7-21-2013 NPF Sunday




WP Cat Osterman  LP Angel Bunner
Watley opened the game with a single; Lowe msingled, but Comets misplayed the ball, Watley scored, Lowe to 3rd. one out, DiSalvatore singled, rbi.

Bottom 2nd: Quiocho led with triple; Shaw walked; one out, Weseman hbp; Quiocho scores on wild pitch.

Top 3rd: Lowe led with single, steals 2nd; Kretschman hbp; two runs score on single by DiSalvatore, out trying to stretch a double.

Top 4th: Olivia Galati relieved Bunner.

Top 5th: Kretschman singles; one out, Sandberg belts two-run homer.

Top 6th: Charters opened Pride 6th with a solo shot, followed immediately by a solo homer by Salling.  (Stalwart teammates in college, Charters and Stalling were star members of Team Canada before turning pro.)  Pride 8-1.  Bottom 6th: Shaw and Matthew hbp.
Top 7th: Lindsey Richardson now pitching for Comets. Sandberg hbp; Duran strikes out, Ricketts walked; Lauren Lappin running for Sandberg; Bruder, who made a highlight diving catch in left field last night, hits into fielder’s choice, forcing Ricketts;  Charters worked a 3-2 count, doubles, Lappin scores, 9-1. Salling singles on a 3-2 count, Bruder and Charters score, 11-1. Lowe flies out.  Bottom 7th: Osterman has 11 Ks.  Garcia becomes #12. Kamekpna grounds to 2nd. Mejia singles.  Pinch-hitter Liddle out 4-3.




WP Nikki Nemitz  LP Brittany Mack
Bandits scored 7 runs in 2nd.  Cervantes and Pohlman singled; one out, Galindo tripled; 2 rbi.  Wiggims singled, rbi; Patton and Goler walked;  bases loaded; Butler jacked a grand slam.  Rachel Fico relieved former LSU teammate Mack.  Williams and Cervantes grounded to short.
Top 3rd: Paculba singled; one out, Turang singled; Schlopy walked, loading the bases.  Morgan singles, rbi; Schlopy and Paculba score.  In the bottom, Pohlman triples, scores on Grim single. 8-3 Bandits
Top 5th: Turang singles; Mel Dumezich relieves Nemitz. One out, Morgan singles, Turang scores.  8-4.
Bottom 6th: Zymkowitz scores on Cervantes sac fly.  9-4.
Top 7th: Karino doubles; Turang hits to pitcher; Schlopy walks; Morgan grounds to 2nd; Castillo walks, loading the bases; Montalvo grounds

into fielder’s choice.
Only 4 Ks in game, all by Fico.





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