6-7-10 WCWS Championship Game 1





UCLA 6, Arizona 5 (8)

WP Aleah Macon in relief of Megan Langenfeld.  LP Kenzie Fowler 11K

 A game which the Bruins thought they had won through six, a game which the Wildcats surged ahead in the 7th, a game which Langenfeld won with a home run.

1st Arizona: Lastrapes singled, out stretching it into a double;  Schutzler fanned, Arredondo walked; Chambers walked; Del Ponte singled, rbi; Koria flied out to left.  UCLA: DiSalvatore grounded to 3rd; Monica Harrison flied out to center; Langenfeld homered; Andrea Harrison singled, Camuso struck out.  1-1.

2nd Arizona:  Arriola flied out to left, Kirker struck out, Buchanan ground out to short.  UCLA:  Yudin walked; Burney hit into fielder’s choice, forcing Yudin, Shull and Bates struck out.

3rd ArizonaLastrapes singled; Schutzler forced at 2nd; Arredondo flied out to left; Chambers walked, Del Ponte flied out to center.  UCLA: DiSalvatore doubled, M Harrison grounded to 3rd, Langenfeld hit a soft liner to right which eluded Buchanan’s grasp, the run scored.  A Harrison and Camuso struck out.

4th Arizona:  Koria flied out to short; Arriola flied out to left; Kirker struck out.  UCLA: Yudin walked, Burney singled, Shull and Bates struck out.

5th Arizona:  Buchanan ground to short.  Lastrapes lined to the pitcher. Schutzler walked.  Arredondo singled, Chamber singled, rbi, tying the score,2-all.  Del Ponte ground out.  UCLA: M Harrison flied out to center.  Langenfeld singled, A Harrison doubled.  Camuso and Yudin struck out.

6th Arizona:  Koria singled to center; Arriola sacrificed.  Maack fanned.  Buchanan singled.  Runners at the corners,Lastrapes worked a 3-2 count then fanned.  UCLA: Burney walked.  Shull erased her with a fielder’s choice. Bates slashed a single to left.  DiSalvatore went to 3-2 then hit a dribbler to 1st.  Monica Harrison also went to 3-2, then slugged a 2-run single into left corner.  Langenfeld, who was 3-3, struck out. 4-2.

7th Arizona:  down two runs, the Wildcats would bring up the heart of their lineup.  Schutzler walked.  And, as she did yesterday, K’Lee Arrendondo jacked a 2-run homer into left field.  Chambers launched a rocket which struck the TV poles in deep center, 5-4 Wildcats. Aleah Macon relieved Langenfeld.  Del Ponte was called out.  Koria fanned.  Arriola flied out to short.  UCLA:  Andrea Harrison struck out. Camuso flied out high and deep to Lastrapes.  Yudin launched a high fly which eluded a colliding Lastrapes and Schutzler.  Yudin to 2nd on the collision.  Burney was given an intentional pass.  Shull, who had struck out twice, hit a liner to right on an 0-1 count which Buchanan got a glove on but couldn’t hold, rbi, 5-5.  Now, runners at 2nd and 3rd, a game which Arizona was three strikes from winning.  Bates struck out.  5-5.

8th ArizonaHaack popped to 1st.  Buchanan singled but was forced at 2nd by Lastrapes.  Schutzler walked.  Arredondo laid down a 3-foot bunt, bases loaded.  Chambers looked at 2 balls and 3 strikes without moving her bat.  UCLA: The Bruins bring up the top of their order.  DiSalvatore grounded out to short.  M Harrison fouled out to right.  Langenfeld slugged a walkoff, game winning home run to deep center, her second dinger of the game.

Note: One llegal pitch was called on Fowler,the 23 rd called on her in the Series.  Thirty-one illegal pitches were called in the Series.  Five on Brombacher, two on Gammel, one on Parnaby.

Note: Langenfeld on two strikes has one home run, 4 rbi, .625.  The walkoff homer was on the first pitch.



  • Arizona is 8-5 all-time against UCLA in WCWS action.


  • Arizona and UCLA have met six times in the WCWS championship game/finals, with Arizona winning four of those titles.  The Wildcats and Bruins last met in the WCWS championship game in 2001 (Arizona won 1-0).


  • This will mark the 12th time in WCWS history that Pac-10 foes have gone head-to-head in the championship game/finals (the last time was 2004 when UCLA defeated California 3-1).


  • Twenty-seven of the 29 WCWS championship games/finals have featured a Pac-10 team. The Pac-10 owns 21 national championships.


  • UCLA has won 10 WCWS titles and Arizona has won eight.


  • During the 2010 season, UCLA wont the first two matches, 6-5 (8), and 6-4.  Arizona won the rubber match 5-3.


  • The championship went to a what-if third game in 2007, Arizona winning the last two games to defeat Tennessee. 


  • Washington defeated Georgia in a 2009 what-if game 9-3, and won the Series defeating Florida. Texas A&M also advanced to the title game by winning a what-if game, defeating Florida 1-0 in 2008.  The Aggies lost the Series to ASU.  In 2004, LSU, coming out of the loser’s bracket, forced a what-if game by defeating California 4-1 in the semi-finals; the Bears won the second game 4-1, but lost the title to UCLA 3-1.


  • UCLA won six of the first nine WCWS; Arizona won in 1992.

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