6-3-2012 WCWS Semi-Finals

WCWS Semi-Finals
Sunday June 3 2012

Game 11              Oklahoma Sooners vs Arizona State Sun Devils
Game 12             Alabama Crimson Tide vs California Golden Bears
Winners advance to the best of three championship round, which begins Monday.

ASU is the defending champion.  Oklahoma and California have won previous WCWS.  Neither Alabama or any SEC team has ever won the WCWS, which has been dominated by the former Pac 10.

The games feature four outstanding pitchers: Jackie Traina (39-2); Jolene Henderson (38-3); Keilani Ricketts (35-7); and Dallas Escobedo (24-7).

Oklahoma reached the semi-finals defeating Califrnia 3-0.  Arizona State reached the semi-finals by defeating LSU 6-0.  The Sun Devils must defeat the Sooners twice to advance. Alabama defeated Arizona State 2-1 to advance to today’s game.  California advanced by defeating Oregon 6-3 in the loser’s bracket, and must defeat Alabama twice today to advance to the championship round.

Alabama is leading the tournament with a .245 batting average.  Oklahoma leads in ERA 0.00.  Cal leads in rbi with 11.  ASU has the best fielding perentage .978. OU’s Lauren Chamberlain leads all hitters .571.  OU’s Keilani Ricketts, the Collegiate Player of the Year, leads all pitchers ERA 0.00 and strikeouts 27.  The runner-ups for player of the year are also playing today: Valerie Arioto for Cal and Katelyn Boyd for ASU.


THE Games

THE Games
Oklahoma 5, Arizona State 3

T1.  Boyd struck out.  Johnson walked. Steele looked at a third strike. Freeman swatted a 3-2 pitch into left, single.  Lockwood singled to right, 2 rbi.  Lockwood to 3rd on the error/ throw.  Parlich struck out.  Ricketts was clocking 69-71mph but falling behind in the counts.
B1, Casey struck out.  Martinez slapped a single into left center. Chamberlain worked a 3-2 cird,ount, fanned. Ricketts, a .400 hitter, ground out.  Escobedo was hitting 68mph.
T2. Aubrecht, the DP, struck out on a rise ball.  Caporuscio, a .319 hitter with 16 homers, popped to short. Haro watched a third strike go by, Boyd worked another 3-2 count, ground out 4-3.
B2. Shults flied out to Boyd at short. Norris cleared the fence in deep center with a homer.  2-1. Turang popped to Steele at 3rd. Williams struck out looking.
T3. Johnson, a .403 hitter with 13 homers, became Ricketts’ sixth strikeout. Steele looked at a third strike. Freeman walked. Lockwood walked on five pitches.  Parlich grounded to short for the force at third.
B3. Henson singled past two Sun Devils into right field.  Casey ground out.  Marinez, a .338 hitter with no homers this season, singled off Escobedo’s glove.  Chamberlain worked a 3-2 count, struck out on a rise ball.  Ricketts hit a bloop single into right, rbi.  Game tied. Runners n 2nd and 3rd.  Bach relieved Escobedo.  Shults, a .377 hitter with 19 homers, at bat, doubled into right, 2 rbi, OU 4-2.  Norris hit a high fly to 3rd, Steele dropped it, Shults scored.  5-2. Vest into run. Turang popped to short.  OU now had 5 runs on 6 hits.
T4. Aubrecht  struck out.  Caporuscio singled, took 2nd on a wild pitch. Haro singled.  Runners  on 1st and 3rd, one out, Boyd hit into a fielder’s choice, out at 2nd, but run scored, 5-3, rbi.  Johnson , a .403 hitter with13 homers, ground out.
B4. Williams struck out.  Henson popped high to short. Casey walked. Martinez slapped a single to center. Chamberlain struck out on a 3-2 count, stranding two.
T5. Steele out. Freeman, who has reached base safely in two at-bats, doubled to center.  Ketchum into run.  Lockwood, 3-2, lined out to short. Parlich, 3-2, walked.  Two on, 2 out, Aubrecht  flied out to Vest at short, who caught the ball with her back turned.
B5.Escobedo back in the ASU circle.  Ricketts hit a deep fly to center. Shults singled. Norris struck out. Pinch runner Vandever left early.
T6.  Caporuscio out. Lockwood reached on an field hit.  One on, one out, Boyd watched a third strike.  Johnson at bat, runner advanced on passed ball, Johnson struck out. Ricketts’ 11th.
B6.  Turang singled to left. Sampson lined out to center.  Henson struck out. Casey flied out to left.
T7. OU is three outs from the championship game. Steele singled to left. Freeman, whom Ricketts has not retired in three at bats, struck out. Lockwood looked at a third strike (13th).  Parlich struck out.

Oklahoma, the 2000 WCWS champion, was returning to the championship game at 7pm.

Jolene Henderson (38-3) vs Jackie Traina (39-2)
The winner advances to meet Oklahoma in tomorrow’s championship game.  Cal must defeat Bama twice to advance.

T1. Reid popped to 2nd.  Vonk out 3-4, bunt.  Arrioto walked.  Echevarria flied to left.
B1. Bruad singled, out stealing 2nd.  Fenton flied to left.Hunt walked. Boccia hit back to the pitcher.
T2. Williams popped to short. Decker popped to 1st. Henderson struck out.
B2. Locke struck out. Lunceford looked at a third strike. Traina socked a home run. Dawson struck out>
T3. Jones struck out. Cordes flied out, Reid singled, stole 2nd.Vonk walked, Arrioto walked on a full count.bases loaded,  Echevarria grounded to 1st.  Three stranded.
B3. Conley looked at a third strike.  Braud singled, advanced on an error.  Fenton singled, advanced on the throw. Hunt’s fly ball fell between two fielders, a run scored, 2-0.  Two on, 1 out, Boccia fanned. Locke fanned.
T4. Williams walked. Decker sacrificed.  D Henderson , a .280 hitter with 15 homers, jacked a homer midway up in theleft field bleachers, tie game.  Jones grounded to short. Cordes struck out.
B4. Lunceford walked.  Traina singled to right.  Hays in to run.  Runners at the corners, Dawson singled to center, Lunceford scored, 3-2.  Conley hit into a fielder’s choice. Braud lined to left, a good throw by Reid doubled the runner at 2nd.
T5.  Reid out 4-3.  Vonk  flied to center. Arioto, the nation’s leader in walks, drew another pass.  Echevarria was hbp, two on.  Williams grounded to 2nd, stranding two. Cal has 2 hits, Bama 7.
B5. Fenton  out 6-3, close play. Hunt launched a rocket over the fence in left, Bama up4-2. Boccia out 1-3. Locke took a third strike.
T6.  Decker reached on a dropped third strike. D Henderson walked on five pitches.  Jones, a .324 hitter,  two on. No outs, struck out.  Kostreba, a pinch hitter, at bat, Henderson was picked off first.  Kostreba struck out on 3 pitches.
B6.Lunceford slugged a pitch over the fence in right, 5-2.  Bama’s ninth hit.  Traina out 6-3.  Dawson flied out to center,  a running catch by Echevarria.  Patterson  struck out.
T7.  The moment of truth for California.  Ranked #1 in both national polls most of the season, the Golden Bears need to force a what-if game, but they are three outs from elimination.
Reid grouded to second; Vonk grounded out; Arioto, in her last at-bat for Cal after an exemplary career, flied out to right.


Alabama will be the third SEC team to compete for the championship.  Tennessee and Florida reached the finals in other years, but failed to win.  It will be the rare final without a Pac 12 team.


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