6-29-10 TNJ Classic Game Notes


SPY did not watch complete games in every instance; scores and pitchers were those extant when SPY viewed the game.



June 25 2010

OC Batbusters 5, EC Bullets 0

Nancy Bowling 2012 (Arizona) pitched for OCB. Surprised Bowling was not picked for Junior Women’s team.

Edison Angels 2, MC Belles 2

Vienna Stars 8, Tulsa Elite 1

Jamie Bell, 2011, who won the VA state championship for McLean HS, pitched for the Stars.Megan Avakian 2012 homered, 2 rbi.

So Cal Scorpions 4, NJ Jaxx 2

Victory USA 2, RI Thunder 2

OC Batbusters 2, Washington LH 1

Stevie Jo Knapp, 2012, pitched for Batbusters.

TX Eclipse 4, Tulsa Elite 1

RI Thunder 6, Edison Angels 0

AZ Hotshots 3, TX Storm 3

Hard-throwing Lauren McClary (2011) started for Storm; Long-time favorite Kendall Stiefel (Houston Baptist University) relieved; awesome drop.  Hotshots, minus Dallas Escobedo, used Lauren Haeger, a large fireballer headed for Florida Gators, with relief from Valerie Kaff (2013). Alex Lacine (2010) provided the firepower for AZ, a two-run homer and an rbi double which tied the score 3-3.  Storm rbi’s: Jessica Wilson 2012, Lauren Montgomery 2012, and Gracey Aguire 2011.  We were impressed with Wilson’s range and arm at 3rd.

OR NW Bullets 8, So Cal Scorpions 0

OC Batbusters 4, Vienna Stars 2

Allison Davis, 2014, just finished 8th grade, but showed no fear against the Batbusters.  Jenna Rubio (Fullerton) scored at the outset to give Ariana Erceg (Cal) the led. Mellisa Davin (Tennessee) reached on a bloop single, scored 2-1.  Lauren Young 2012 scored on a double by Nicole Schroeder 2012, 3-1.  Karly Thompson (St John’s) scored the final run for Stars.

TX Storm 5, Valley Breeze 1

EC Bullets 7, Tulsa Elite 4

WA Ladyhawks 5, Victory USA 4

MC Belles 2, NJ Inferno Gold 1

OC Batbusters 1, GA Elite 0

Batbusters win on bases-loaded walk.

Corona Angels 8, TX Eclipse 21

WA Ladyhawks 2, So Cal Choppers 2

Shamrocks 3, TX Storm 3

Morgan Lashley 2011 pitched for the Shamrocks; Marisela Noquera 2010 for Storm.  Frankie Martinez doubled and scored first Shamrock run.  Shamrocks scored twice in 5th against the Storm’s relief pitcher, with singles by Macy Jones 2012, Khristin Kyllo, and Stephanie Sbardella (Charleston Southern), Jones out at home 6-2.  Storm rallied .  Courtney Klingler 2012 reached on an error at short; Gracey Aguirre reached on a throwing error at short; Kelsey Decarolis singled in two runs; Lauren McClary singled in a run for the tie.

NJ Jaxx 1, PA Gems 1

EC Bullets 3, AZ Hotshots 3

Corona Angels 1, Shamrocks 0

OR NW Bullets 5, So Cal Athletics 2

The Bullets played sluggishly on Wednesday, still recovering from that long flight from Oregon, but were in peak form on Thursday.  They defeated So Cal Scorpion 3-0, then the So Cal A’s.  Crysta Conn drove in Alyssa Landrith to make the score 3-0.  Mandie Sugeta started for the A’s.  The Bullets scored their final runs off reliever Mariah Ramirez, both runs driven in by Brittany Hendrickson (Portland State).  We were impressed by A’s shortstop Alexis Mercado 2013.

CO Stars 4, Valley Breeze 2

Team Long Island 4, GA Elite 3

NJ Intensity 2, So Cal Choppers 1

Alyssa Bache (Florida) pitched for Intensity; Justine Vela for Choppers.  Intensity suited up so many players, they handed out three media guides and some players wore same number – only Bache wasn’t listed – and SPY heard at least three versions of her identity, which we clarified by asking her.  Good size, like Brombacher.  Coryn Taualii 2012 singled and scored Choppers run on triple by Karlie Habitz 2012.  Intensity tied on home run by Cassidy Whidden (Notre Dame) and won on score Lombardo on single by Stephanie Harris (Virginia).

NJ Pride 1, NJ Jaxx 0

GA Elite 5, NJ Inferno 1

CO Stars 4, NJ Nightmare 3

Team Long Island 1, NC Cardinals 0

OR NW Bullets 1, CA Grapettes 0

Emily Holt pitched for the Bullets; Bullets scored in 2nd on sac fly.  Carley Jones (Pitt) piched for Grapettes.  Kristina DeAnda 2010 was very impressive at 1st for the Grapettes who played heads-up defense this game, including throwing out a runner at home trying to score on a sac fly..

AZ Hotshots 4, So Cal Athletics 3

Mizuno Pride 2, NC Cardinals 1

NJ Pride 6, CO Stars 2

NJ Nightmare 7, NJ Breakers 4

NJ Intensity 5, CA Grapettes 1

Jordan Wheatley (Penn State) pitched for Intensity, CarleyJones (Pitt) for Grapettes.  Leading 2-0, Intensity went to 3-0 on an rbi by Megan Harris 2011 driving in Alyssa Lombardo (Stanford).

Mizuno Pride 5, NJ Pride 5

Only a brief look at this game.  Larisa Petakoff  2013 showed her potential pitching for Mizuno, who got two of their runs on a double by 2013 Vanessa Gonzalez.  Jessica Mahoney pitched for NJ Pride.

So Cal Choppers 2, NJ Breakers 1




OC Batbusters 6, TX Eclipse 0

Ariana Erceg (Cal) pitched the shutout.

WA Ladyhawks 8, NJ Nightmare 0

PA Gems 5, (?) 3

NJ Intensity 5, So Cal Athletics 0

Alyssa Bache (Florida) pitched the shutout, with relief from Jordan Wheatley (Penn State).  Alana DeMaso (Boston College) provided a key hit. (According to SPY’s scrawled notes, there was  an Intensity game in which Cassidy Whidden drove in 3 runs with a homer, and Alyssa Bache also slugged a solo homer.  Just not sure of which Intensity game.

Victory USA 3, NC Cardinals 0

Kiana Quolas 2011 pitched the shutout.  Caylin Campbell (Nevada) drove in two runs.  Jordy Ball 2011 drove in the final run.

OC Batbusters 5, NJ Intensity 0

Intensity has some heavy hitters but Nancy Bowling (Arizona) shut them out.SPY tracks by uniform numbers, and watches games with constant companions in the golf cart; assuming the accuracy of what was seen, Anna Edwards slugged in 2 runs, Tallee Snow 2 runs, and Melissa Davin a solo shot. 

WA Ladyhawks 5, CO Stars 0

MC Belles 2, NJ Nightmare 2

At tournaments, the big schools (and SPY) tend to watch the out-of-town and NJ Gold contenders; more people should watch teams like the Belles, who you won’t see at Boulder or Marietta.  The left side of the Belles infield is top-notch, with Kayla Lombardo and Brianna Schauer rotating between short and 3rd.  Lombardo, who has a rifle arm, and good bat, stood out; wants an Ivy education and hopes to be a writer.  Lauren Sputo pitched for Belles; Kristin Travers for Nightmare.  In the Belles’ 2nd, Allison Thomas singled in Samantha Frumgillo.  Lombardo drove in the second run in the 3rd. The Nightmare’s Brianna Gaspich drove in both runs – Ali Vavala and Travers.

Team Long Island 2, NJ Pride 1

NC Cardinals 7, Edison Angels 0

TX Storm 5, OC Batbusters 1

One of the best games Storm played.  Lauren McClary 2011, one of the better unsigned pitchers we saw this weekend, bested Stevie Jo Knapp 2012.  In the portion we saw, Alexandra Bayne 2012 doubled and scored in one inning, then tripled and scored in her next at bat.

NJ Pride 10, Valley Breeze 1

Team Long Island 4, PA Gems 3

So Cal Athletics 5, TX Eclipse 2

Victory USA 2, CO Stars 1

OC Batbusters 2, Shamrocks 1

Ariana Erceg (Cal) bested Morgan Lashley 2011. The Shamrocks could hqve tied or even won this game.  Brittany Moeal (UCLA) belted a home run for a 1-0 OCB lead.  Macy Jones singled and scored for the Shamrocks.  The next inning, the Shamrocks loaded the bases with one out, but couldn’t score.  In the late innings, the Shamrocks changed their outfield for defensive purposes; with two on, Anna Edwards (Northwestern) lofted a high fly which turned the fielder around, Batbusters scored 2-1. 

TX Storm 9, Breakers Gold 0

Victory USA 4, NJ Jaxx 1

Grapettes 6, TX Eclipse 1

So Cal Choppers 3, Team Long Island 0

Inferno Gold 4, Tulsa Elite 2

Lauren Walker, Gatorade player of the year for Pennsylvania, committed to North Carolina, pitched the victory.

RI Thunder 4, Vienna Stars 1

Meghan Rico 2011 was the winner; Sam Brady 2011 took the loss.  Elise Fortier (Stony Brook) jacked a 3-run home run.

NC Cardinals 0, MC Belles 0

Grapettes 4, AZ Hotshots 0
The Hotshots, normally formidable, were inconstant this weekend, and no match for Carley Jones (Pitt).

Mizuno Pride 2, Edison Angels 1

GA Elite 12, Tulsa Elite 4

Shamrocks 4, Grapettes 1

NJ Inferno 7, So Cal Scorpions 0

Cheyanne Knepper 2011 pitched a complete game shutout.

AZ Hot Shots 5, Vienna Stars 1

Lauren Haeger (2011) pitched for Hot Shots, Jess Butler (Maryland) for the Stars.  The Stars had a bases-loaded opportunity but didn’t score.

So Cal Choppers 3, EC Bullets 0

So Cal Choppers 6, Tulsa Elite 0

RI Thunder 3, Corona Angels 2

OR NW Bullets 3, Mizuno Pride 0

Alyssa Landrith 2011 pitched forBullets. Larissa Petakoff 2013 for Pride. 

EC Bullets 3, Shamrocks 0

So Cal Scorpions vs Breakers

GA Elite 7, Corona Angels 0

Rainey Gaffin started for the Angels, who left their signed players at home; the last three  Elite runs were scored off Nita Outliveros when Haley Richards (South Alabama) belted a bases-loaded 2-run double, and Heidi Shape (Kennesaw State) an rbi single.  The Elite played well without coach Dan Caldwell.

OR NW Bullets 7, NJ Inferno 1

Alyssa Landrith (P)  2011 hit a towering homer run.  The Inferno pitcher, Taylor Pirone, (Fordham) also homered.

NJ Jaxx 12, Breakers Gold 2






In the Bible, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are known as war, famine, pestilence and death.  They were riding roughshod  through SPY’s internal organs on Saturday, so this day of reporting ended with the 1:10 pm games.  The later scores were provided afterwards by TNJ.


OC Batbusters 8, Tulsa Elite 0

So Cal Athletics 10, GA Elite 1

TX Storm 4, Victory USA 0

Kendall Steiffel (Houston Baptist) pitched a perfect game, the only perfect game of the weekend.

Shamrocks 6, Mizuno Pride 1

WA Ladyhawks 7, NC Cardinals2

AZ Hotshots 5, OC Batbusters 1

Lauren Haeger (Florida) pitched for Hotshots; Arianna Erceg (Cal) for OCB.  Samantha Gyerman scored for the Batbusters on a fielder’s choice.  Melissa Sechrest  singled and scored the first AZ run on a single by Kaitlyn Richardson.  Alex Lavine scored the final run on an rbi by Haeger.

Inferno Gold 8, EC Bullets 4

Lauren Walker (UNC) pitched for Inferno, relief by Cheyanne Knepper 2011.Alyssa Bache (Florida) jacked a grand slam.  Michiko McGivney had key rbi’s.

Valley Breeze 3, WA Ladyhawks 1

Strange to see Valley Breeze without Tommy Sotelo, who has reportedly retired.

Victory USA 3, Vienna Stars 2

So Cal Athletics 12, Tulsa Elite 1

RI Thunder 6, OC Batbusters 0

Stevie Jo Knapp started for OCB; Nancy Bowling relieved after Thunder posted a 5-0 lead in the 1st.  Elise Fortier (Stony Brook) drove in 2 runs; Olivia Godin one rbi; Emily Felbaukm drove in a run with a sac fly.  Kalya Maloney pitched the win.

EC Bullets 6, Grapettes 2

Valley Breeze 5, Shamrocks 2

Mizuno Pride 6, TX Storm 5

Storm held a 5-3 lead; four walks turned victory into defeat. Janessa Gutierrez started for Mizuno; Marisela Noguera for Storm.

So Cal Athletics 1, Ladyhawks 1

OC Batbusters 4, Team LI 3

Stevie Jo Knapp pitched for OCB, Samantha Giovanniello for Team LI.

Corona Angels 2, Ladyhawks 0

GA Elite 3, Vienna Stars 2

Lindsay Anderson and Amanda Henderson combined for the win.

So Cal Athletics 1, So Cal Scorpions 1

So Cal Choppers 3, Shamrocks 1

Justine Vela pitched for Choppers; Alexa Larkin (Pitt) for Shamrocks.  Saw Megan Foglesong score to give the Choppers a 2-0 lead.

Oregon NW Bullets 4, Corona Angels 0

PA Gems 7, AZ Hotshots 3

GA Elite 2, Grapettes 0

Lindsey Anderson pitched for Elite.

MC Belles 5,  NJ Breakers 0

So Cal Choppers 3, TX Storm 0

Team LI 5, Vienna Stars 4

NJ Nightmare 2, Grapettes 1

NJ Intensity 1, Scorpions 0

NJ Jaxx 7, Edison Angels 2

PA Gems 2, TX Eclipse 2

OR NW Bullets 7, NJ Breakers 1

Team LI 7,  Edison Angels 3

GA Elite 3, MC Belles 2

So Cal Scorpions 4, TX Eclipse 3

NJ Intensity 8, NJ Nightmare 0

Good tournament; regret SPY could not stay for last 15 games.



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