7-18-2013 Canadian Open Fastpitch


Surrey BC July 18 2013


July 18, 2013 California A’s vs Japan 3:00 p.m. Live Stats/Streaming
Australia vs USA 5:30 p.m. Live Stats/Streaming
Canada vs Japan 8:30 p.m. Live Stats/Streaming
USA vs Venezuela 10:30 p.m. Live Stats/Streaming


WP Paige Parker.  LP Okamora.  A’s rbi: Ogle 3, D Henderson 2 (home run) Carter 2 rbi.
Parker gave up 2 hits and a run (Yukiko Mine).  A’s scored 3 runs, bottom 2ns; D Henderson jacked 2-run homer in 3rd. Bruins pitched in relief in 4th; Doyle rbi in bottom.   Ogle drove in 2 runs bottom 6th.



Team USA 5, Team Australia 4 (8)
WP Sara Nevins  LP Kaia Parnaby
Close call; USA trailed 4-2 after Australia scored two top 8th, but 3 runs bottom 8th secured the victory and enabled the USA to stay unbeaten.
The USA scored bottom 2nd when Chidester homered.  Chavanne singled, scored in 3rd on Arioto’s sac fly.  The lead held until the 6th.  Arioto relieved Moore. Bowering reached on a fielder’s choice, Forkin singled.  Oklahoma star Casey, playing here for her native country, doubled in the tying runs.  Nevins relieved Arioto.

The USA stranded two bottom 7th.  Stokes now pitching for Australia hit Moultrie and Chavanne walked.

Top 8th: ITB runner Godfrey advances to 3rd on sac by Warwick; Porter was given a pass; Bowering singled, Godfrey scored; two out, Casey hbp; Porter scores on wild pitch; McManus strands two.
Bottom 8th: Salvarola running for ITB Freeman; Chamberlain singles, rbi.  Hudson singles, Taylor in to run. Thom reaches on an error at 3rd, bases loaded.  Parnaby returns to the circle. Moore singles, Chamberlain and Taylor score.

The USA has a later game against Venezuela.

Japan 8, Canada 3
WP Nakano  LP Plourde
Trailing 3-0, Japan took charge with 5 runs in 3rd.

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