6-6-10 WCWS Day 4


Sunday  June 6 2010 


The D-Day Schedule


UCLA  vs  GEORGIA (noon)





Somehow, seems fitting – two Pac 10 teams playing two SEC teams.  With a twist. 

Georgia would have to defeat UCLA twice today to advance to the best of three championship round which begins Monday.  Similarly, Arizona would have to defeat Tennessee twice to advance.  All four teams have solid hitting, championship caliber pitching, and skillful coaching.  Still, a handicapper would give some edge to the two teams which emerged unscathed from the winner’s bracket – UCLA and Tennessee.  But, if the underdogs win those first games today, all bets are off when it comes to the what-if games.  Psychological as well as physical conditioning can be determinants in what-if games, with momentum a crucial factor.

UCLA-Georgia.  UCLA has won the WCWS ten times (11 if you count the title which the NCAA vacated for infractions) and been the runner-up seven times, and three third place finishes. The Bruins have been in the championship game 17 of the 27 years of the World Series.  But, they’ve been shutout of the title game since losing to Michigan in 2005.  The Bruins rolled to a surprising 16-3 rout of Florida and were only moderately threatened by Hawaii 5-2.  Georgia has been to the WCWS eight times, with a third-place finish.  They upset the Huskies, ranked #1 for most weeks of the season, 6-3, before losing a close contest to Tennessee, 7-5, in a battle of unbeaten SEC powers, then came from behind to oust the highest-ranked SEC power, Florida 3-2.  The Bulldogs are for real.

Tennessee-Arizona.  The Wildcats have been to the WCWS 21 times, and have finished in the money 16 times – 8 titles, 4 second-place and 4 third-place finishes. While there were some bumps in the road during the closing weeks of the season, when their usually powerful offense went flat, and they were routed by the Vols 9-0 on opening day, the Wildcats regrouped to defeat Washington 4-3 (despite the flurry of illegal pitch calls against Kenzie Fowler)  and Hawaii 5-1 – showing proficiency as needed at both long and short games.  Tennessee has been here seven times, losing the title game to Arizona  in 2007 and finishing third on two occasions.  The Vols 7-5 gritty win over Georgia showed their determination as well as their balance of skills.  They are “green” compared to Arizona; only three Vols have previous WCWS experience.


UCLA 5, Georgia 2
Megan Langenfeld 2H.  LP  Erin Arevalo


1st GeorgiaSchlopy ground out to short, Wiggins ground out to 3rd, Goler fanned.  UCLA: DiSalvatore looked at a third strike.  Monica Harrison walked.  Langenfeld looked at a third strike.  Andrea Harrison reached on an error by Hesson at 1st on a slow roller.  Yudin popped to the catcher.  Arevalo is throwing at a variety of speeds – changeups as slow as 35-42, curves and drops in the mid-50s, and an occasional 62 mph.

2nd GeorgiaHesson ground out.  Razey fouled out.  Moody down 5-3. UCLA Camuso walked, Burney sacrificed.  Shull flied out to center.  Bates socked a 2-run homer.  Alison Owen relieved Arevalo.  DiSalvatore singled to right.  M Harrison struck out. UCLA 2-0.

3rd: Georgia: Hubbard struck out.  Trout grounded to 3rd; Pauly to short.  UCLA: Langenfeld hbp, was forced at 2nd by A Harrison who hit into a fielder’s choice (pitcher).  Harrison advanced when Yudin was hbp.  Camuso unloaded a 3-run homer to right.  Burney fouled out to 1st.  Shull struck out looking.  UCLA 5-0.

4th Georgia: The Dawgs got their first hit; after Schlopy walked, Wiggins stroked a double to left center. Goler smacked a 2-run single to left.  A suddenly close game brought Bruin coach Inouye-Perez to the circle. Hesson hit what looked like a solid single to right, but a throw from DiSalvatore to Harrison nipped Goler at 2nd.  Razey popped to 2nd.  Moody struck out.  UCLA: Bates flied to left.  DiSalvatore singled to the pitcher.  Arevalo relieved Owen.  Harrison forced DiSalvatore at 2nd.  5-2 UCLA

5th GeorgiaBulldogs down in order: Hubbard grounded to pitcher; Trout fouled out to short; Pauly lined to center.  UCLA: Harrison flied out to right. Yudin grfounded to 2nd. Camuso hbp;Burney out 1-3.

6th GeorgiaSchlopy lied out to center.  Wiggins flied out to left.  Goler flied out to center.  UCLA:  Shull singled; Bates lined into double play, 4-3.  DiSalvatore 5-3.

7th GeorgiaHesson flied out to right.  Razey flied out to left.  Sandberg, who left yesterday’s game after a collision at 1st, popped foul to 3rd.  UCLA 5-3.

UCLA is in Monday’s championship game!

Post game note: Langenfeld threw 111 pitches, 96 screwballs.  With a slight crack in her finger, Megan said she relied on inducing the Bulldogs to swing at pitches off the plate.

ARIZONA 8, TENNESSEE 0  (5) Arizona forces what-if game

WP Kenzie Fowler.  No hitter for 4 innings.  LP Ivy Renfro

Arizona must defeat Tennessee twice to advance to the title games.


1st ArizonaLastrapes doubled to left.  Schutzler fanned, looking.  Arredondo grounded to short.  Chambers struck out.  Tennessee: Chavanne ground out.  Dotson hits back to Fowler.  Grieve struck out.

2nd ArizonaDel Ponte struck out.  Koria hbp, to 2nd on Arriola’s sac bunt.  Kirker fanned.  Tennessee: Spigner walked, advanced on wild pitch.  Webb walked, and that brought Wildcat pitching coach Wilson out for a chat. Gibson laid down a bunt, fielder’s choice, pinch runner Taylor out at 3rd.  Huff worked a 3-2  count, walked, loading the bases, one out.  Kajitani lobbed a short fly which Kirker had in her glove, dropped, but the home plate umpire signaled infield fly rule, then Chambers did the smart thing, fired to 3rd where Gibson was tagged, double play.

3rd ArizonaBuchanan singled to short.  Lastrapes singled.  Schutzler fanned.  Arredondo fielder’s choice, Buchanan out at 3rd.  Chambers walked, loading the bags with Wildcats.  Del Ponte hbp, rbi, 1-0 Wildcats.  Koria singled to left, rbi, 2-0.  The Vols brought in Cat Hosfield to relieve Renfro.  Arriola walked, rbi, 3-0.  Still loaded, Kirker struck out for the second time.  TennesseeAndrews popped to catcher.  Chavanne hit back to Fowler.  Dotson fouled out to 3rd.  Arizona 3-0.

4th ArizonaMelissa Brown now pitching for the Vols. Buchanan beat out an infield hit.  Lastrapes hit back to Brown, throw to 2nd for the force on Buchanan.  Schutzler worked the count to 3-2 , hit into a 5-4 fielder’s choice, forcing Lastrapes.  Arredondo grounded out to 1stTennessee: Grieve watched a third strike go by.  Spigner flied out to left.  Webb on a 3-2 count struck out on a high rise.

5th ArizonaChambers singled to center.  Del Ponte skied high to Gibson at 2nd.  Koria had a 3-0 count, walked at 3-2.  Arriola grounded out to 3rd for the force.  Haack pinch hit for Kirker who had fanned twice; Haack also went to 3-2 and walked, loading the bases for Buchanan who has two hits.  And a third single, to left, driving in two runs.  5-0.  Lastrapes doubled to right, Dotson couldn’t make a play, two runs. 7-0. Schutzler singled to center, Lastrapes held at 3rd.   Arredondo given a pass.  Chambers hit up the middle, the shortstop Andrews flipped to 2nd for the force, but the runner was safe, Lastrapes scored and Arizona led 8-0 – with run-rule pressure now on Tennessee.  Del Ponte  lined to Spigner at 3rdTennesseeThe Vols are hitless.  But, Coach Candrea put Sarah Akamine in the circle, probably saving Fowler for the looming what-if game.  Gibson flied out to center.  Huff, on 3-2, racked the Vols first hit, a second deep to 2nd.  Akamine, hitting 63mph, struck out Kajitani on a 3-2 count.  Pinch hitter Brown, the pitcher, singled to right, pinch runner Hammond going to 2nd, and suddenly the run rule margin seemed in  jeopardy – until Chavanne grounded to short.  Wildcats 8-0, forcing a what if game.

TENNESSEE vs ARIZONA  (what-if game)

ARIZONA 5, TENNESSE 2  — the what-if game
WP Kenzi Fowler.  6H, 6K.  LP Ivy Renfro

Now, they are even – the Vols on opening day, the Wildcats won today forcing this game.


1st: TennesseeChavanne singled to the left, off DelPonte’s glove – the first hit off Fowler today (no hits in four innings in first game in which she threw 67 pitches in four innings).  Dotson looked at a third strike; Chavanne stole 2nd.  Grieve flied out to left.  Spigner hbp. Webb walked on five pitches, loading the bases.  Gibson, on 3-2, walked, rbi. Still loaded, Huff struck out.  Arizona:  Lastrapes doubled to right center.  Schutzler singled, runners at the corner.  Arredondo hit back to Renfro, 1-3.  Chambers looked at a third strike.  Del Ponte struck out. 1-0 UT.

2nd TennesseeBrown walked on five pitches; Fowler is having early target problems, her third walk amid numerous high counts.  Andrews, at bat, an illegal pitch was called (none were called in the first game) and Brown went to 2nd.  Andrews belted a fly deep to the wall in left, a “highlight reel” catch by Lastrapes was turned into a double play at 2nd.   Chavanne doubled.  Dotson went to 3-0, walked.  Grieve struck out.  ArizonaKoria at 3-2 fouled off several pitches then walked.  Arriola  fouled off several pitches; Renfro also throwing several balls.  Arriola flied out to left.  Kirker, who struck out twice first game, fanned.  Buchanan, dependable the whole Series, singled up the middle.  Lastrapes, who opened with a double, struck out – again, the Wildcats stranded two.

3rd TennesseeSpigner (3-2) flied to center.  Webb flied out to center.  Gibson (3-2) singled to right.  Huff launched a single (double?)  to right center, the fielder fell down trying to make a diving catch, the speedy Gibson came home. 2-0. Brown fanned.  ArizonaSchutzler singled to left.  Arredondo grounded to short.  Chambers, one of the most prolific home run hitters in Wildcat history but yet to go deep in the Series, atoned with a massive shot inside the left field foul pole to tie the game at 2-all.  Del Ponte singled to right.  Koria put several shots in the seats – foul – beat out a single to short.  Arriola grounded out, 5-3.  Runners moved up.  Haack, hitting for Kirker, struck out on a 64 mph pitch.  Again the Wildcats stranded two in scoring position.

4th Tennessee: Andrews struck out.  Chavanne ground to short.  Dotson hit back to Fowler;  ArizonaBuchanan flied to left.  Lastrapes ground out.  Schutzler out 1-3.

5th TennesseeGrieve singled to left.  Spigner popped to 3rd.  Webb flied out to left.  Gibson at bat, Grieve out stealing.  ArizonaArredondo (3-1) singled to right.  Chambers at bat, the UT pitching coach called for a huddle; at 3-1, Chambers laid down a sacrifice.  Del Ponte singled, Arredondo scored from 2nd.  Wildcats first lead 3-2.  Koria up, a pop eluded the catcher, at 3-2, Koria flied to short.  Arriola reached on an error at 3rd.  Haack ground to 2nd, fielder’s choice.  Arizona 3-2.

6th: TennesseeGibson walked.  Huff sac bunt.  Pinch hitter Burchell struck out. Pinch runner Taylor moved to 3rd.  Kajitani struck out.  ArizonaBuchanan  singled.  Lastrapes hit an infield single, no play at short.  Schutzler, two on, no outs, hit into a fielder’s choice at 3rd, forcing Buchanan, but Lastrapes was originally called safe at 2nd but after the blues huddled, Lastrapes was called out.   Arredondo homered, 2 rbi, 5-2.  Chambers reached.  Del Ponte struck out.  Arizona 5-2.

7th TennesseeThe Vols have three outs, and have to make up a 3-run deficit to tie the Wildcats and stay alive.  Chavanne flew out to center.  Dotson out 6-3.  Grieve singled to center.  Spigner struck out.  Arizona had won the what-if game.

On Monday, a most familiar sight to WCWS veterans: UCLA vs Arizona 7pm.


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