6-30-2012 Boulder Championship bracket

A larger image bracket is on Boulder Indy Softball 18A bracket 







H3 NJ Pride
                 9:45 Sat S2

CA Sorcerer Blue 9-0

A7  CA Pure Fastpitch CA Sorcerer Blue

5 PM Sat EM3

CA Sorcerer Blue 7-6

8AM Sat S1

CA Pure Fastpitch 10-5



11:30 S2

CA Pure Fastpitch 4-3

MA Polar Crush K1 AZ Desert Thunder  
F2 VA Vienna Stars

8:30 PM Sat S7


C5 OK Tulsa Shootout

11:30 S1

VA Vienna Stars 5-1



8AM S2

OK Tulsa Shootout 7-1    
G8  CA Fresno Force

5 PM EM2

RI Thunder 8-0

D3 CA USA Athletics



9:45 S1

RI Thunder 4-3

RI Thunder

8:30 AM Sun S1

E4 NJ Intensity

9:45 S4

NJ Intensity


G4 IL NL Lightning    
F6 WA Absolute Blast

5 PM S2

NJ Intensity 7-4

8AM S3

WA Absolute Blast 5-4




11:30 S4

GA Ec Bullets 6=2

GA Knockouts A2 GA EC Bullets    
B1 CA Batbusters Fox

8:30 PM Sat S1

KS KC Peppers 4-2
G6  GA Atl Vipers

11:30 S3

GA Atl Vipers 6-4


8AM S4

GA Atl Vipers 7-2      

6:45 PM S1

KS KC Peppers 6-3

TX Storm C2 IL Force Gold



9:45 S3

KS KC Peppers 10-0

D5 KS KC Peppers    
F3 CA Grapettes

11:30 EM1

CA Grapettes 3-2

C6 NY Beach Girls CO Stars Gold

5 PM S6

CA SoCal A’s 5-0

8AM S5

AZ Killer Bees 7-1



A8 AZ Killer Bees

11:30 S7

CA SoCal A’s 4-1

D1 CA SoCal A’s    
C1 VA Legends

6:45 PM Sat S6

CA SoCal Choppers 10-2

A6 TX Eclipse Gold

11:30 S5

VA Legends 6-5



8AM S6

TX Eclipse Gold 9-3    

3 PM EM3

CA SoCal Choppers 8-2

MN Irish K3 CA SoCal Choppers



11:30 EM2

CA SoCal Choppers 12-4

H5 IL Orl Park Sparks  
A4 CA Explosion Gold

8:30 AM Sun S3

11:30 EM3

CA Lionettes 9-8


K7 IL Chill gold CA Lionettes

5 PM S1

CA Lionettes 5-4

8AM S7

OK Athletics 9-8



F7 OK Athletics

11:30 S6


H1  CA AASA    
G2 TX Glory Gold

8:30 PM Sat S3


K6 CA Cruisers Lyn

1:15 S1

TX Glory Gold 7-6



CA Cruisers 11-6      

5 PM S4

CA Irvine Sting 5-3

OK Tulsa Eagles Gold E2 CA Lady Magic



1:15 S2

CA Irvine Sting 4-0

CA Irvine Sting
G3 OR NW Bullets

1:15 S3

TX Magic Gold 6-3

K5 TX Magic Gold    
B7 AZ Hotshots Keith

5 PM Sat S5

IL Beverly Bandits 4-0

8 AM EM2

AZ Hotshots 3-1



1:15 S4

IL Beverly Bandits 7-3

NM Sundancers A1 IL BevBandits    
J1 FL Gators Gold

8:30 PM Sat S6

D6 NC Cardinals

1:15 S5

NC Cardinals 8-0

IL Beverly Bandits 6-4

8:00 EM3

NC Cardinals 12-8    

5 PM S7

NC Cardinals 10-9

CA Strike Zone E3 WA Ladyhawks  

1:15 EM1

FL Team Fla 11-10

 F5 FL Team Fla  
K4 GA Southern Force

1:15 EM2

TX Aces Gold 1-0

8:30 AM Sun S2



J6 CA Amer Athletics TX AcesExpressGold

5 PM S3

TX Aces Gold 1-0

9:45 S5

CA Amer Athletics 5-4



D8 GA Atlanta Vipers

1:15 S6

CA SoCal Fillys 8-1

F1 CA Socal Fillys    
D2 FL Team North Fla

8:30 PM Sat S2

FL Team N Fla 2-0

E6 AZ Hotshots Gold

1:15 S7

FL Team North Fla 7-5


9:45 S6

MI Finese 9-7      

6:45 PM S2

FL Team North Fla 10-0  
MI Finese B2 TX Blaze Gold



1:15 EM3

TX Blaze Gold 10-1

C4 IL Sharks    
B3 CA Victory USA

3:00 S1

CA Victory USA 7-1

J3 TX Houston Power  
D7 TX Impact Gold

6:45 PM S3

CA Batbusters 14-1

9:45 S7

TX Impact 6-2



F8 AZ Lil Saints

3:00 S4

CA Batbusters 9-0


E1 CA Batbusters    
H2 CA SoCal Breakers

8:30 PM Sat S4

CA Batbusters 6-0

J5 LA Voodoo

3:00 S3

CA SoCal Breakers 7-1


9:45 EM1

IN Magic 8-1  



6:45 PM S4

CA SoCal Breakers 4-3

IN Magic Gold A3 CA Cruisers



3:00 S2

CA Cruisers 3-2

G5  CA The Next Level  

8:30 AM Sun  S4

D4 CA CorAngelsMarty


3:00 S7

CA Corona Angels Marty 10-0
F4 CA SoCal Diamonds    
H6 CA Team Smith

6:45 PM S5

CA Corona Angels Marty 5-1

9:45 EM2

CA Team Smith 4-2



3:00 S6

CA Corona Angels Kim 9-5

VA Shamrocks G1 CA CorAngelsKim  

8:30 PM Sat S5

CA Corona Angels Marty 8-6

K2 CA Sorcerer


B6 GA Elite

3:00 S5

GA Elite 5-4


9:45 EM3

GA Elite 2-1    

6:45 PM S7

NJ Inferno 6-3

CA SoCal Sliderz J2 NJ Inferno


3:00 EM2

NJ Inferno 6-0

FL Tampa Mustangs


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