6-3-2011 WCWS Day Two


June 3 2011, Hall of Fame Oklahoma City    

Game 5 (6pm) 

Alabama (52-9) vs Baylor (45-13)    

probable pitchers   
Kelsi Dunne for Alabama   
Whitney Canion for Baylor   
Game 6 (830pm)
Arizona State (56-6) vs Florida (53-10)  

 probable pitchers   

Dallas Escobedo for Arizona State   
Stephanie Brombacher/Hannah Rogers for Florida    

Game 5.  The Crimson Tide was #1 in the polls for several weeks, and came to WCWS seeded second, and ranked #3 in the last ESPN,USA Softball poll.  The Bears were seeded #11 by NCAA and ranked #15 in the ESPN poll.  

Game 6.  The Sun Devils are the #1 seed in the WCWS and in ESPN ranking.  They won the World Series in 2008, sweeping Texas A&M in two games.  The Gators in 2011 led the nationin slugging (0.589), and in home runs with 107, anaverage of 1.78 per game.  They were also second in scoring, 7.4 runs per game.  They are the #4 seed in WCWS and were tied for 5th in the most recent ESPN/USA Softball poll.     

Alabama  3, Baylor 0 
Baylor 1st:  Shelton struck out.  Walker and Holl beat out infield hits.  (The game was delayed about 20 minutes for the grounds crew to work on the field after a player slipped and fell.) Turk flied out to left.  Canion struck out. 
Alabama 1st:  Braud outran an infield hit to short.  Fenton beat out a slow roller to Canion.  Braud was caught on a rundown between 2nd and 3rd.  Fenton moved to 2nd.  (Another delay, more work on the field).  Larsen at bat, Fenton advanced on a wild pitch.  Larsen walked (3-2).  Locke brought in a run, sac fly. Lunceford walked.  Reilly-Boccia walked, bases loaded.  Hunt looked at a third strike.  

 Baylor 2nd:  Down in order.  Freeland popped up; Leal ground out, Kettler struck out.    

Bama 2nd:  Dawson flied out to right.  Conley Braud doubled to left center.  Fenton fanned.(with additional groundskeeping, the first two innings took an hour.).    

Baylor 3rd:  Wilson struck out.  Shelton grounded to 2nd.  Walker popped to short.    

Bama 3rd: Larsen struck out.  Locke walked.  Reilly-Boccia grounded to 1st.  Canion, who is hurling at 68 mph, haqs 5 strikeouts.    

Baylor 4th:  Holl opened with a hard single into the right field corner, the first hit for the Bears since the 1st.  Turk sacrificed.  Canion fanned for the second time.  Freeland grounded to short.    

Bama 4th:  Hunt singled to left.  Dawson was lifted for Ryan Iamurri.who reached.  Conley sacrificed.  Braud, runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out, walked, loading the bases.  Fenton looked at a third strike.  Larsen hit a single into the hole; Leal threw from the ground, but did not get Iamurri, Hunt scored, but Iamurri was out at home.  2 left.    

Baylor 5th:  Leal looked at a third strike, the 6th for Dunne.  Kettler Kettler fanned.  Wilson followed suit: Dunne had struck out the side.  Bama had notched 28 straight innings without giving up a run.    

Bama 5th:  Locke hbp.  Lunceford  popped to 2nd.  Reilly-Boccia grounded to Turk at 3rd.  Hunt singled to center, Shelton bobbled the ball, Locke scored 3-0.  Dawson at bat, Hunt was out trying to steal 2nd.    

Baylor 6th:  Shelton singled to right.  Walker hit into a double play.  Holl flied out, a highlight reel catch by Larsen as the ball began to drift out of bounds.    

Bama 6th:  Dawson fanned.  Conley flied out to Freeland at 2nd.  Braud out 1-3.    

Baylor 7th:  Jackie Traina now pitching for Bama, throws 69-70 mph.. Dunne had 8 Ks.  Turk singled to center. Canion struck out for the third time (looking) with runners in scoring position.  Pinch hitter Liz Paul hit back to Dunne, who bobbled the ball, but made the in-time throw.  Leal grounded past 1st, good play by Hunt racing behind the bag to end the game.    

Dunne 4H 8K
Traina 1H, 1K
Canion 6H, 7K

Starting pitchers Brombacher for Florida, Escobedo for ASU


Florida 1st: down in order: Moultrie, Paculba, Bruder.   

ASU 1st:  Sun Devils scored a run.   

Florida 2nd:  One out, Bush and Coyle drew walks.  DeFelice and Fagan struck out.  Escobedo was hitting 69 mph.   

ASU 2nd:  Johnson beat out an infield hit, Johnson reached on a fielder’s choice, the throw sailing into center field, Johnson scoring on the error.  Boyd singled, rbi. Hannah Rogers relieved Brombacher. Rogers and Castillo went down, Lockwood walked; Donnenwirth made the third out. 3-0.   

Florida 3rd: Gammel struck out.  Moultrie singled to center, the first hit off Escobedo.  Paculba made an out; Bruder walked.  Schutte hit a deep fly that had Floridians on their feet but Haro caught it at the wall in left.   

ASU 3rd:  Urfer led off with a home run, 4-0.  One out, Johnson singled to center.  Two out, Boyd fanned.   

Florida 4th: Bush walked.  Coyle struck out on a high rise ball.  DeFelice jacked a 2-run homer over the wall in left.  4-2. Fagan took a third strike.  Gammel singled to center.  Moultrie crushed a 2-2 pitch to straightway center, tying the game at 4-all.  Paculba beat out an infield hit which a diving Escobedo couldn’t handle.  Bruder worked a 3-2 count and walked, the fourth pass given up by Escobedo.  Schutte, who hit the dramatic fly ball earlier, singled to center, Paculba scoring the go-ahead run, but a good throw beat Bruder to the plate.  5-4 Florida.   

ASU 4th:  Rogers hit a high drive which Bruder caught at the left field wall.  Castillo flied out to centerl  Lockwood tied thegame with a homer to center.  Donnenwirth walked.  Urfer, who homered in the 3rd, walked.  Parlich struck out, stranding two. 5-5.   

Florida 5th:  Bush, who led Florida in homers with 21, walked for the third time.  Coyle was called out on a very late third strike call.  DeFelice walked.  Pinch hitter Horton, looking a bit anxious, struck out swinging.  Gammel, whose single ignited the previous Gator rally, fouled out deep to left.   

ASU 5th:  Johnson grounded out to 2nd.  Haro hit back to Rogers, 1-3.  Boyd fanned for the second time.   

Florida 6th:  Moultrie, already with a homer, doubled to center.  Paculba popped to short.  Bruder, the SEC player of the year, flied out deep to left.  Schutte looked at a third strike.   

ASU 6th: Rogers walked.  Castillo at bat, Rogers advanced on a passed ball.  Castillo popped to 2nd.  Lockwood was given a pass, Ketchum in to run.  Donnenwirth  flied  out to center.  Urfer walked, loading the bases.  Parlich hit into a fielder’s choice at 3rd.   

Florida 7th:  Bush, already walked three times, singled to center, just off the fingertips of Rogers.  Coyle popped to the catcher.  Bush advanced on a wild pitch.  DeFelice flied out to right.  Fagan popped to 2nd.   

ASU 7th: Johnson walked.  Boyd, a runner-up for Player of the Year, struck out twice, but this time slashed a 3-2 pitch down the right field line.  Rogers hit into a 6-2 fielder’s choice, for the out at home.  Castillo, two out, runners at the corners, walked, loading the bases.  Lockwood, whose homer had tied the game at 5-all, came to bat, no place to put her.  With the count 2-2, and opposing groups of fans reacting to every pitch, Lockwood singled down the left field line, driving in the winning run, 6-5.




























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