7-22-10 KFC World Cup Day One


Oklahoma City, July 22 2010

The 2010 World Cup at ASA’s Hall of Fame Stadium begins with a match between Team USA and Team Canada, followed by a contests between Japan and the USA Futures team.

Team USA and Canada competed in the recent XII World Championship in Caracas, the USA taking the Gold medal.  More recently, the USA Futures team split four games with Canada at the Canada Fastpitch Tournament in Surrey, BC.  Team USA features several Olympians, Jennie Finch, Monica Abbott, Cat Osterman, Natasha Watley, Jessica Mendoza, Andrea Duran, and Lauren Lappin.  Finch has announced her retirement at the end of the current season in August.  Canada is led by Danielle Lawrie, who has twice been named USA Collegiate player of the year (Washington), and several well-known stars such as Melanie Matthews, Caitlin Lever, Jennifer Yee, Sheena Lawrick, Jennifer Salling, Kaleigh Rafter, and Erin Cumpstone.  Yee was a runnerup for USA player of the year, as was Megan Langenfeld, who is on the USA Futures team. 

Team USA 9, Team Canada 0 (6)

Monica Abbott 2H, 16K. LP Danielle Lawrie

USA 1st: USA broke in front with authority.  Watley led off with a single, advanced on a Lowe 4-3; Mendoza doubled hard to center, rbi; Cochran popped up to the catcher in foul territory; Finch, who busted three home runs in the XII games, launched a 3-2 offering from Lawrie over the fence in straight-away left.  Duran beat out an infield hit to short.  Lappin looked at a third strike.

Canada 1stAbbott struck out the side, including Yee, who led US collegians in home runs but looked at a third strike from Abbott.

USA 2ndCharters ground out.  Bramlett hit an infield single to 2nd.  Watley flied out to left.  Lowe also beat out an infield hit to Yee at 2nd.  Runners at 2nd and 3rd, Mendoza flied out to short.  Lawrie was hitting 67 mph.

Canada 2ndAbbott, hurling pitches at 69 mph, struck out cleanup hitter Lawrick.  Salling went down swinging on a 73 mph pitch.  Rafter went down on a 73 mph pitch.

USA 3rdCochran opened with a rocket over the fence in right center.  Finch singled hard to left, the eighth hit off Lawrie.  Duran forced Finch at 2nd.  Lappin ground out 4-3.  Charters ground out 5-3.

Canada 3rdAbbott threw four pitches to Russell, each 70 mph, Abbott’s 7th. Cumpstone fanned.  Pare worked a 3-2 count, the first off Abbott, before flailing away at a 74 mph curve.  Abbott had nine in a row.

USA 4THUSA went down in order: Bramlett, Watley, Lowe.

Canada 4th: Matthews broke up the nohitter with a single. Lever sacrificed her to 2nd.  Yee struck out, Abbott’s 10th.  Lawrick looked at a third strike.

USA 5THMendoza fanned; Cochran grounded to 3rd; Finch was called out on a 3-2 pitch that was so outside she had started to 1st.

Canada 5thSalling looked at a 69mph rise.  Rafter flied deep to Lowe in center.  Russell became Abbott’s 13th victim.

USA 6thDuran drew the first walk off Lawrie.  Lappin ground out 4-3.  Charters singled past Yee, driving in Duran, 5-0.  Bramlett flied out to right; the throw to 3rd was errant, and Charters scored, 6-0.  Watley singled up the middle, the tenth hit off Lawrie who was then relieved by Ashley Lanz.  Lowe singled through the gap.  Mendoza jacked a 3-run homer over right, 9-0.  Cochran lined out, ending a 5-run at-bat for USA.

Canada 6thCumpstone singled hard to right, Canada’s second, an off-speed offering.  Pare looked at a third strike.  Matthews looked at a 73mph third strike.  Lever also looked at a third strike, Abbott’s 16th, ending the game by run-rule.

Game Notes:

In post-game interviews, Abbott talked about the 16 Ks, and the hit by Cumpstone when Abbott “took a little off.”  She attributed the strong showing to the “excellent communication with catcher Lauren Lappin. Also, Abbott says she knows the Canadian hitters “pretty well” having faced them a dozen times last year.  Finch was asked as expected about her retirement, saying she wants more time with her family.  But, she will continue to conduct clinics.  Mendoza says she hit a Lawrie rise ball for her home run., while Finch and Cochran said they tagged curve balls for their homers.  Coach Jay Miller’s post-game was all business; the big reputations on his team don’t restrain his post game analysis; he congratulated the team for coming out strong “from the first inning on” but he also critiqued plays where he wants improvement – on base running and fielding.  First game attendance: 2783.  Tapered off for second game, which was not televised by ESPN.


WP Miko Somaya  LP. Stacey Nelson.  Strong rally in 7th by USA Futures.

Japan 1stOne hit, no score.

USA 1st: Lastrapes ground out; Jamia Reid reached on an error at 3rd but was forced at 2nd by Langenfeld; Reid did a superb job taking out the Japanese fielder; Arioto flied out.

Japan 2nd: With one out, Mine and Oyangi hit consecutive singles; Mastsumoto advanced the runners with a sac; one run scored on a passed ball; Mizoe singled in a run; Kawano reached on catcher error; Karino lined into a double play by Boyd at 2nd.  2-0.

USA 2nd: After an out by Leles, Johnson singled.  Boyd fanned.  Wright struck out.

Japan 3rd: Eri Yamada, a long-time star of Japanese national teams, led with a single which she stretched to two bases on a fielding error.  Mabuchi fanned.  Sakamoto struck out on an away pitch.  Mine, who caught for Japan in their Olympic victory, started the rally in the 2nd.  Yamada was thrown out trying to steal 3rd.

USA 3rdChavanne reached on a throwing error.  Lastrapes at-bat, Chavanne stole 2nd.  Lastrapes singled, but Chavanne went too far past 3rd and was caught in a rundown.  Reid grounded to the pitcher.  Langenfeld, who was MVP of the World Series in this stadium a few weeks ago (UCLA), lined hard out to left.

Japan 4thThe Japanese were caught in a rundown between 3rd and home, and stranded a runner at 3rd.

USA 4thLeading off, Arioto singled past short.  Leles ground into a 4-6-3 double play.  Johnson flied out to center.

Japan 5thKawano out 4-3.  Karino ground out.  Yamada hit back to Nelson.

USA 5thBoyd out 4-3.  Wright fanned.  Chavanne ricocheted a hit off the pitcher but was out stealing 2nd.

Japan 6th: Karino on, one out, Mine out 6-3, good throw  by Johnson, good dig by Arioto at 1st.  Karino scored on passed ball.  Oyanagi popped to 2nd.

USA 6thWith one out, Reid on 2nd, Langenfeld walked.  Schutzler in to run.  Arioto flied out to center, and Reid was doubled off 2nd.

Japan 7th:  Leading 3-0.  Matsumoto fanned.  Mizoe grounded to short.  Pinch hitter Nagayoshi reached on an error at 2nd.  Karino made the third out.

USA 7thLeading off, Leles singled up the middle.  The USA now had five hits; Japan had five hits but had the lead.  Johnson, who just graduated from Kentucky, walked.  Pinch hitter Iwata, the hard-hitting freshman from Hawaii, grounded to 3rd, excellent running throw by Sakamoto.  Runners at 2nd and 3rd, one out, Wright, the Washington freshman, worked a 3-2, then singled down the right field line, driving in two runs.  Chavanne, the Tennessee freshman, was put out at 1st.  Tying run at 2nd, Lastrapes lined out to short, ending the game.

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