6-5-2012 WCWS Championship Game Two

June 5 2012 Hall of Fame Stadium
Oklahoma City

Best two out of three series.  Oklahoma won the first game 4-1, and a win tonight captures the 2012 WCWS Championship.  Alabama must win tonight to force a Game Three.  No SEC team has ever won the WCWS although Tennessee and Florida previously advanced to the title game.

Oklahoma is 54-8, and has won its last 12 games.  Alabama is 58-8.

Both teams will pitch their aces.  National Collegiate Player of the Year will pitch for Oklahoma.  Jackie Traina will pitch again for Alabama.  Oklahoma has outscored its post-season opponents 62-10.

Attendance 8,385, a Session 9 record.

THE GAME:  Alabama 8, Oklahoma 6
Summary: two 4-run innings, each sparked by bases-clearing three-run doubles, a spectacularly off night for Ricketts, and lame hitting forced a third game.  Bama had 8 runs on 4 hits. The Sooners rallied for five runs bottom 7th, including a 3-run homer by Shults.

T1. Braud looked at a third strike. Fenton fouled off several pitches, struck out. Hunt hbp. Traina ripped a single off, Chamberlain’s glove at 1st.  Boccia, who joined coach Murphy in reminding the press last night that this is a best of three championship, walked, loading the bases.  Dawson  ground out to Casey at 2nd, stranding three.
B1. Casey, a .349 hitter who stranded five runners last night, slashed a single to center.  Marinez sacrificed.  Chamberlain, with 28 homers and 74 rbi, struck out.  Ricketts, a good hitter at .395, walked.  Shults, a .381 hitter with 19 dingers, singled to center, rbi, 1-0.  Norris, two on, two out, Traina hitting 73mph, struck out.  Two stranded.
T2. Bama hit 3 homers Sunday, a school record for a WCWS game. Locke reached on an error by Henson at 3rd. Davis in to run. Conley sacrificed. Lunceford  walked. Top of lineup, Braud looked at a third strike for the second time. Fenton up, runners advanced on passed ball, ground to short, close play at 3rd, safe, Davis with a good jump, scored.  Hunt , two on, two out,  hbp, loading bases again.  Traina, a .312 hitter with 10 homers, cleared the bases with a 3-run double, Bama up 4-1, Boccia looked at a third strike.
B2. Turang infield hit.  Sampson fouled out to 1st.  Henson walked. Casey, runners at the corners, fouled out.  Martinez, who has a 15-game hitting streak, lined out to 3rd, stranding two.
T3. Dawson hbp, Richard in to run.  Davis struck out. Conley flied out to Sampson in right. Lunceford popped to 3rd.
B3. Chamberlain, 1-3 last night after striking out 3x the night before, flied out deep to right. Popped to Hunt at short. Shults, hbp.  Norris grounded to Traina. OU had 3 hits, Bama 2, Bama in lead 4-1.
T4. Braud hbp, the third hit batsman.  Fenton beat out an infield hiy to Henson at 3rd.  Two on.  Hunt up, passed ball on 1-2 advanced runners, drove in fifth run with sac fly, enabled by the passed ball.  Traina up, OU did the unexpected and relieved Ricketts, with Michelle Gascoigne.  Traina hit into a fielder’s choice; Fenton was caught in a run down, tagged out at home.  Boccia walked on four pitches.  Locke, a .306 hitter with 52 rbi, smacked a 3-run double. 8-1. Conley struck out. Bama had 8 runs on 4 hits.
B4. Turang ground out. Sampson struck out. Henson struck out.
T5.  Lunceford grounded to 1st, 3-4.  Braud and Fenton struck out, 7 Ks for OU.
B5. Nine teams have scored more than 8 runs in an inning (11 by Florida against Alabama in 2011). Casey flied to center. Martinez extended her hitting streak with a single. Chamberlain flied to center.  Ricketts worked a 3-2 count, walked. Shults flied out.
T6. Hunt walked. Traina hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Hunt at 2nd.  Boccia fanned.  Dawson out 5-3.
B6. With fans leaving, Norris reached on a throwing error by Conley at 3rd. Parsons in to run. Turang bunted but the catcher made an off-throw to 2nd, trying for a force.  Sampson  sacrificed the runners to 2nd and 3rd.  Pinch hitter Williams looked at a third strike on a 3-2 count.  Casey also went to 3-2 and struck out, stranding two more.
T7.  Locke hbp, the fourth batter dinged by OU pitchers. Pinch hitter Spencer fanned.  Lunceford hit to Gascoigne, who muffed the grounder then threw late to 2nd for an attempted force.  Two on, Braud  grounded to 1st, the runners advancing.  Fenton popped up to catcher Shults.
B8.  The teams each had 4 hits, each had made 2 errors, but the Sooners 12-game winning streak was in dire jeopardy.  Martinez, very speedy, tripled to right.  Chamberlain  also worked a 3-2 , singled to left, rbi.  Ricketts singled to left, the seventh OU hit.  Shults jacked a 3-run home run, 8-5, the eighth hit.  Allee Allen made the first out.  Turang tripled. Sampson ground out, but Turang scored, 8-6.  Henson struck out.

Alabama forced a third game Tuesday night,

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