7-21-2011 World Cup Thursday


July 21,2011 Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City  

This report will be updated after each game.  

The Schedule  

Australia 11, Czech Republic 0 (5)  

Japan vs Canada  

Australia vs Great Britain  

USA Men vs Touch of Gray  

USA Men vs Gold’s Gym  

Canada Men vs Gold’s Gym  

USA vs Czech Republic  

USA Men and Wounded Warriors  


Australia 11,  Czech Republic 0 (5)
Australia, which finished third at the Candian Open last week, run-rule the Czechs, 15 hits to 3.  Justine Smethurst pitched 2+ innings of no-hit ball; Jocelyn McCallum relieved, and gave up the 3 hits.  Ptra Kriklanova took the loss; Kristyna Kalinova relieved after 2= innings in which the Australians scored 6 runs.  

Godfrey opened the game with a walk; scored on Porter’s single.  Two out, Porter scored on Forkin’s single to left.  DebLaes doubled, rbi.  Leading 3-0, Australia scored three more runs in the 2nd.  Forkin derove in a run, DeBlaes doubled in 2 more.  Godfrey tripled and scored in the 3rd.   

Australia put the game over the run-margin at 7-0, but added four more top 5th to seal the win.  

Japan 9, Canada 5 (8)

By early afternnon, the temperature on the field was estimated at 105 degrees.


Japan comes to the World Cup as at least a co-favorite to win after thoroughly defeating the USA twice last weekend to win the Canadain Open in Surrey BC. 
Canada scored twice bottom 1st.  One out, Rafter singled to center, scoring Hayward.  Haberl and Baird walked; Lye singled to left, rbi.  Japan narrowed the score 2-1, top 2nd; Nagayoshi scored on Mine’s single.  


Japan took the lead top 3rd.  One out, Okubo singled to center; Furuta singled; Yamamoto, showing track speed,  racked three runs on an inside the park homer to left.  Cater relieved Phillips, 4-2.  Japan now had 6 hits to 4 for the Canadians, who had committed2 errors.  Canada went down in order bottom 3rd 

Top 4th:  Suzuki singled, later scored on a passed ball.  One out, Okubo reached on Baird’s second error at short.  Furuta looked at a third strike to end the at bat.  Canada 4th:  Baird led with a single to center.  Lye walked.  Timpf sacrifieced, Gilbert looked at 2 strikes, struck out.  Russell stroked a double deep to left, 2 rbi, 5-4.  Matthews walked.  Hayward singled, driving in the tying run, 5-5.  Rafter walked, loading the bases with 2 out.  Haberl worked a 3-2 count, flied out to center.  

Two out, top 5th: Iwabuchi reached on an error, Canada’s third;; side retired.  Bottom 5th:  Baird popped to 1st; Lye dropped a single over short.  Timpf flied out to left.  Gilbert  fanned.  

 Top 6th:  One out, Kageyama beat out an infield hit.  Yamada singled deep to right, Kageyama beat the throw to 3rd – very close call.  Okubo laid down a bunt, the flip home nailed Kageyama.  2 out.  Furuta flied out to right.  Bottom 6th: Russell, Matthews, were out but Hayward beat out a bunt.  Rafter looked at a third strike – a floating changeup.  

Top 7th:  Novinga pitching for Canada. Yamamoto reached on an infield hit;  Nagayoshi reached on an error by Russell at 3rd; Iwabuchi sacrificed the runners forward; a grounder to 2nd scored the go-ahead run; Suzuki struck out.  Bottom 7th:  Down 1-0, Canada had 9 hits to Japan’s 11.  Baird jacked a game-tying home run over the left field fence, the sparse but pro-Canadian audience cheering.  Lye grounded to short.  Timpf swatted a changeup into right center.  Pinch-hitter Jenn Yee flied to center.  6-6.  

Top 8th:  Runner on 2nd, ITB, Kageyama ground out, runner advancing.  Top of the lineup,Yamada crushed a 2-run homer to right.  Okubo doubled to left.  Suzuki singled to center, rbi.  Japan now led 9-5.  Yamamoto flied to right.  Nagayoshi ground to short.  Bottom 8th:  Now down to 4 runs, the Canadians would begin with Russell at bat, Yee on 2nd.  Russell singled.  Matthews went down.  Hayward  hit into a fielder’s choice.  Two down.  Rafter worked a 3-0 count, walked, loading the bases. Haberl grounded back to the pitcher.   

Fujiwara wins; Hovinga loses.  

Australia 7, Great Britain 1  

 Both teams stranded a runner in the 1st: Australia’s Forkin singled; Great Britain’s Stacie
Townsend tripled to right; both with 2 outs.  A high hit which looked like it would drop in for Great Britain was turned into an out by a sliding Long-Droppert in left field.  

 Great Britain’s Sarah Jones scored bottom 2nd.  Australia tallied 2 top 3rd.  Two out, McManus scored on Warwick’s single.  Bowering singled, rbi.  With two on, DeBales hit a liner into left which was caught at grasstop by Laura Thompson in center.  

 One out, top 4th, Long-Droppert belted a ball which carried to the fence in left, caught near the top by Karlene Cooper.  Sorenson singled to center, but McManus flied out.  Bottom 4th, two out; Jones singled to center.  Parkerson fanned.  

 Australia went u0 a run, top 5th, when Bowering scored on Forkin’s single, the seventh hit for the Australians.  With two out, Cooper and Thompson on in the bottom half, Townsend ground out to 3rd 

 Top 6th:  Leading off the 6th, Australia scored four more runs.  Stevenson reached on a fielder’s choice, scored on an rbi by Porter.  Warwick singled, rbi; Cox singled in 2 runs. Warwick and Forkin each scored 3 runs.  

 Cannon won; Townsend too the loss.  Australia had 13 hits to 6 for GB.  

Whitney Canion vs Vendula Draha


Top 1st: Czechs down in order.
Bottom 1st:  Rhea Taylor walked but Kelly Grieve lined to 3rd, double play.  StacyMay-Johnson dropped a single into short center.  Kaitlin Cochran singled to left.  Valerie Arioto ground out to 3rd.


Top 2nd:  Canion struck out the side.
Bottom 2nd:  Jenae Leles lined hard to center.  Megan Langenfeld reached 2nd when the center fielder dropped her high fly.  Ashley Holcombe flied deep to center.  Taylor Hoagland reached, and Taylor slugged a 2-run triple to deep right.  Grieve beat out an infield hit, Taylor scoring.  3-0. May-Johnson at bat, Grieve stole 2nd.  MJ ground to 3rd.


Top 3rd:  The Czechs went down in order.  USA scored two. Cochran singled, bunt.  Arioto walked. Pinch runner Moultrie. Zappova relieved Draha.  Leles singled, rbi. Langenfeld walked.  Holcombe reached ona fielder’s choice.  Leles scored on a throwing error by the catcher.  Moultrie was out at home, 4-2.  Holcpmbe advanced on a passed ball; Hoagland struck out; Taylor popped to 2nd. 


Top 4th:  Trailing 5-0, the Czechs notched their first hits off Canion.  Petraskova singled to right; Pfeiferova beat out an infield hit; Both advanced on a passed ball.  Jacklova ground to 2nd, rbi, 5-1.  Rendlova bunted to Canion, rbi, 5-2.  Fojerova fouled off several pitches at 3-2, then lined out to short.  Bottom 4th:  One out, May-Johnson jacked a line drive home run over the left field fence.  6-2. 


Top 5th:  Kriklanova hit to short.  Loudova out 3-4.  Borecka reached on an infield error.  Jackesova lined to short.  Bottom 5th:  Leles ground out.  Langenfeld flied out to left.  Holcombe flied out to center. 


Top 6th:  Shults replaced Holcombe, Thomas relieved Canion.  Petraskova struck out but reached on a passed ball.  Pfeiferova singled.  The threat was snuffed by a double play.  Bottom 6th  The USA added a run on a Grieve rbi. 


Top 7th:  The Czech stranded a runner; Chelsea Thomas finished the game.  7-2 USA. 


The USA outhit the Czechs 11-3.  The Czechs had 4 errors, the USA 2 errors. 


WP Canion.  LP Draha.  Save Thomas. 




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