7-1-2011 Boulder Independence Day Friday

Boulder Independence Day Friday
July 1st 2011


Thursday Completions
TX Eclipse 7, CA Batbusters 4

CO Comets 13, CA AASA 1
At least 10 other games were not completed Thursday after rain and lightning forced suspension of play; those games were to begin at 830pm Friday.  Spy did not stay for those games because the rain resumed. See list below. 

Brackets will be announced Saturday morning.


Friday Game Scores

CA The Next Level 10, KS Olathe Rockets 0

NM Sundancers 3, NC Lady Blues 2

TX Eclipse 3, IL Chill 1

Team North Florida 3, CA Batbusters 0

The Next Level 7, Case Batbuster 2

NM Sundancers 4, CA Irvine Sting 3

CA Sorcerer 8, IL Chill 2

CA Batbusters 1, GA Elite 0

Olathe Rockets 7, VA Legends 6

IL NL Lightning 9, NC Lady Blues 0

TX Eclipse 7, KS Peppers 2

Team North Florida 5, WA Ladyhawks 4

VA Legends 6, Irvine Sting 2

Case Batbuster 3, NL Lightning 3

KS Peppers 4, GA Elite 0

CA Sorcerer 5, WA Ladyhawks 1

Tulsa Shootout 4, SD Renegades 2

MN Blizzard 3, WA Absolute Blast 2

AZ L’il saints 5, MA Polar Crush 5

CA Team Smith 3, CA Fresno Force 1

TX Magic 1, CA Cruisers 1

IL Southern Force 5, OR NW Bullets 0

CA Angels Marty 4, OK Tulsa Eagles 1

NJ Intensity 8, AZ Hotshots 4

Team Smith 8, Polar Crush 6

L’il Saints 2, Fresno Force 2

SD Renegades 6, Absolute Blast 5

MN Blizzard 2, Tulsa Shootout 2

Tulsa Eagles 4, NJ Intensity 2

Angels Marty 9, AZ Hotshots 0

TX Magic 8, Southern Force 3

CA Cruisers 7, NW Bullets 4

CA Lionettes 6, Houston Power 2

LA Voodoo 6, CO Stars 1

NY Beachgirls 2, L’il Saints 1

CA Victory USA 5, Houston Power 4

Atlanta Vipers 4, CO Stars 2

PA Blazing Angels 7, So Cal Sliderz 3

Lionettes 7, Orland Park Sparks 6

So Cal Fillys 3, Voodoo 0

Richmond diamonds 2, L’il saints 1

Atlanta Vipers 5, Orland Park Sparks 0

So Cal Fillys 3, Victory USA 2

TX Bombers 10, So Cal Sliderz 5

IL Beverly Bandits Gold 2, AZ Desert Thunder 0

So Cal Athletics 7, Vienna Stars 0

CA Choppers 4, Wichita Mustangs 1

CA Lady Magic 1, TX Storm 0

NJ Pride 2, Vienna Stars 2

IN Magic 3, AZ Killer Bees 1everly Bandits 4, Team Florida 3

So Cal Athletics 2, Desert Thunder 1

IN Magic 4, GA EC Bullets 1

CA Lady Magic 4, Vienna Stars 2

NJ Pride 2, TX Storm 0

CA Grapettes 9, Richmond Diamonds 1

TX Blaze 9, NC Cardinals 3

CA AASA 5, CA USA Athletics 4

TX Bombers 0, CA American Athletics 0

CA Angels Kim 8, CO Comets 2

RI Thunder 1, MN Irish 0

NC Cardinals 9, USA Athletics 8

Grapettes 9, Beachgirls 3

CA AASA 7, TX Blaze 6

Angels Kim 1, RI Thunder 0

American Athletics 9, Blazing Angels 0

CO Comets 9, MN Irish 0

GA Knockouts 3, NJ Inferno 2

So Cal Breakers 3, TX Aces 0

TX Glory Gold 13, Shamrocks 0

MI Finesse 5, OK Easton Athletics 1

CA Lady Sharks 2, Sorcerer Blue 1

East Cobb Bullets 4, CA Explosion 3

Wichita Mustangs 7, TX Glory Gold 7

NJ Inferno 4, TX Aces 3, GA Knockouts 7, So Cal Breakers 5

AZ Killer Bees vs Explosion Gold

Sorcerer Blue vs MI Finesse

OK Easton Athletics vs Lady Sharks


Other Thursday Makeup Games
scheduled late Friday, rain a factor

Blazing Angels vs TX Bombers

So Cal Sliderz vs American Athletics

Victory  USA vs Orland Park Sparks

RI Thunder vs CO Comets

MN Irish vs Angels Kim

Sorcerer vs KS Peppers

Irvine Sting vs NL Lightning

GA Elite vs Ladyhawks

Case Batbuster vs VA Legends

Friday Game Notes

NJ Pride 2, TX Storm 0.  Probable outcome was foreshadowed bottom 2nd when two Storm runners were caught in linked rundowns.  Pride 4th: one out,Lauren Saal singled, scored on Melissa Phelan double.  Phelan scored on Maggy Fermo single to right. One of best throws; coach LaRezza grabbed foul ball sitting on bucket in door of dugout, made a sidearm throw back to the pitcher.

CA Lady Magic 4, Vienna Stars 2.  Lady Magic went up 2 on 2-run homer by Whitney Smith.  Stars tied, but Magic regained lead.

CA Choppers 4, Wichita Mustangs 1.  Justine Vela was the winner.  Karlie Habitz and Emily Sanchez hit back-to-back homers.

Team North Florida 3, CA Batbusters 0.  Carly Hoover pitched the win.  Stephanie Hartness had 2 rbi.  Nancy Bowling started for BBH; Michelle Floyd relieved.

TX Magic 1, CA Cruisers 1.  Nicole Schroeder, one of the better unsigned long-ball hitters, homered, after fouling off ten pitches.

CA Cruisers 7, NW Bullets 4.  Nicole Schroeder homered, her fifth in two tournaments.

TX Eclipse 3, IL Chill 1.  Erica Wright, so effective Thursday night against the Batbusters, won.

CA Sorcerer 8, IL Chill 2.  Alyssa Buchanan pitched for Chill; Casey Stangel for Sorcerer.  Sorcerer scored 5 in 1st, 2 in 2nd.  Tylyn Wells rbi made the score 4-0.  Breana Kostreba’s mhomer upped the score to 5-0.  Gabrielle Maurice, a 2013 who is eager to get to UCLA, drove in two.  Krista Williams drove in the final run.

So Cal Athletics 7, Vienna Stars 0.  Allison Brown homered.

NM Sundancers 4, CA Irvine Sting 3.  Coaches Paul Kohman of Sundancers and Blair Ota of Sting are two of the real gentlemen in our sport. Karista Donisthorpe outdueled Katie Hunphrey.

Team North Florida 5, WA Ladyhawks 4.  Bailey Schinella started for TNF. Cara Custer for Ladyhawks. Shelli Robinson jacked a 3-run homer.  LH got on the board when Lana VanDyken drove in Erika Smith.  Addie Oeleis narrowed the gap to 3-2 with a solo shot.    After a double play snuffed a scoring opportunity, Stephanie Hartness doubled in 2 runs for a 5-2 lead.  LH came back with 2 more before time expired. 

CA Lady Magic 1, TX Storm 0.  Lauren AMcClary pitched for Storm; Shelby Wisdom for Magic. Both teams had opportunities; Kiara Garcia settled the issue with a homer.

So Cal Athletics 2, Desert Thunder 1.  Good defensive matchup with solid plays on both sides.  Kayla Henry singled for Thunder and scored in the 1st on a passed ball.  But, Thunder would lose two runners at home trying to stretch advances in two consecutive innings.  An early SCA threat was stopped by Morgan McKeever who triggered a 5-5-3 double play. Alexis Mercado gave the SCA’s the victory with a home run.  Jasmine Smithson-Willett pitched for SCA.  Makayla McAdams pitched for Thunder.  A tip of the Spyglass to Liz Mata for superb play at 1st, including a diving catch of a pp foul.

IL Beverly Bandits Gold 2, AZ Desert Thunder 0.  Lora Olson won for Badits; Kaitlin Wilson took the loss.  Ellie Cooper, who shone at 3rd, scored the first Bandit run after doubling in the 2nd.  She scored the second Bandit run two innings later on an rbi double by Casie Hychinson.


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