6-7-2011 WCWS Championship Game 2


June 7 2011, Hall of Fame Stadium



Arizona State, ranked #1 in both national polls during the last weeks of the regular season, seeded #1 in the WCWS tournament, and riding a 15-gam winning streak, won the all-important first game of this best of three championship, with a very dominant win Monday, 14-4.  Florida was seeded 7th in WCWS, and ranked 5th in national polls.

The Gators have hit a nation-leading 105 home runs, including 3 last night by Bruder, Coyle and Moultrie.The Sun Devils have hit 83 home runs, including 4 last night, two by Krista Donnenwirth, one each by Lockwood and Parlich.  Katelyn Boyd leads the Sun Devfils at the plate, batting .428.  Michelle Moultrie leads the Gators, batting .446.

Both lineups have been lauded all season as two of the deepest.

Given their near-equal offensive capabilities, and sterling defenses, if there is an advantage in their meetings at WCWS, it is in pitching.  Dallas Escobedo is not a strikeout artist, but she throws a “heavy” ball with serious movement, and throws her drop up and down the heighth scale, which keeps batters guessing.  Both Florida pitchers are more traditional – All American Stephanie Brombach, and Hannah Rogers.

Arizona State seeks its second national title (2008).  No SEC team has won the title, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida (2009) have been runners-up.

Pitchers: Escobedo vs Brombacher
Arizona State 7, Florida 2

ASU 1st: Boyd reached on error at short. Rogers sac bunt, Castillo grounded to 2nd, Boyd to 3rd.  Lockwood strucj out..

Florida 1st: Moultrie doubled to center.  DeFelice laid down a 3 foot sacrifice bunt.  Bruder walked on a 3-2 count.  Schutte on a 3-2 count flied deep to the wall in left, Moultrie scoring on the sac fly.  Bush at 2-2 struck out.  Florida is very obviously trying to lay off Escobedo’s high rise and away pitches.

ASU 2nd: Donnenwirth, the hitting star on Monday, singled to right.  Ketchum in to run.  Urfer singled to center, Ketchum to 3rd.  Wigness in to run.  Parlich hit back to Brombacher, fielder’s choice, but the throw to 3rd failed to catch Ketchum off base.  Bases loaded, Johnson walked on four pitches, rbi. 1-1.  Reloaded, no outs, Haro hit back to Brombacher, fielder’s choice, out at home.  Boyd, ASU’s best hitter, 2 for 7 with bases loaded this season, delivered  a 2-run single. 3-1. Rogers struck out.  Castillo at 3-2 flied out to right, stranding two.

Florida 2nd: Coyle worked a 3-2 count looked at a changeup, strike three.  Paculba walked.  Fagan lined out to Parlich at 2nd.

ASU 3rd: Donnenwirth out.  Lockwood single.  Urfer walked.  Parlich grounded to 2nd.  Johnson dropped a fly ball between two fielders, 2 runs scoring. 5-1. Haro singled, the 6th hit off Brombacher, Johnson scored.  Boyd flied to right.  5-1 Arizona State.

Florida 3rd: Moultrie flied out to 2nd.   DeFelice stroked a single to left.  Bruder at 2-2 hit into a fielder’s choice at short.  Schutte flied to right.

ASU 4th: Rogers now pitching for thr Gators; Brombacher charged with 5 hits, 5 runs.  Leslie Rogers at bat, grounded to short.  Castillo grounded out 1-3.  Lockwood singled to center.  Donnenwirth out.

Florida 4th: Bush flied deep to Lockwood at the right field wall.  Coyle flied deep to left in the corner.  Paculba also flied deep to Haro in left.

ASU 5th: Urfer walked, but was forced at 2nd by Parlich; Johnson reached.  Haro sacrificed.  Boyd singled to right,;Johnson scored  but the rope throw by Schutte  nailed Parlich at the plate.

Florida 5th: Gammel flied deep to Haro at the foul pole. Fagan walked, the third pass issued by Escobedo.  Moultrie it into a fielder’s choice.  DeFelice made the third out.

ASU 6th: Rogers flied out to center, a great catch by a racing Moultrie.  Castillo out 5-3.  Lockwood jacked a homer into the upper rows of the left field bleachers.  Donnenwirth walked.  Urfer struck out.
Florida 6th: Bruder looked at a third strike.  Schutte walked.  Bush flied out.  Coyle, who leads the WCWS with eight rbi, Walked.  Two on, Paculba lined to short.

ASU 7th: Parlich flied to left, highlight reel catch by Bruder.  Johnson ground out.  Zambrana flied out to Bruder.

Florida 7th: Gammel  singled to left.  Fagan grounded to 1st.  Moultrie flied out to left.  DeFelice singled, Gammel raced home from 2nd.  Bruder struck out swinging.

Arizona State wins 7-2.  The Sun Devils are the 2011 WCWS Champions.

ASU scored 7 runs on  9 hits. Escobedo surrendered 4 hits, 5 walks, and had 5 strikeouts.  Brombacher, the losing pitcher, was tagged for 6 hits, 5 runs, 2 waks and 2 strikeouts.  Rogers gave up 3 hits and 2 runs, struck out 1. Boyd and Johnson each had 3 rbi,  Lockwood had the other.  DeFelice and Schutte had rbi’s for Florida.


Whitney Larsen,Alabama
Holly Holl, Baylor
Whitney Canion , Baylor
Chelsea Thomas,Missouri
Cheyenne Coyle, Florida
Kelsi Bruder, Florida
Brittany Schutte, Florida
Krista Donnenwirth, Arizona State
Annie Lockwood, Arizona State
Mandy Urfer, Arizona State

Co-Most Outstanding Players
Michelle Moultrie, Florida
Dallas Escobedo, Arizona State

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