6-4-2011 Day Three WCWS


June 4 2011 Hall of Fame Stadium


Game 7 (
California 6, Oklahoma State 2

Elimination Game
Probable pitchers: Jolene Henderson vs Kat Espinosa
Overview: Cal (44-12) is seeded 7th for the WCWS, and was tied for 5th in the most recent ESPN/USA Softball poll.  Oklahoma State (42-19) came into the WCWS unranked; the Cowgirls were seeded 25th in the ESPN/USA Softball poll.  Henderson is 39-9/0.87 ERA.  Espinso 24-8/2.09 ERA.

Game 8 (130pm)
Oklahoma vs Missouri
Elimination Game
Probable pitchers: Keilani Ricketss and Chelsea Thomas
Overview: Battle between two Big 12 powers, featuring Ricketts who led the NCAA in strikeouts and Thomas, a runnerup for Player of the Year.  Oklahoma is seeded 9th WCWS and was ranked #12 by ESPN/USA Softball.  Missouri is seeded #4 WCWS and was ranked 4th by ESPN/USA Softball.  Ricketts 29-14/1.49 ERA.  Thomas 31-7/0.98 ERA.

Game 9 (6pm)
Florida vs Game 7 winner California


Game 10 (830pm)
Baylor vs Oklahoma/Missouri winner

California 6, Oklahoma State 2  (OSU eliminated)
OSU 1st:  Gearhart led with a walk; Morrison, Hamilton, Ward out.  Hendersonwas throwing in the 65-71 mph range.

Cal 1st:  Jamia Reid out 5-3.  Vonk lined to 3rd.  Williams out 6-3 on a good play by Garcia.  Espinosa hitting 69 mph.

OSU 2nd:  Garcia grounded to Williams at 3rd.  Brown grounded to Hamilton at 2nd.  Boyd looked at a third strike.

Cal 2nd:  Ziegenhirt cracked the first hit of the game, a single to right.  Echevarria laid down a sac bunt to 3rd.  Decker watched a third strike go by.  Jones slashed a single to center, Ziegenhirt scoring.  Jones went to 2nd.   Wallace also struck out with her bat on her shoulder.
OSU 3rd:  Diffendaffer ground out to 2nd.  Anchors struck out on a 53mph changeup.  Gearhart  struck out on a 71mph pitch.
Cal 3rd:  E. Reid struck out.  J Reid fanned.  Vonk reached on an infield hit.  Williams grounded back to Espinosa.
OSU 4th:  Morrison struck out on a 55 mph rise.  Hamilton singled up the middle, first hit for the Cowgirls.  Ward  looped a single into center.  Garcia hit a single over short, loading the bases, with one out.  Brown singled to lef, rbi., Hamilton scoring the tying run.  Boyd hit the fifth consecutive single, scoring Ward, for a 2-1 lead.  Diffendaffer popped to Williams at 3rd.  Pinch hitter Ettinger lined out to 1st, OSU stranded three.

Cal 4th:  Ziegenhirt fanned.  Echevarria grounded to 2nd.  Decker walked.  Jones singled to center.  Wallace was hit on the elbow, loading the bases with 2 out.  Elia Reid struck out on three pitches.

OSU 5th:  Gearhart fanned.  Morrison grounded to 3rd.  Hamilton singled to 2nd; Jones made a good backhand stop, but not in time for the out.  Ward flied out to Jamia Reid in left.

Cal 5th:  Jamia Reid ground out.  Vonk floated a single into short left.  Williams slashed a single past 1st, runners advancing to 2nd and 3rd.  Ziegenhirt struck out, the seventh.  Echevarria walked, loading the bases again for Cal, again with 2 out.  Decker roped a 3-run single to right, which eluded the grasp of Diffendaffer.  4-2. Jones reached on an error at short, Decker scoring, 5-2.  Wallace made the third out.

OSU 6th:  Garcia ground out to short.  Brown ground out to 3rd.  Boyd fanned.
Cal 6th:  Elia Reid jacked the third pitch over the wall in straightaway left.  Jamia Reid singled to center.  Odom relieved Espinosa.  Williams singled to left.  Ziegenhirt grounded to 3rd.  Echevarria grounded to 2nd.

OSU 7th:  The Cowgirls now had this last chance this game to remain alive in the 2011 WCWS.  Diffendaffer grounded to 2nd.  Anchors worked a 3-2 count, popped to Wallace at 1st base.  Gearhart grpunded to Jones at 2nd, ending the game.

Cal advances to play Florida

Missouri 4, Oklahoma 1
Winner advances to play Baylor

OU 1st: Marinez struck out.  Turang hit a line drive to short.  Nix grounded to 2nd.

Missouri 1st: Taylor and Marston struck out.  Hudson singled to center, first hit of the game. Fleming hit into a fielder’s choice at short.

OU 2nd: Ricketts walked on a 3-2 count, went to 2nd on a wild pitch.  Jones walked on a 3-1 count.  Dobbs hit a high fly to center.  Williams hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Jones at 2nd.  Shults, making a much anticipated return to the lineup, struck out, leaving 2.

Missouri 2ndLee singled to center, pinch runner White.  Krebs walked.  Simmons struck out. White attempted to steal 3rd, Dobbs made the throw but no Sooner covered, and White scampered home with the run, error on the throw.  Christopher out, Krebs  to 3rd.  Vock struck out on a 50mph changeup.

OU 3rd: .  Vandever got a gimmee single; three fielders converged on her popup, and it dropped between them, error on the play.  Turang bunted for a hit.  Nix fanned.  Ricketts, two on, two out, looked at a third strike.

Missouri 3rd:  Taylor was safe on an infield hit, but was out stealing 2nd.  Marston grounded to 2nd.  Hudson grounded out.

Oklahoma 4th:   Jones and Dobbs grounded to Vock at 2nd.  Williams flied out. 

After 4 at-bats, the Sooners had one hit; Thomas, a runnerup for Player of the Year, was firing in a wide range from 53 to 66.

Missouri 4th:  Fleming singled to 2nd, the throw went wild.  Fourth hit off Ricketts.  Lee singled to short.  Krebs grounder was alertly fielded at 1st by Jones who rifled a throw to 3rd to force Fleming.  Simmons grounded to 2nd, Turang stepped on the bag to force Krebs but her throw to 1st was wild, Lee scored on the error.  2-0 Poet grounded to 2nd.

Sooner 5th:   Shults, who hit 19 home runs before falling ill, looked at 2 strikes then struck out swinging. Vandever stroked a shot to deep center which Taylor aught with a leap.  Martinez flied out to left.

Missouri 5th:  Vock ground out.  Taylor struck out.  Marston ground out to short.

Oklahoma 6th:  Turang beat out an infield hit, the 3-4 relay was bobbled.  OU now had 2 hits; the first hit was also a gimmee.  Nix struck out for the second time with a runner on base.  Ricketts , who stranded 2 runners in the 3rd, hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Turang at 2nd.  McGregor in to run for Ricketts.  Jones hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing McGregor at 2nd.

Missouri 6th:  Hudson doubled to center on a 72 mph pitch.  Fleming was hit by a 31mph changeup.  Lee sacrificed, perfect bunt, 3-4.  Krebs at bat, the Sooners had Hudon between 3rd and home, blew the rundown coverage, 2 runs scored, 4-0.  Krebs bunted, reached on an error by Ricketts, the fourth Sooner error. Simmons at bat, Krebs advanced on a wild pitch; Simmons grounded to short.  Christopher flied out to center.
Oklahoma 7th:  Dobbs led with a home run some row up in the left field bleachers.  4-1.  Williams laced a single over short.  Pinch hitter Doran lined into a double play at short.  Vandever singled to left. Martinez reached on a throwing error by Thomas.  2 on, 2 out.  Turang flied out to short.

Oklahoma waited 7 years to return to the WCWS and went down in two.  Missouri eliminated one fellow Big 12 power, now faces another Big 12 team, Baylor.

Game 9
Florida 5, California 2

Winner advances to play Alabama on Sunday

 Cal 1st:  Jamia Reid lined to left.  Vonk singled to center.  Williams doubled, and the speedy Vonk beat the throw home.  Ziegenhirt singled to center, rbi.  Decker walked.  Echevarria singled just past 3rd.  Bases loaded.  Jones looked at a third strike.  Wallace ground out 4-3, stranding three.

Florida 1st:  Moultrie anFagan made out, but Moultrie singled to right, then stole 2nd. DeFelidced DeFelice struck out.  Bruder walked.  Schutte singled.  Bush walked,loading the bases. Coyle grounded to short; Vonk made the fielder’s choice throw to 3rd for the final out of the inning.

Cal 2nd:  Elia Reid, who homered in the previous game, flied deep to right.  Jamia Reid beat out a grounder to 3rd but was out stealing 2nd.  Vonk knocked an infield hit.  Williams reached on an error at 2nd.  Ziegenhirt, who was Henderson’s catcher in travel ball on Lady Magic, flied out to 2nd.

Florida 2nd:  Paculba bunted, out at 1st.  Gammel bunted, but was out at 1st; ball hit her.  Fagan struck out.

Cal 3rd:  Decker hit back to the pitcher, Rogers.  Echevarria out 1-3. Jones 4-3.

Florida 3rd:  Moultrie down, 4-3.  Henderson reached overhead to pull down DeFelice’s hopper, and made the throw to 1st.  Bruder singled, the second Gator hit.  Schutte followed with a single, Bruder racing to 3rd.  Bush walked, loading the bases with 2 out.  Coyle grounded to short, but the flip throw to 3rd by Vonk sailed away, and 2 runs scored, tying the game.  Pacuba singled up the middle, rbi, Florida took the lead 3-2.  Gammel looked at a third strike.

Cal 4th:  Wallace hbp.  Elia Reid  flied out to center.  Jamia Reid hit a fielder’s chicem forcing Wallace.  Vonk singled down the left field line.  Williams grounded out.

Florida 4th:  Fagan made out, but Moultrie singled to right, and stole 2nd.  De Felice hit a grounder which Cal couldn’t handle, error, Moultrie scored.  4-2.  Bruder laced a single down the left field line. Schutte hit back to Rogers,fielder’s choice to 3rd for the force.  Bush grounded to 2nd for the 4-6 force.

Cal 5th:  Brombacher in to pitch for Florida.  Ziegenhirt walked, Jones in to run. Decker reached on an infield hit. Echevarria grounded to 2nd; Jones ran into the fielder, out on interference, Pauclba threw to 1st for the second out.  Jones popped.

Florida 5th:  Coyle grounded to Vonk at short.  Paculba doubled to the wall in center.  Gammel at bat, Paculba stole 3rd.  Gammel walked.  Fagan fouled out to 3rd.  Moultrie grounded to short, Vonk hesitated, looking at 2nd, then threw to 1st, too late to get Moultrie, Paculba scored, 5-2. Florida made the third out trying to steal 3rd.

Cal 6th:  Wallace flied out.   Elia Reid flied out to short right. Jamia Reid popped to short.

Florida 6th:  DeFelice walked.  Bruder lined to left. Schutte drove Echevarria to the wall to bring down her rock.  Two down, Bush out 4-3.

Cal 7th:  Vonk hit back to Brombacher, 1-3.  Williams fouled out to short.  Ziegenhirt worked a 3-2 count, popped up to the catcher.
WP Hannah Rogers.  LP Jolene Henderson  S Stephanie Brombacher.

Florida wins 5-2, will face Alabama on Sunday.


Baylor 1, Missouri 0 (13) (1205am)
Winner plays Arizona State on Sunday
Thomas vs Canion
After this game, the four team contingent from the Big 12 will be down to the winner.

The game was scoreless after two innings.  Both pitchers working in the high 60s.

Missouri 3rd:  Christopher, Vock and Taylor down in order.

Baylor 3rdCanion’ shot bouced off the wall in straightaway left, the first hit for Baylor..  Robertson in to run.  Hosack struck out.  Wilson walked.  Shelton struck out.  Walker at bat, Robertson made the third out trying to steal 3rd.

Missouri 4th:  Marston out.  Hudson put out at 1st.  Fleming out.

Baylor 4th:  Walker out 4-3.  Turk out.  Leal singled up the middle.  Holl reached on interference.  Kettler made the third out.

Missouri 5th:  After five at-bats, still one hit.

Baylor 5th: Canon struck out.  Hosack out 4-3.  Wilson fanned.

Missouri 6th: Taylor out.  Marston reached on error at short.  Hudson at bat, Marston out trying to steal 2nd.

Baylor 6th:  Shelton looked at a third strike.  Walker lined to 3rd. Turk singled past 2nd.  Leal  flied out beyond 2nd.

Missouri 7th:  Fleming flied out to center.  Ruggeberg fanned.  Krebs lined out to 3rd.

Baylor 7th:  Holl and Kettler made outs. Canion singled, took second on a wild pitch.  Hosack struck out.

Missouri 8th:  Simmons lined to Canion.  Lee struck out.  Vock grounded out.

Baylor 8th:  Pinch hitter Redfearn grounded out.  Shelton beat out an infield hit to short, the 6th hit for the Bears.  Walker flied to left.  Turk sacrificed, and Shelton beat a throw to 3rd.  Leal struck out.

Missouri 9th:  Taylor out on a bunt, 4-3.  Marston fanned.  Hudson reached on a throwing error by the shortstop.  Fleming was given a pass.  Ruggebeg flied out to short.
Baylor 9th;  Holl strikes out.  Kettler ground out.  Canion drew a walk.  Hosack ground out to short.

Missouri 10th: Down in order.

Baylor 10th:  Liz Paul fanned.  Shelton out 4-3.  Walker looked at a third strike.

Missouri 11th:  Vock fanned.  Taylor ground out.  Marston lined to 1st.

Baylor 11th:  Turk struck out.  Leal fanned but the ball got away from the catcher.  Holl walked, Leal took 2nd. Kettler struck out, 2 out.  Canion  whiffed.  Amazing: both pitchers can still bring it, 3 hrs after the game started, and in their secnd game of the day.

Missouri 12th:  Hudson  struck out looking.  Fleming grounded to short, Leal bobbled the on-hand pickup, error.  Krebs flied out to center.

Baylor 12th:  Hosack grounded to short. Wilson went to 3-0, then struck out.  Shelton beat out a bunt to 1st

Missouri 13th:  Simmons singled sharply to right.  Christopher out, bunted on third strike. Vock at bat, Simmons stole 2nd.  Vock fanned.  Taylor lined to Holl at 1st.

Baylor 13th:  Turk lined to Hudson at 3rd.  Leal whiffed.  Two out, Holl on an 0-2 count jacked a walkoff home run over the fence in left.

Baylor advances to play Arizona State on Sunday.


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