7-1-2012 Boulder Independence Day Final

Sunday July 1 2012

CA BATBUSTERS 4, So Cal Athletics 3
CA Batbusters 8, IL Beverly Bandits 4
So Cal Athletics 5, RI Thunder 1
Batbusters 9, Corona Angels Marty 4
So Cal Athletics 10, CA Irvine Sting  0
Beverly Bandits 6, Team North Florida 1
RI Thunder 5, KS Peppers 4
Round of 16
RI Thunder 5, Sorcerer Blue 3
KS Peppers 4, NJ Intensity 2
So Cal Athletics 10, CA Choppers 2
Irvine Sting 7, CA Lionettes 1
Bandits 6, Carolina Cardinals 4
Team North Florida 2, Aces 0
Batbusters 6, NJ Breakers 0
Corona Angels Marty 8, NJ Inferno 6

SVG Velocity def Demarini Zephyrs 6-4

Team Mizuno def Corona Angels Gabe 2-1

The So Cal Athletics were on the threshold of victory, leading 3-2 in the final inning.  With one out, the Batbusters had runners on 2nd and 3rd.  On a 3-2 count, #1 singled in two runs.  The SCA’s scored in the first inning; Aubree Munro (Florida) singled, scored on Danica Mercado(Oregon)  rbi.  In the 2nd, Plaza homered.  The SCA’s added to their lead in the 3rd, Selena Pola (Long Beach State) scored on #29 rbi.  The Batbusters Sierra Romero (Michigan) homered in the 3rd.  The Batbusters loaded the bases the next inning, no score.  Maddy Jelenicki  (UCLA) narrowed the gap with a homer.  Madison Schreyer (Stanford) was relieved for SCA’s after Jelenicki’s homer by Delanie Gourley (Florida) who took the loss.  Taylor McQuillin (Oklahoma State) pitched the complete game for the Batbusters. A very good game between two long-time opponents who have won several national championships, and whose largely-committed line-ups feature players committed to the top softball colleges in the country.

So Cal Athletics 5, RI Thunder 1.  The impressive Thunder had a great tournament.  Dalanie Gourley pitched the win.  Darian Tautalatua slugged a 2-run homer after Thunder’s Briana Chiusano had scored for a brief lead.  Shannon Smith started, Meghan Rico relieved. In a pool game against the Vipers, Tautalatua jacked a grand slam for a 7-0 SCA lead.

CA Batbusters 8, IL Beverly Bandits 4.  Nancy Bowling pitched the win; Emily Gaitan for Bandits.  Maddy Jelenicki hit a 2-run shot; Delaney Spaulding and Katiyana Mauga had solo homers for the Batbusters.  After the Bandits tied at 4-all, #44 socked a homer for a 5-4 score, after which Spy moved to another game.  Jelenicki had a 3-run shot in the Batbusters win over the Shamrocks.

(Trying to cover four games simultaneously is hard enough, but some teams did not supply numbers for the college coaches’ guide, and the press is not given lineups.)

Beverly Bandits 6, Team North Florida 1.  A 2-run homer by Jenna Lilley fueled the drive.  TNF scored on a bases loaded rbi walk, but left the bases loaded in the final inning.  The Bandits’ speed on the base paths was very impressive.

KS Peppers 4, NJ Intensity 2.  Many moons have passed since Kansas had a top-flight pitcher; Kelsey Kessler fills that void.   A late-game homer by Campbell Ditto boosted the score to 4-1.  Earlier, she had walked and scored on Sami Olson’s 2-run single.  Intensity, which stopped a Peppers 1st inning effort with a double play, scored its first run in the 5th; Hailey Smith doubled and scored on Corey Schwartz’s sac fly.  Mikayla Poslowsky scored their second run on Megan Sorlie’s rbi double.

RI Thunder 5, KS Peppers 4.  Again the pitching duo of Shannon Smith and Megan Rico prevailed.  Thunder took a 3-0 lead in the 2nd; on runs by Gianna Hathaway, Lindsay Mayer and Ali Page, and another run in the next inning by Theresa Kane on an rbi by Nicole Lundstrom .  After the Peppers rallied to tie at 4-all, including a 2-run double by Alex Hugo, Thunder broke the tie on Lundstrom’s homer.

So Cal Athletics 10, CA Irvine Sting 0.  The SCA’s took charge early, up 7-0 in the 3rd, propelled by Kaylea Snaer’s 3-run homer.  Madison Schreyer and Kaylea Snaer pitched for SCA; Bethann McCann for Sting.

Batbusters 6, NJ Breakers 0.  Nancy Bowling won; Christina Clermont took the loss. Sierra Romero jacked a 2-run homer.

Team North Florida 2, Aces 0.  Shelby Hiers and Emily Carosone homered.

Batbusters 9, Corona Angels Marty 4.  Taylor McQuillin pitched the win.  Lauren Young belted a 3-run homer.

Spy Sidebar: Special thanks to Dan Burns and staff for a well-run highly competitive tournament.  Grounds crew was hard-working and diligent about detail.  Foul balls are still a nuisance.  Spy was hit twice, once quite severely in back of neck.

College sidebar:  Enjoyed chatting with Kevin Fagan about daughters Kasey and Sami.  Kasey sits a year before playing for Arkansas.  Ironically, given Missouri’s shift to the SEC, Sami will once again play in her original conference.  We talked also about the Missouri defense which will be formidable, with Sami and Corrin Genovese on the left side. Sami is speedy; Corrin could give running lessons to jackrabbits – and both can slap and hit.

College sidebar:  There was a good bit of discussion about the unfettered power of college coaches who, having given a release, attach an unlimited number of restrictions about which schools the transferee can attend.  There is a rationale for not allowing a transferee to play within conference, ala Kasey Fagan, but, over the years, some college coaches have made egregious use of that power.  There is a substantial body of tested law concerning corporate do not compete clauses.  Athletics should be different, and the laws of agency and contract should not apply to student athletes.  Hopeful ly, some transferee will challenge this injurious privilege in court, and, if the NCAA is made a party to the suit, the widespread belief among some D! coaches who have talked to Spy is that NCAA will impose limitations on these coaching embargoes.

Note:  Spy also has game notes from earlier elimination and pool games and will t0 to publish those notes over the next two days.  The four previous days ended near midnight, and Spy endeavored to present the scores.  Rfh


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  1. Katey C

    16U Longmont — Team Mizuno defeated Corona Angels -KENNY KNIGHTEN (not GABE) in the Championship. Corona Angels Knighten defeated Corona Angels Gabe in the Semi-Finals..

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