7-16-2013 Canadian Fastpitch Open Tuesday

Surrey, BC, July 16, 2013


Venezuela surprised the favored Japanese, who led 6-2 after 5, by scoring 6 runs bottom 6th off reliever Kaono.  Puertas grand slam, Lozadao 2 rbi.  Gomez was winner in relief.


The A’s, who include numerous American college stars, played the favored Canadians dead even for five innings.  Canada scored bottom 1st; Lever singled, scored on Gilbert rbi. The A’s tied in the 4th; Gano singled, scored on Carter rbi.   Bottom 6th: one out, Rumpf singled, Hicks in to run. Hayward singled; Lever reached on a fielder’s choice; Hicks scored. Ebert reached on an error by Matson at short, Hayward scored. Gilbert singled, Lever and Ebert scored.  The A’s went down in order.


(1130pm ET with two games yet to be played: Venezuela vs Team Australia; California A’s vs Team USA.  SPY stayed up to report those games.) 155am.


Paige Parker for A’s.  Cheridan Hawkins for USA

One out, top 1st, Doyle homered for A’s. Henderson and Fagaly walked; Gano flied out; Bruins struck out.

Bottom 1st: Moultrie walked; Chavanne fanned; Gibson put out; Arioto struck out.
Top 2nd: Matson singled; Ogle struck out; Parker struck out; Carter struck out.
Bottom 2nd: Chidester struck out; Freeman flied to short; Hudson flied out to Danielle Henderson at 3rd.

Top 3rd: Doyle flied out to center; Henderson fanned; Fagaly out, dropped third strike 2-3.
Bottom 3rd: Thom struck out; Martinez singled, the first USA hit; Moultrie lined to 3rd; double play.
Top 4th: Gano flied to right; Bruins put out; Matson struck out, Hawkins eighth.
Bottom 4th: Chavanne singled; Gibson out 1-3; Arioto walked; two on, one out; Chidester grounded to short; Freeman worked a 3-2 count (nine pitches) then doubled in Chavanne and Arioto.  Hudson walked; Thom on 3-2 doubled, Freeman scored, 3-1. Martinez grounded to short.   Parker: 79 pitches.
Top 5th: Ogle grounded to Gibson at 2nd; Parker struck out; Carter singled, Doyle singled; Valerie Arioto reiieved Hawkins who had 9Ks;  Henderson grounded to 3rd.
Bottom 5th: Sara Driesenga now pitching for A’s. Moultrie singled; Chavanne  works 3-2 count, Moultrie steals 2nd;  Chavanne strikes out; Gibson doubles on a 3-2 count, Moultrie scores. 4-1. Arioto grounds to short;  Chidester hbp (from fellow Wolverine); Freeman grounds back to Driesenga.  USA 4-1.

Top 6th: Fagaly fanned; Gano whiffed; Bruins hbp; Matson struck out swinging; Arioto pulled the plug.

Bottom 6th: Hudson grounds to short.  Taylor, pinch hitting for Thom, struck out; Martinez out 5-3.
Top 7th: Ogle singled on first pitch; Turang in to run.  Sara Nevins relieved Arioto.  Driesenga hit into a double play and Carter went down on strikes..

Chelsea Forkin had 3 hits, 2 rbi; Georgia Casey had 2 hits, rbi. Australia scored 4 runs in the 6th.  Murch and Parnaby split Aussie pitching chores.  Gomez took the loss.




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