3, AZ Hotshots 1

Ladyhawks 8, NJ Intensity Deturo 1

CO Styxx 3, Vienna Stars 2

So Cal Athletics 1, Jersey Nightmare 0

Jersey Pride 11, TX Storm Newsom 0

AZ Hotshots 1, Mizuno Pride 0

Jersey Outlaws 4, CA Victory USA 3

RI Thunder 0, NJ Jaxx 0

So Cal Athletics 1, AZ Storm 0

Corona Angels 2, EC Bullets 0

TX Storm Newsom 4, PA Lower South Liberty 0

NJ CJ Lightning 2, NJ Intensity Deturo 0

NJ EC Elite 9, Jersey Outlaws 3

Vienna Stars 7, NJ Rocks 1

So Cal Athletics 12, NJ Pride 0

AZ Storm 2, Jersey Nightmare 1

Game Notes (not in sequence)

Jersey Pride 1, RI Thunder 0.  No-hitter by Allison Podmajersky, the only no-no of the tournament.  Saal and Thomas, both 2012, hit consecutive triples for the score.

NJ Inferno 1, Batbusters 0.  The “revert back” tournament rule determined the final score.  Michhiko McGiveny had given Inferno pitcher Taylor Pirone (Fordham) the lead with an rbi double.  As the one-hour time limit was expiring, the visiting Batbusters scored twice on a double by Alexis “Chip” Bennett (UCLA).  But, the Inferno could not take their- last at-bat.  Nancy Bowling (Arizona) pitched for BBH.

AZ Storm 2, Jersey Nightmare 1.  Kara Brun closed out her coaching debut with a close win.  `      2012 Siera Phillips (George Mason) was the winner.  In the next to last Nightmare at-bat, Taylor Kuzma (Marist) singled and scored on a passed ball.  2013 Sydney Canessa doubled but her attempt to score the tying run wfailed, out at home on a fielder’s choice. 

So Cal Athletics 1, AZ Storm 0.  The SAC’s, one of the stronger teams we will see at Boulder, scored an unearned run.  2012 Kelsey Stevens (Stanford) struck out 10 of the 14 batters she faced.  2013 Delanie Gourley (Florida) pitched for the A’s.
Texas Storm Durham 4, NJ Inferno 0.  Rachel Guillen (Virginia) took the loss for Inferno, who left bases loaded in the 1st.
RI Thunder  4, CA Team Smith 1.  2013 Shannon Smith and Meghan Rico (George Washington) split pitching duties.

Jersey Pride 11, TX Storm Newsom 0.  Pride were swinging hard against Storm  2012 starter Shannon O’Connor.  Pride gave pitcher Allison Podmajersky a 6-0 lead in the 1st.  A walk, followed by a single by Maggy Fermo (Drexel) and a walk by 2012 Lisa Stacevicz loaded the bases.  One out, an infield hit produced a run; 2013 Cassidy Trause drove in 2 runs; Allison Thomas (2012) doubled in 2 runs; Thomas scored on an error.  O’Connor was relieved.  (The Pride and Storm were just two of the teams whose pre-game rosters did not match the numbers on players who took the field.)

Corona Angels 2, EC Bullets 0.  Without MVP Lori Spingola, the Bullets are not the same team which won Gold Nationals in 2010, but they are still formidable.  But, they couldn’t resolve 14-year old Alexis Osario, who fired 13 Ks in 7 innings.  The Angels 2-0 lead appeared at risk in the 7th when Lexi Overstreet (Tennessee) whacked a double, the only extra base hit off Osario.  But, a groundout and two strikeouts ended the threat.  CoCo Stewart scored one Angels run on a sac fly; Kylie Datil singled and scored on Danielle Ingraham’s double.

Batbusters  4, Intensity KOD 0.  2014 Krisrin Cullen for BBH, Lacey Waldrop started and was relieved by 2011 Alissa Schoelkopf.  Batbusters were up 2-0 when 2014 Maddy Jelenicki and another batter scored.

Cruisers 5, Shamrocks 1.  The Shamrocks, who started 2013 Alexandra Sallberg, scored in the 2nd when 2012 Kate Sims singled to right and scored on a single by 2012 Alexandra Gadiano.  The Cruisers offense was started in the 2nd by 2012 Nicole Schroeder who walked; with one out, @015 Rhianna Rich dropped a bloop single over short; the tying run scored on 2015 Hailey Hilburn’s groundout; 2015 Jayme Cone reached on a pitcher error; bases loaded,  a run was lost on a fielder’s choice play at home, but Sammi Gyerman (Southern Miss) cleared the bases with a 3-run double.  In the Cruisers next at-bat, Schroeder led with a home run over the left field fence, a feat given the 228 ft fences. 

RI Thunder 1, Batbusters 0.  The revert rule bit the BBH again, erasing a 2-1 Batbuster lead as time expired.  2013 Kayla Maloney started for Thunder; 2012 Amber Padilla finished for the Batbusters.  2012 Brianna Chiusano scored for Thunder  on a fielder’s choice.  The BBH almost scored on reliever Shannon Smith, but Janette Takeda (Oregon) was out at home.  In the Batbusters penultimate at bat, Brittany Moeal (UCLA) singled to right; another single to left put 2 on; both scored on an error in left, but time ran out before Thunder could take its last at-bat.

Grapettes 3, GA Elite 3.  2013 Miranda Quesada pitched for Grapettes; 2012 Samantha Arledge for Elite.

Storm Durham 1, PA Chaos 0.  Chaos finished its first tournament with 2 wins and a tough 1-0 loss to Texas Storm Durham.  Chaos beat the NJ Jaxx 4-1 and the Colorado Styxx 5-1.  Chaos was 5-1-1, only allowing 5 runs (4 earned) in the 7 games.


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