7-17-2011 Japan Beats USA for Canadian championship


To force a rematch with Japan in the championship, the USA defeated Australia 6-1, but couldn’t best Yukiko Ueno, the Japanese ace, who has baffled USA hitters at Olympic games and other international competition.  Tonight, Ueno hurled a 3-hitter with 10 Ks to capture the Canadian Open championship.

USA 6, Australia 1
Australia scored its run off Jordan Taylor, bottom 1st, on a home run by veteran Olympian Stacey Porter.

The USA tied in the 3rd when Rhea Taylor scored on a double by Stacy May-Johnson.  Brittany Schutte broke the tie with a leadoff homer top 4th.  Schutte put the game away with a 3-run homer in the 6th.  Three errors led to a final run by Rhea Taylor in the 7th.

Championship: Japan 7, USA 0

Japan chased starter Keilani Ricketts, scoring 2 in the 1st. and a run in the 2nd Yamada led the 1st with a double, and scored on Futura’s  one-out double.  Two out, Futura scores on Yamamoto double, the third two-bagger of the at-bat.

Bottom 1st: Michelle Moultrie walks, but is out on Rhea Taylor’s fielder’s choice.  Taylor caught steaking,  Stacy May-Johnson singles.  Kaitlin Cochran grounds out.

Top 2nd:  Hayashi singles. One out, Hayashi scores on Sakamoto double.  3-0. Chelsea Thomas relieves Ricketts.

Bottom 2nd: Brittany Schutte strikes out; Valerie Arioto grounds out to the pitcher, Ueno.  Jenae Leles strikes out.

Top 3rd: one out, Yamamoto jacks an 0-2 pitch for a home run, 4-0.  Mine singles. Hayashi doubles. Matsumoto singles, Mine scores, 5-0.  Kageyama singles, loading the bases, with one out.  Hayashi scores on a wild pitch, 6-0.  Yamada strikes out.  Okuba grounds out. Japan has 10 hits.

Bottom 3rd: USA bats for the third time, trailing 6-0, with just one hit off Ueno.  Ashley Holocombe grounds out to Ueno.  Lauren Gibson  strikes out.  Moultrie strikes out., Ueno’s fourth K.
Top 4th:  Thomas has thrown 26 pitches, 21 for strikes, but has yielded 5 hmits and 3 runs.  Furuta grounds out; Fujino strikes out; Yamamoto grounds to short.

Bottom 4th:  Taylor ground out.  May-Johnson struck out. Cochran singled, the second USA hit.  Schutte struck out, Ueno’s 6th.

Top 5th: Whitney Canion relieved Thomas.  Mine, Hayashi struck out; Matsumoto ground out.

Bottom 5th:  Arioto flied out to short.  Leles struck out.  Holocombe grounds out to Ueno.

Top 6th: Kageyama hit by pitch.  Yamada popped to 1st.  Okubo grounded to 3rd.  Furuta struck out.

Bottom 6th:  Gibson struck out swinging, Ueno’s 8th.  Moultrie struck out.  Taylor grounded to 2nd.  Taylor Hoagland and Jessica Shults replaced Schutte and Gibson in the lineup, Hoagland going to 2nd.

Top 7th:  Tanigawa struck out.  Yamamoto reached on an error by Canion.  Mine struck out.  Hayashi reaches on an error by Leles at 3rd.  Matsumoto reaches on an error by May-Johnson at short; Yamamoto scores 7-0.  Kageyama grounds out to 3rd.

Bottom 7th:  Ueno has given up 2 hits; Ueno has thrown 78 pitches, 54 for strikes, and fanned 9.  May-Johnson flied to left.  Cochran struck out.  Hoagland singled.  Arioto flied out to 1st to end the game.

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