6-4-10 WCWS Day Two




UCLA (46-11) is the winningest team in WCWS competition with ten titles.  Hawaii (49-14)  is the newcomer to the Big Dance.  Unlike Missouri, whom Hawaii defeated first day, the Bruins face top pitching every day in the Pac.  Through five innings, the Bruins had captured the Wahine’s pattern, jacked three home runs to one for the Hawaiians.  The Bruins fended off a serious Hawaiian threat in the 4th.   

Megan Langenfeld vs Stephanie Ricketts

Top 1stDiSalvatore and M Harrison grounded out; Langenfeld walked; A Harrison flied deep to left.  Majam fanned; Iwata and Gonzalez ground out.

2ndBruins displayed their power.  Yudin walked, Camuso jacked a 2-run homer.  Burney singled to left.  Hawaii relieved Ricketts with Kaia Parnaby.  Shull moved the runners with a sac.  Bates popped to short.  DiSalvatore singled up the middle, rbi.  M Harrison forced DiSalvatore at 2nd.  Rodriguez lobbed a bloop single which fell in between three Bruins.  Aguirre struck out; Pu’u Warren popped to Langenfeld.  Tauali’i.

3rd: Langenfeld opened with a single, but A Harrison went down, Yudin and Camuso struck out.  Hawaii:  Grimes flied out; Yoshikawa popped to short; Majam fanned.

4th: Burney jacked the third pitch for a home run.  Shull fanned. Bates grounded to short. DiSalvatore singled but was forced at 2nd by M Harrison.  Hawaii:  The Wahine, who have one hit so far, bring up their power this at-bat.  Iwata and Gonzalez ground out to 3rd, but Rodriguez doubled to right field.  Aguirre fouled off thirteen pitches then crushed a homer to straight-away right field, 4-2. The crowd roared its approval.  Pu’u Warren singled up the middle.  With many in the crowd wearing lei’s and waving palm fronds, Tauali’i singled to right. Grimes popped to 1st.

5thLangenfeld flied out to left.  Andrea Harrison, who hit two 3-run homers last night, slugged a solo shot to deep center.  Yudin single, pinch runner Murray.  Camuso popped to 2nd; Burney flied out to right.  Hawaii: Yoshikawa looked at a 3rd strike, Majam walked, but Iwata and Gonzalez failed to connect.

6th: Shull led with a double to right center.  Bates sacrificed her to 3rd.  DiSalvatore , 2-3 this game, flied out to deep center, great diving play by Majam for the out.  M Harrison fouled out to right.  Hawaii:  Rodriguez grounded to 3rd.  Aguirre struck out; Pu’u Warren fouled out to the catcher, superb catch by Shull.

7thLangenfeld led off with a double.  A Harrison lined to Tauali’ at 1st who threw to 2nd for the double play.  Yudin flied out.  UCLA had 11 hits to 5.  Hawaii:  The Hawaiians who seemingly enjoyed the support of many in the near capacity crowd, needed another of their 7th inning miracles.   Tauali’I flied out to left.  Grimes out.  Yoshikawa, the heroine of the Missouri game, singled to right. Majam hit into a force at 2nd.  End.

UCLA is off until Sunday.  Hawaii plays an elimination game late Saturday.


WP Ivy Renfro  LP Sarah McCloud

Georgia won two of three SEC contests but the Vols won in the conference championship.

Top 1st: Vols.  Chavanne, Dotson, Grieve down in order.   Bulldogs: Schlopy fanned, Wiggins and Goler walked, Sandberg fouled out, Razey fanned.

2ndSpigner walked, advanced on two wild pitches.  Arevalo relieved McCloud.  Webb ground out 1-3.  Gibson singled to short.  Spigner scored on wild pitch.  Huff singled. Burchell hbp, bases loaded. Gibson scored on wild pitch.  Andrews popped to the pitcher.  Chavanne struck out.  Georgia: Hesson and Hubbard singled; Trout looked at a third strike; Pauly ground out to 2nd; the runners advanced, pinch runner Sikes out at home trying to score on a passed ball.

3rd: Dotson hbp; Grieve singled to the pitcher.  Georgia brought in its third pitcher, Alison Owen.  Spigner hbp, loading the bases.  Webb whacked a grand slam, 6-0. 
Gibson struck out.  Huff walked. Burchell popped to 2nd; Andrews popped to short.  Georgia:  Schlopy ground to short; Wiggins fanned; Goler hit a line drive to center.

4thChavanne opened with a triple and scored on Dotson’s single; Dotson went to 2nd on the error.  Grieve struck out looking.  Webb worked a 3-2 count, flied out deep center.  UGA: Sandberg struck out.  Razey singled. Hesson forced Razy at 2nd. Hubbard walked. Trout hbp.  Pauly singled, rbi.  Bases loaded, Schlopy struck out. 7-1 Tennessee.

5thGibson flied out to left.  Huff struck out.  Burchell walked.  Andrews hit into a fielder’s choice.  Georgia:  A statistically-ironic at bat; Renfro struck out the side but gave up two singles and a run.  Wiggins opened with a single; Goler and Sandberg struck out; Razey singled, rbi, Hesson fanned.

6thChavanne grounded to the pitcher. Dotson beat out an infield hit.  Grieve sacrificed.  Spigner flew out to right (three Bulldogs collided).  Georgia: The Dawgs had 6 hits to the Vols 7 but trailed 7-2. Hubbard  flied out to center. Trout fouled out to 3rd.  Pauly laid down a perfect bunt for an infield hit.  Schlopy grounded to short.

7thThe Vols were three outs from being the sole SEC team in the winner’s bracket.  Webb launched a rocket which was caught at the warning track.  Gibson singled to right. Whitney Hammond in to run. Huff  walked.  Burchell fouled out deep to left; Hammond was out trying to advance to 3rd.  Georgia: Wiggins walked; Goler singled deep to right, Wiggins racing to 3rd.  Sandberg popped to 1st.  Razey crushed a three-run home run.  One out, Hesson singled to center.  Hubbard, the potential tying run, looked at a third strike.  Two out, Trout grounded to 3rd – ball game – Tennessee.

 The official attendance for Session 3 is 8,694, the largest single session attendance in World Series history.


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