6-8-10 UCLA Wins College World Series

WCWS Championship Game 2 

June 8, 2010  


UCLA Wins the Women’s College World Series 15-9 over Arizona 



ESPN video replays show that in a critical 1st inning play, Lastrapes was safe at 2nd.
The videos show that Schutzler clearly had a better line to the ball before the collision with Lastrapes which could have been the third out but instead led to a UCLA run. 

Kenzie Fowler was so dehydrated during the Tennessee games, she went to the hospital and had an IV injection between games. 

Pre-Game Statistics (by NCAA and SPY)
Earned Run Average

Langenfeld 1.50 

Fowler 2.00 


Total Illegal Pitches = 31 (1 on Monday) 

–          Kenzie Fowler – 23 

–          Stephanie Brombacher – 5 

–          Ensley Gammel – 2 

–          Kaia Parnaby – 1 

Home Runs = 28  NEW WCWS RECORD

–          Andrea Harrison – UCLA– 3 

–          Megan Langenfeld – UCLA – 3 

–          Samantha Camuso – UCLA – 2 

–          Julie Burney  – UCLA – 1 

–         BB Bates – UCLA – 1 

–         K’Lee Arredondo – Arizona – 2 

–         Stacie Chambers – Arizona – 2 


 Career Home Run Record   

Hawaii – 158 – 2010                                 

Arizona – 104 – 2010 

UCLA – 104 – 2010 

Camuso 1.500
Langenfeld 1.222 

Runs Batted In
Andrea Harrison 7 

Camuso 6 

Arredondo 5 




1ST UCLA  DiSalvatore (.393) flied out to center.  Monica Harrison (.265) singled to center.  Langenfeld (.524) jacked a home run straightaway left field, 2-0.  Andrea Harrison (.374) walked.  Camuso (.321) walked, bases loaded.  Burney (.310) went to 3-2, flied out to 2nd.  Shull (.271) fouled out to Lastrapes in the left corner.  ArizonaLastrapes (.418) singled off Macon’s glove. 
Schutzler (.396) struck out.  Arredondo  (.389) looked at a third strike.  Chambers (.354) also struck out looking.  Macon had struck out the side after the single by Lastrapes. 

2nd UCLA:  Bates (.318) hbp.  DiSalvatore single. M Harrison hit into a force at 3rd.  Sarah Akamine relieved Fowler.  Langenfeld intentionally walked, loading the bases.  Andrea Harrison, who had three homers in the Series, jacked a grand slam. 6-0. Camuso struck out.  Yudin walked.  Burney singled, Shull singled, loading the bases; Bates hit into a fielder’s choice.  Arizona: Del Ponte (.322) flied out to 3rd.  Koria (.280) belted a homer high in the seats in left center. Arriola (.223) fanned.  Haack (.158) fanned.  UCLA 6-1. 

3rd UCLA:  DiSalvatore flied out.  M Harrison flied deep to right. Langenfeld was walked again.  Andrea Harrison lined to short. Arizona:  Buchanan singled to left.  Lastrapes popped to short. Schutzler hit into double play. 

4th UCLA: Camuso struck out.  Yudin grounded to 3rd.  Burney singled.  Shull doubled to right, rbi.  Bates singled. DiSalvatore hit into a fielder’s choice.  Arizona:  Arredondo hbp.  Chambers walked.  Del Ponte beat out an infield hit, bases loaded.  Koria hbp, rbi, 7-2.  Arriola sliced a double to center, driving in two runs, 7-4.  Arriola had one previous rbi.  Maack, who like Kirker, is strikeout prone, fanned. Buchanan ground 1-3.Lastrapes ground out to 2nd.  UCLA 7-4. 

5th UCLA:  M Harrison flied out to right.  Langenfeld singled to the pitcher, no play.  Murray in to run; advanced on an illegal pitch.  A Harrison reached on an error at 2nd, rbi.  Camuso and Yudin hit consecutive singles.  Burney jacked a 3-run homer.  Shull and Bates singled.  DiSalvatore and M Harrison doubled.  Langenfeld given another pass.  A Harrison struck out.  UCLA has racked 17 hits, and leads 14-4, after a 7-run 5th inning.  ArizonaDown 10 runs, the Wildcats face the very real possibility defeat.  Schutzler struck out.  Arredondo walked.  Chambers, who struck out with bases loaded in Game 1, launched a 2-run home run. 14-6. Del Ponte walked.  Kerr relieved Macon.  Koria struck out, the 8th K for the Wildcats. Arriola walked, Kemp hbp, loading the bases. Buchanan ground out to short.  UCLA 14-6. 

6TH UCLA:  Ashley Alvarez Ralston came in to pitch for Arizona; she had pitched 9.2 innings this season.  Camuso greeted her with a home run. Yudin flied out to center.  Burney looked at a third strike  Shull hbp.  Bates struck out.  ArizonaLastrapes and Schutzler made outs.  Arredondo singled.  Chambers launched another of her sky-high home runs.15-8.  Del Ponte struck out. 

7th UCLA:  DiSalvatore flied out to center.  M Harrison singled, advanced on a wild pitch.  Langenfeld ground out 4-3.  A Harrison flied out to left.  ArizonaKoria flied out.  Arriola singled.  Kemp walked.  Lastrapes singled off Burney’s glove, rbi.  15-9. Schutzler struck out. 

UCLA Wins the 2010 Women’s College World Series. 

Tonight’s attendance of 6,092 increases this year’s WCWS total to 62,562 through nine sessions, an event record.  The previous record was 62,463, set in 2007 in 10 sessions.  This year’s 6,951-per-session average also eclipses the record of 6,724 that was set last year. 
The All Tournament Team 

Most outstanding player: Megan Langenfeld, UCLA 

Brittany Schutte, Florida
Traci Yoshikawa, Hawaii
Rhea Taylor, Missouri
Ivy Renfro, Tennessee
Erinn Webb, Tennessee
K’Lee Arredondo, Arizona
Karissa Buchanan, Arizona
Kenzie Fowler, Arizona
Brittany Lastrapes, Arizona
Samantha Camuso, UCLA
Andrea Harrison, UCLA

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