7-20-2013 Canadian Open Medal Round

July 20 2013


July 20, 2013 PO-1: California A’s vs Japan 3:00 p.m. Live Stats/Stream
PO-2: Canada vs Venzuela 5:30 p.m. Live Stats/Stream
PO-3: Australia vs Winner PO-1 8:30 p.m. Live Stats/Stream
PO-4: USA vs Winner of PO-2 10:30 p.m. Live Stats/Stream


WP Yukiko Ueno  LP Sarai Dreisenga.  Ueno No-hitter w/10 K
Japan scored 6 runs in the 2nd.  With two out, bases loaded, Hayashi dounles in two runs, two more runs score on error in right field.  Kuniyoshi  triples, 2 rbi.  Japan scored its last run in the 3rd on Nishiyama’s rbi single.   Japan advances to play Australia at 830pm.  Australia defeated Japan 3-1 in pool on Friday.




Just when it seemed Venezuela was in position for another late surge,tied 4-all top 6th after Venezuela scored three runs, Canada smothered the fire with a five run burst bottom 6th to gain the win and set up a rematch with Team USA for 1030pm.  Canada hit 3 triples in 6th.

Top 2nd, one out, Coscorossa doubled two out, Fuenmajor singled, rbi.  Canada took the lead, bottom 3rd. Rumpf led with a walk; one out,

Hayward doubled; Yee was given a pass loading the bases; Gilbert singled, rbi; Hopwood drew a bases-loaded walk, rbi; Torres relieved Ramirez in the circle; Lever forced Yee; Gilbert scored on a wild pitch.  Bottom 5th: Yee doubled; Gilbert singled; Hopwood singled, rbi, 4-1.

Top 6th: Venezuela tied; Soto reached on an error by Lye at short; Pimentel walked; starter Sara Plourde relieved by Jenna Caira; one out; Sojo walked; Coscorros struck out; Puertas slugged a three-run souble, score tied.

Bottom 6th: Polidori walked; one out, Lye triples, rbi; Hayward triples, rbi; Ramirez relieves pitcher Torres; Yee singles, rbi; Gilbert triples, rbi; Hopwood singles, rbi; Gomez relieves Ramirez in the circle; Lever grounds out; Hicks strikes out.   Top 7th, one out, Perez doubles; Lozada grounds out; Pimentel grounds out to 3rd.  Canada 9-4.

Up next: Japan vs Australia.


WP Yukiko Ueno  LP Kaia Parnaby.  Ueno hurled a no-hitter, with 8 Ks, her second no-hitter in one day..
Japan scored in five of its six at-bats, with five players having rbi’s.  Mine 3, and Nishiyama, Kawano, Okubo, and Kuniyoshi one apiece.

Trailing 1-0 after Yee homered in the 1st, the USA cracked the scoreboard  with 3 runs, bottom 4th.  Gibson led with a solo shot; Chidester hbp; Arioto singled; two out, Thom doubles in both runners.

Canada regained the lead with 3 runs top 5th.  Wideman walked; one out, Polidori walked; on 1-0 count, Sara Nevins was relieved by Jessica Moore in the USA circle; Lye struck out; Hayward smacked a 2-run double; Yee singled, rbi, Canada 4-3.  The USA tied with a run in the bottom 5th on Moultrie’s homer; Plourde relieved Caira.  4-4.

Bottom 6th: Hudson singled with one out; Freeman singled; pinch runner Taylor scores on Thom’s rbi; two out, Thom scored on a wild pitch; Moultrie walks; Chavanne singles, rbi; Gibson flies to short.  USA 7-4.  Nevins returns to the USA circle. Franklin strikes out; Polidori singles; Lye strikes out; Hayward strikes out to end the game.  Nevins was charged with 3 runs; Moore 1.  For Canada, Caira was charged with 4 runs; Plourde with the final three.


PO 5  California A’s vs Canada
PO 6  Venezuela vs Australia
PO 7  Japan vs USA
PO 8  Winner PO 5 vs Winner PO 6

PO 9  Loser PO 7 vs Winner PO 8
PO 10 Winner PO 7 vs Winner PO 9


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