6-29-2013 Team Mizuno Stith Wins TNJ Classic

Mizuno Stith WinsTNJ Classic
June 29 2013


Using a new championship format, inaugurated this year by Team New Jersey, C Mizuno Sith won the trophy, defeating NC Lightning Miken 4-0.


Mizuno def NJ Nightmare 2-1.
Lightning def NJ Inferno 4-1.


Mizuno Stith def Mizuno 16U 9-1
Nightmare def Impact Gold 10-1
Inferno def Nightmare Black 5-0
Lightning def Legends 9-2


Round of 16:

Mizuno Stith def NC Cardinals 6-1
Mizuno 16 def RI Thunder Lotti 3-0
Impact Gold def Vienna Stars Rollins 4-2
Nightmare Gold def Wagners 8-4


Nightmare Black def FL Gators 3-2
NJ Inferno def NJ Intensity KOD 5-0
Legends def Thunderbolts  5-0
Lightning Miken def SC Cardinals 6-0


The finalists in the championship bracket were undefeated in two days of bracket games without a loss, the played two games on Friday, which were single elimination.  Scores of those games were posted by Spy on Friday night.


When the tournament opened Wednesday at Edison and two other complexes, the games attracted a registered 16s college coaches who watched players from California, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma,  and Rhode Island 68 teams in all.


When the tournament began, there was anticipation of a possible matchup between twohighly regarded pitchers: Tori Finucaine of Intensity (Missouri) and Jessica Cummings, the Maryland champion playing for the Vienna Stars Gold (Penn State).  Neither made it past the round of 16.  There were many accolades for Vann Stuedeman’s Mississippi State recruits, and other players.


More details tomorrow (had a long drive home to Virginia).

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