7-2-2011 Boulder Independence Day Saturday

Boulder Independence Day Saturday

July 2, 2011

Sunday Championship Pairings

Cruisers vs Batbusters

East Cobb Bullets vs Team North Florida

CA Explosion vs CA Lady Magic

Beverly Bandits vs So Cal Breakers

Round of 16

Cruisers 11, IN Magic 5

Batbusters 10, NJ Intensity 0 (5)

East Cobb Bullets 3, Fresno Force 1

Team North Florida 9, Choppers 1

Explosion 6, The Next Level 1

Lady Magic 4, Corona Angels Marty 3

Beverly Bandits 7, Sorcerer Phil 1 (5)

So Cal Breakers 8, IL Lightning 6

Round of 32

IN Magic 5, Fillys 2

Cruisers 9, Sliderz 0

Batbusters 6, Wichita Mustangs 1

NJ Intensity 4, TX Aces 3

Fresno Force 4, TX Magic 0

East Cobb Bullets 4, Grapettes 1

Choppers 8, Atlanta Vipers 0

Team North Florida 4, NJ Pride 0

Explosion 12, Houston Power 1

The Next Level 2, TX Eclipse 1

Lady Magic 5, Team Smith 2

Corona Angels Marty 13, NC Cardinals 3

Sorcerer 2, USA Athletics 1

Beverly Bandits 9, Lionettes 3

So Cal Breakers 4, Tulsa Eagles 2

Lightning 9, Killer Bees 1

Round of 64

Fillys 7, Bombers 0

IN Magic 8, Shamrocks 1

Sliderz 4, N Blizzard 3 (11)

Cruisers 4, RI Thunder 2

Batbusters 10, MI Finesse 0 (5)

Wichita Mustangs 6, CO Stars 0

TX Aces 5, CA AASA 4

NJ Intensity 7, CA American Athletics 1

Fresno Force 8, WA Ladyhawks 7

TX Magic 5, Team Florida 4

Grapettes 3, TX Glory 0

East Cobb Bullets 7, Orland Park Sparks 1

CA Choppers 10, Corona Angels Kim 0

Vipers 2, TX Storm 1

NJ Pride 6, GA Knockouts 4

Team North Florida 10, VA Legends 0

Explosion 9, NJ Inferno 1

Houston Power 5, So Cal Athletics 3

The Next Level 5, L’il Saints 1

TX Eclipse 5, SD Renegades 1

Lady Magic 3, Victory USA 2

Team Smith 3, Southern Force 0

Corona Angels Marty 5, IL Chill 3

NC Cardinals 8, PA Blazing Angels 1

USA Athletics 6, Irvine Sting 0

Sorcerer 8, OR NW Bullets 0

Lionettes 3, NM Sundancers 1

Beverly Bandits 6, Sorcerer Blue 1

Tulsa Eagles 5, Tulsa Shootout 0

So Cal Breakers 9, LA Voodoo 1

Killer Bees 2, TX Blaze 0

IL Lightning 8, AZ Desert Thunder 7

First Round Games

VA Shamrocks 4, Olathe Rockets 0

So Cal Sliderz 10, CA Lady Sharks 3

CO Stars 13, WA Absolute Blast 2

TX Aces 5, KS Peppers 2

Team Florida 8, NY Beachgirls 4

TX Glory 2, Lady Blues 1

TX Storm 14, IL Stone City Sharks 2

NJ Pride 4, MN Irish 3

Houston Power 9, CO Comets 2

AZ L’il Saints 8, AZ Hotshots 6

IL Southern Force 7, Case Batbusters 3

IL Chill 2, OK Easton Athletics 1

OR NW Bullets 2, MA Polar Crush 1

NM Sundancers 3, Vienna Stars 0

LA Voodoo 4, GA Elite 3

TX Blaze 12, Richmond Diamonds 1

Houston Power 5, So Cal Athletics 3.  The most surprising upset of the elimination round.  The SCA’s had been scoring in double digits and run-ruling in three innings.  The SCA’s started Selene Pola who gave up 3 runs without recording an out.  Jessia Slater scored on Lindsey Stephens rbi; Brianna Payne jacked a 3-run homer.  SCA ace Mariah Ramirez relieved and briefly stopped the hemorrhage of runs.  Next inning, Power loaded the bases, and Payne drew an rbi walk.    Laterm Paige Ortiz doubled in Macy Shrum, 5-0.  The SCA’s, whom many thought would contend for this championship, finally tallied 3 runs, including a 2-run homer by Jenna Kelly but couldn’t overcome that initial Houston lead.  Lauren Dannelley pitched the complete game for Power, who were crushed in the next round by CA Explosion 12-1.

Corona Angels Marty 13, NC Cardinals 3.  Up 3-2, the Angels loaded the bases, and Lauren Anderson drove in 2 runs.  After a Carindal pitching change, Bethany Kemp hit an rbi single.  Score stood at 10-3 when Dawna Tyson clubbed a 3-run homer. Emily Lockman pitched for the Angels.

East Cobb Bullets vs Team North FloridaThis quarter-final match on Sunday pits the winner and runner-up from the 2010 ASA Gold Nationals.

Explosion 9, NJ Inferno 1.  In the first five innings, these teams seemed evenly matched.  Hanna Sommer racked a homer for Explosion; Lauren Walker tied with her fourth homer of the week.  But, for the second tournament in two weeks, Inferno had just one pitcher, Taylor Pirone, who gave a 110% effort under a blazing sun.  Explosion scored 4 runs in 6th, then loaded the bases, which Sommer emptied with a grand slam.

Batbusters 10, NJ Intensity 0 (5).  Intensity had just survived a 4-3 game against TX Aces; the rested Batbusters demonstrated the depth of their roster.  Leading 3-0 after their first at-bat, Cassandra Roulund and Janette Takeda scored in the next inning.  Up 5-0, the BBH reached run-rule in the 5th; Roulund singled in a run, Takeda singled in 2 runs, and another single brought home 2 more runs.  Michelle Floyd pitched the shutout.

NJ Intensity 4, Aces 3.  Up 2-1, Intensity seemed to have created a safe lead when Macy Jones doubled, scored on Megan Harris’ rbi; Harris scored on Hailey Smith’s rbi.  But, the Texans came back; pitcher Libby Morris surrendered walks to Steffanie Milan and Sara Clements in top 7th; both scored , but Intensity survived a bases-loaded situation.

VA Shamrocks 4, Olathe Rockets 0.  Alex Sallberg pitched the infrequent win for the Shamrocks.  Alexa Strid jacked a 2-run homer.

Wichita Mustangs 6, CO Stars 0.  Kelsey Stewart slugged a 3-run homer to build a 4-0 lead.  Jessica Sturm was the winning pitcher.

Cruisers 4, RI Thunder 2.  Staked to a 2-0 lead, Shannon Smith had a no-hitter until the final stanza.Sarah Cwietnia broke the schneid with a home run, 2-1.Sammi Gyerman reached on an error by sith; Sarah Guillen walked.  Sahvanna Jaquish , who was 0-2, blasted a 3-run, walkoff home run.

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