7-17-2013 Premier Girls Fastpitch Tournament

Premier Girls Fastpitch Tournament


In addition to hosting national championships, starting July 19 and ending July 27, at the 12u-18U divisions, PGF this year will split the 18U segment into two divisions, with the top travel ball teams competing in a new Platinum division.


The teams expected to compete at the Platinum level include past PGF champions So Cal Athletics and Worth Firecrackers, Team Mizuno Stith which jacked 12 homers during its run through the Boulder championship bracket, and traditional contenders like the Beverly Bandits, Sting, Next Level, Batbusters, Intensity KOD, Explosion, Corona Angels Marty, Team North Florida, Chill, Nebraska Gold  and others who finished high at Boulder.


USA Athletics Gold coached by Mike Rogers

Quakes Gold coached by Grant Isbel

The Next Level 18 gold coached by Jerry Delamater

Texas Bombers Gold coached by Scott Smith

Wichita Mustangs coached by Mark Griggs

So Cal Athletics coached by Bruce Richardson

American Pastime Gold coached by Larry Farnworth

So Cal Breakers coached by Brant Beddow

Explosion coached by Bret Denio

Irvine Sting coached by Blair Ota

Sorcerer-Phil coached by Phil Mumma

Nemesis Elite 18u coached by Manuel Garcia

Jersey Inferno Gold coached by Don Meister

Georgia Impact – Pauly coached by Keith Pauly

Firecrackers – Rico coached by Tony Rico

Kansas City Peppers coached by Dan Eakin

Texas Glory coached by Kevin Shelton

NW Bullets – Gold coached by Tony Campos

Newtown ROCK Gold coached by Joseph Garvey

New Mexico Sundancers coached by Paul Kohman

Az Hotshots-Householder coached by Keith Householder

Louisville Lady Sluggers 18u coached by Don Dobina

Corona Angels GOLD – Tyson coached by Marty Tyson

Illinois Chill Gold coached by Gerry Quinn

CO Stars Gold coached by Dan Burns

Jersey Intensity KOD coached by Kevin ODonnell

Lady Lightning Gold TEAM MIKEN coached by John Corn

Corona Angels (Howard) coached by Kim Howard

WA Lake Breeze Gold coached by Rick Fritz

Minors Gold Lena coached by Lena Lovelace

Team Mizuno – Stith coached by Mike Stith

Grapettes Gold coached by Dennis Gomes

Lakewood Firecrackers coached by Susan Rodriguez

Virginia Legends coached by Barry Paul

Vienna Stars 18U Gold coached by Tony Rollins

Beverly Bandits Gold BC coached by Bill Conroy

Texas Rapid Fire Gold coached by Brian Menefee

Texas Blaze Gold coached by JB Slimp

Finesse 18u-Dreher coached by Donny Dreher

Washington Ladyhawks Gold Miller coached by Wayne Miller

Indiana Magic Gold 18u (Clay) coached by Kim Clay

OBS Monarchs coached by Corey Reid

So Cal Choppers coached by Gary Fausett

New Lenox Lightning Gold coached by Jim Abbott

Gold Coast Hurricanes Gold coached by Marty Cooper

Lower South Liberty coached by Ed Brabazon

All American Sports Academy coached by Bryan Merrida

California Cruisers coached by Mel Sievers

Cal Cruisers Phil/Lyn coached by Phil Harman

AZ Storm Gold coached by Kara Brun

Didi Rockers Mo coached by Maureen Hohman

Birmingham Thunderbolts 18 Premier coached by Richard Shea

Texas Storm Wymer coached by Joe Wymer

Team North Florida coached by Troy Whitt

Texas Glory-Lusk 18 U Gold coached by Aaron Lusk

Firecrackers-AZ 18U(Randy) coached by Randy Kaye

AZ Lil Saints coached by Lance Dickson

Team Mizuno Gonzalez coached by Jesse Gonzalez

EC Bullets Premier-Schnute coached by Greg Schnute

Texas Firecrackers Gold – May coached by Connie May

Originals coached by Chad Bernholtz

Nebraska Gold coached by Dick Jablonski

Beverly Bandits Team Premier coached by Kevin Stephens

Chaos Gold coached by Joseph Spina


San Jose Sting 18Gold – Perales coached by Bob Perales

Indiana Shockwaves Gold coached by Mike Ramsey

Texas Sudden Impact Gold – Dutton coached by Glenn Bennett

Carolina Elite Gold – Genovese coached by Tony Genovese


Teams above this break are entered in the Tournament

Teams below have started the registration process.


OC Batbusters coached by Gary Haning

East Coast Firecrackers coached by Tom Constantin

Firecrackers (Blanco) coached by Jeff Blanco



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