6-27-2013 Team New Jersey Classic Thursday scores


Grouped by time blocks

fL Lady Gators Flannery 7, AZ Hotshots Gatti 3
VA Legends Gold Paul 3, Birmingham Thunderbolts 2
PA Chaos Gold 10, NC Challengers 0
Wagners 3, GA Impact Gold 0
West Jersey Witches 3, Pennsbury Gems 2

Team Mizuno Stith 13, RI Thunder Lotti 0
Birmingham Thunderbolts 10, Corona Angels Tyson 2
PA Chaos Gold 8, AZ Hotshots 0
GA Impact Gold Pauly 4, Jersey Nightmare 1
VA Legends 4, West Jersey Witches 3

Birmingham Thunderbolts 7, Team Mizuno Stith 4
Corona Angels 4, RI Thunder 1
Wagners 3, A Hotshots 2
West Jersey Witches 0, FL Lady Gators 0
VA Legends 5, Pennsbury Gems 2

Team Mizuno Stith 3, NJ Inferno 0
Colorado Stars 7, Corona Angels Tyson 2
PA Chaos 2, GA Impact Gold 1
Lady Gators 5, OK Tulsa Shootout 0
Jersey Nightmare 7, NC Challengers 1

NJ Inferno 3, CA Team Bownet 1
NC Lady Lightning Miken Corn 2, CO Stars Burns 1
NY Conklin Raiders 0, Atlanta Vipers 0
CA Team Mizuno Megee 10, Tulsa Shootout 0
CA So Cal Strikkers 1, Carolina Cardinals 0

CA Team Bownet 3, NJ Morris County Belles 2
Colorado Stars Burns 6, Carolina Cardinals 1
Team Long Island 4, New Mexico Sundancers 0
NJ Intensity Premier KOD 3, Team Mizuno Megee 0
NJ Gators vs Carolina Elite Genovese

Atlanta Vipers 3, Morris County Belles 0
Lady Lightning Miken Corn 1, Vienna Stars Rollins 1
Conklin Raiders 6, NM Sundancers 3
NJ  Intensity Premier 5, So Cal Strikkers 0
PA Lower South Liberty Gold 5, Carolina Elite Genovese 3

NM Sundancers vs Morris County Belles
Lady Lightning Miken Corn vs CA Team Bownet
Team Long Island vs Carolina Elite Genovese
NJ  Gators vs So Cal Strikkers
Lower South Liberty vs Vienna Stars Rollins

On Friday and Saturday, the tournament inaugurates a new format.  Single-game elimination will be held at the Edison complex.  Other elimination games will be held at the Bridgewater Complex in Edgewater, and at Chimney Rock Park in Martinsville.  Championships are on Saturday.

Several of the teams which competed at Edison will play at the other two sites, where other teams have played for two days, including NY Hurricanes, AZ Little Saints, CA Bears, NJ Cheetahs, Pittsburgh Power Gold, Severna Park Hornets, Central Florida Stingrays, AZ Killer Bees, NJ Venom Gold, VA Shamrocks 16, NJ Inferno Elite, Vienna Stars Hannigan, NJ Mystics, NJ Outlaws, Sundancers 16, AL Thunderbolts 16, GA Impact Medlam, CT Charmers, PA Krunch, CT Charmers, GA Impact Medlam, CT The Wicked, VA Glory.  Some of these teams will now play at Edison.



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