7-18-2012 ISF Championship Late Wednesday


July 18, 2012


South Africa 6, Puerto Rico 5
Chinese Taipei 8, Mexico 0

China 1, Argentina  0 (8)

Japan 7, Great Britain 0

New Zealand 5, Italy 6 (Italy scored, two outs, bottom 7th)

Venezuela 2, Czech Republic 5

Australia 0,  Canada 2
Danielle Lawrie shut down Australia with a 3-hitter, 11Ks.  Joey Lye scored in 1st on
Rafter single.  Bottom 6th: Hayward scored on Salling groundout.  Canada a very
different team with Lawrie.



Team USA scored a run bottom 4th, and three bottom 6th.  The Dutch recorded 2 runs off Jordan Taylor, 2 off Jackie Traina, while the USA scored 5 runs off Soumeru and 2 off Meadows.

Bottom 4th: Cochran singled.  Arioto singled.  Fischer flied to left.  Chidester also flied to left.  Cochran scored on a single by Holcombe.

Bottom 6th: Cochran grounded out to the pitcher.  Arioto walked on four pitches.  Fischer singled.  Chidester racked a three-run homer.  That ended USA scoring; tdhe USA had 7 hits.


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‘We Pretty Much Won the World Series’
It was a historic day for South Africa at the ISF Women’s World Championship in Whitehorse, as they picked up their first ever win at a world tournament, with a 6-5 upset over Puerto Rico.

“We pretty much won the World Series,” said an elated Candice Stephens after the game. “We made history today. This was a big one for us.”“We finally pulled everything together. This is something that’s never been done before and we did it. We did it for South Africa.”

The fact they achieved their first ever win on Nelson Mandela’s birthday was certainly not lost on them – or on the crowd, who witnessed the team sing Happy Birthday to the Nobel Peace Prize winner.“We dedicated this game to him today, and we got this result,” said Team Manager Thelma Achilles, holding back tears. “It’s making me very emotional right now.”

South Africa jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, then tacked on five runs on three hits in the 3rd to make it 6-0. But with Puerto Rico coming off a major upset over Venezuela on Tuesday, SA wasn’t taking anything for granted. They dug in their heels and held on, as Puerto Rico attempted their second comeback in a row. Constant chants were heard from the South Africa dugout, and at one point the team sang a rendition of the inspirational song, “I believe I can fly”.

PR came close to the comeback, with both Aleimalee Lopez and Charlise Castro socking balls over the fence, but they fell short in the end. As the players rushed the infield on the final out, it was clear this day belonged to South Africa.






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