6-5-2011 WCWS Day Four


June 5 2011 Hall of Fame Stadium

GAME 11 (noon)
Alabama Crimson Tide vs Florida Gators

Probable pitchers
Kelsi Dunne (27-4) for Alabama, Stephanie Brombacher/Hannah Rogers for Florida

GAME 12 (230PM)
Baylor Lady Bears vs
Arizona State Sun Devils
Probable pitchers
Whitney Canion (31-11) for Baylor, Dallas Escobedo (34-3) for ASU

Game 11 Overview
Despite strong,nationally ranked teams, including two in this tournament who now face each other, the SEC has never won the Women’s College World Series.

Alabama (53-9) is the #2 seed WCWS, and was ranked #3 in the latest ESPN/USA Softball poll.  Florida (54-11) was seeded #7 WCWS and was tied for #5 in the latest ESPN/USA Softball poll. Alabama holds a 27-20 all-time record, but, Florida holds a 7-3 record in their last 10 meetings.

Both teams offer stellar pitching, but are also known for power.  Bama has five players hitting over .300 – Braud .446, Traina .354, Larsen .347, Fenton .343, and Locke .315.  Dunne has 328 Ks.  Florida is led by Moultrie .442, Bruder .389, Bush .350, Paculba .341, Schutte .320.  Bush led the nation for weeks with 21 home runs, Schutte was one behind with 20.  Both teams have speed: Braud has 58 stolen bases, and Fenton 32.  Moultrie is the Gator speed threat, with 30 steals.  Florida ranked 1st in NCAA statistics for scoring, 1st in home runs.

Florida lost a pivotal game to Arizona State,6-5, and must defeat Alabama twice today.

Game 12 Overview
Arizona State is the #1 seed WCWS, and was ranked #1 for several weeks leading to the end of the season in the ESPN/USA Softball poll.  The Sun Devils are 57-6.  Baylor is 47-14, and was seeded #11 WCWS, and#15 in the national poll.


Florida 16, Alabama 2 (5)
Alabama ranks third in WCWS batting average, .310, trailing Florida at .338 and Arizona State .327.  Bama is tops in ERA 0.00, Baylor is second at 0.52, Florida is fifth at 2.37.  Alabama and Arizona State are tops in fielding at 1.000.  Braud and Locke lead all hitters at .667; Bruder leads Florida at .500. Dunne is fourth among pitchers with 19 Ks  Starting pitchers: Brombacher and Dunne..

Bama 1st:  Braud grounded to 3rd.  Fenton flied out to right, grat catch by Paculba into right field.  Larsen flied out to Moultrie in center.

Gator 1st:   Moultrie jacked the first pitch over the wall in center.  DeFelice singled to center.  Bruder and Schutte walked, loading the bases, no outs.  Bush, who is one of the top home run hitters in D1 with 21, popped to the catcher Dawson back at the fence.  Coyle was hbp, rbi, DeFelice scoring, 2-0.  Paculba worked a full count, and walked, rbi.  Bama brought in Jackie Traina.  Gammel walked, rbi.  Fagan singled in 2 runs. Moultrie singled, Gamel scored.  7-0. DeFelice, the 11th batter, popped to 1st.  Bruder walked again.  Schutte blasted a grand slam home run.  Florida broke the single inning record of 9 runs held by UCLA.  Bush, the 14th batter, made the third out.

Bama 2nd:  Locke struck out. Alabama has never faced this steep a comeback challenge, but Lunceford tried to start it with a home run over the right field wall……

Florida 2nd:  Coyle walked.  Paculba fielder’s choice, forcing Coyle.  Gammel jacked a 2-run homer over the wall in left.  13-0. Fagan flied out to center.  Moultrie lined to Hunt at 2nd.  Florida is turning the Tide on Alabama, which had scored 88 first inning runs, and was 29-1 when it scored in the first.  If the Florida lead holds, the teams will meet again at 6pm.

Bama 3rd:  Conley popped to Fagan at 3rd, out of bounds.  Braud flied out to center. Fenton flied out to Bruder in left.

Florida 3rd:  DeFelice at 3-2 flied deep to left.  Bruder walked, her third and team seventh.  Schutte walked on five pitches.  Full count, Bush lined hard to Conley at 3rd.  Coyle smashed a 3-run homer.  16-1.Paculba singled.  Gammel out 1-3.

Bama 4th:  Larsen crushed a solo shot tocenter, 16-2.  Locke struck out.  Lunceford flied out to Moultrie in center.  Traina made the third out.

Florida 4th:  Pinch-hitter Snedeker grounded to 3rd.  Pinch-hitter Heil looked at a third strike.  Pinch hitter Holle struck out.
Bama 5th:  Florida is well past the 8-run margin for run-rule, 8 ahead after five. Hunt took a tird strike.  Dawson fanned.  Pinch-hitter Davis struck out; Brombacher had struck out the side.

Florida wins 16-2; the teams will play a what-if game at 6pm.

Arizona State 4, Baylor 0
Dallas Escobedo vs Whitney Canion
Baylor has to beat ASU twice to advance to the championship round.

Asu 1ST:  Boyd singled; Canion struck out 2 of 3.
Baylor 1st:  Shelton singled, out trying to steal 2nd.  Walker fouled out.  Turk fanned.
ASU 2nd:  Donnenwirth walked.  Ketchum in to run.  Urfer tagged the first pitch over the wall in right center, 2-0.  Parlich took a third strike.  Johnson walked.  Haro popped to Canion.  Boyd grounded out.  2-0.

Baylor 2nd:  Leal  singled to left.  Holl, the hero of last night’s 13-inning marathon win over Missouri with a walkoff home run, singled to left.  Canion fouled out.  Kettler struck out on a rise ball.  Hosack struck out.

ASU 3rd:  Rogers flied out to center.  Castillo doubled to left center.  Lockwood walked.  Donnenwirth  grounded to 3rd.

Baylor 3rd:  Redfearn fanned.  Shelton lined out to left. 

ASU 4th: Urfer walked.  Parlich Fanned.  Johnson and Haro eachtook a third strike.

Baylor 4th:  Turk  whiffed., Escobedo’s fifth.  Leal popped high to Donnenwirth at 3rd.  Holl doubled to left.  Canion walked, the first walk issued by Escobedo.  Kettler fouled out to Urfer outside 1st.

ASU 5th:  Boyd walked.  Rogers popped to Leal at short.  Boyd called out, leaving early.  Castillo singled hard to right.  Lockwood slugged anrbi double.  Donnenwirth flied out to center.

Baylor 5th:   Hosack flied out to right.  Weldon flied out deep to Rogers in center.  Shelton took a third strike.

ASU 6th:  Urfer, who belted a 2-run homer in the 2nd; walked.  Parlich flied deep to left.  Johnson hit into a double play, Urfer caught in a rundown.

Baylor 6th:  Walker out 5-3.  Turk, at 3-2, was hbp. Leal flied out to center. Holl had a 3-2 count lofted a igh drive caught by Rogers at the wall in left center.

ASU 7th:  Pinch-hitter Rice walked, the 6th off Baylor.  Boyd singled to right, Rice taking 3rd.  Rogers grounded to 1st, but Holl had no play, Rice scored.  Liz Paul relieved Canion.  Two on, Castillo flied out to right.  The throw to 3rd was off, both runners safe.Lockwood fouled out deep to right, the runners held.  Donnenwirth grounded to 3rd.

Baylor 7th:  Paul went out.  Freeland singled to left.  Hosack fouled out to 1stl.  Wilson had a 3-2 count, and took a third strike.

Arizona State advances to the WCWS Championship.

Baylor, the last Big 12 team, is eliminated.

Game 13

Florida 9, Alabama  2

Hannah Rogers vs Kelsi Dunne

Florida forced a third game, defeating Alabama earlier today 16-2.
The winner advances to play
Arizona State for the WCWS Championship.

Florida 1st:  Moultrie srarted the game with a single to right field.  DeFelice sacrificed. Bruder jacked a 2-runhomer to center.  Schutte followed with a mighty solo shot, 3-0.  Bush walked.  Coyle’s fielder’s choice forced Bush at 2nd.  Paculba fouled off several pitches, then struck out on a rise ball.  3-0 Gators.

Alabama 1st:  Braud struck out.  Fenton takes a third strike. Larsen grounded out.

Florida 2nd:  Gammel struck out.  Fagan flied out to right; great sliding catch by Lunceford.  Moultrie singled again.  DeFelice struck out.

Alabama 2nd:  Traina popped to the catcherDeFelice – caught, bobbled, recaught.  Lunceford grounded hard to Fagan at 3rd.  Reilly-Boccia fanned.

Florida 3rd:  Bruder hbp.  Schutte singled to right.  Bush singled to left, loading the bases.  Alabama replaced Dunne with Jackie Traina.  Coyle singled to center, 2 runs scored. 5-0. Paculba fielder’s choice, rundown between home and 3rd caught Bush.  Alabama didn’t swallow a pickle. Paculba out, leaving early. Gammel out.

Alabama 3rd:  Hunt grounded to Coyle at short.   Dawson hit back to Rogers.  Conley struck out.

Florida 4th: Fagan singled to left.  Moultrie ground out.  DeFelice walked.  Bruder belted a deep sacrifice fly, rbi, which Lunceford caught at the wall, another great catch.  The run boosted the Gators’ lead to 6-0.  Schutte made out.

Alabama 4th:  Braud, Fenton, made out, Larsen grounded to 2nd, but beat the throw.  The first hit for Alabama.  Traina ground out to 3rd.
Florida 5th:  Bush and Cyle made out; Paculba singled.  Gammel grounded to 2nd for the force on Paculba.

Alabama 5thLunceford flooked at a third strike. Reilly-Boccia out 4-3.  Hunt grounded back to Rogers, 1-3.  End of five, 6-0 Florida.

Florida 6th:  Fagan flied out deep to center. Moultrie out 4-3.  DeFelice out 5-3.

Alabama 6th:  Locke, Conley and Braud down in order.

Florida 7th:  Bruder beat out an infield single to short.  Schutte struck out.  Bush grounded to 3rd.  Coyle was hbp, Langley in to run.  Paculba  socked a 3-run home run over the wall in left.  9-0.  Gammel struck out for the third time.

Alabama 7th: Fenton singled.  Larsen tripled, rbi.  Traina walked.  2 on, no outs.  Lunceford, who has high homerun potential, struck out.  Reilly-Boccia singled to center, rbi. 9-2.  Hunt ground to short, fielder’s choice, 6-4 for the force.  Florida an out away from returning to the WCWS championship.  Dawson  struck out.

Florida takes 2 of 3 from Alabama, 9-2., and advances to the championship against ASU.  Only 2 SEC teams have ever played for the WCWS championship, Tennessee in 2007 who lost to Arizona, and Florida which lost to Washington in 2009.


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