7-22-2013 Canadian Open

July 22 2013 Surrey BC



Australia  6, Canada 4
Australia scored  5 runs in 3rd and led 6-2 after 3 innings. No scoring in last 3 innings.
WP Vanessa Stokes  LP Jocelyn Cater
Porter hit 2 doubles, one rbi; White had 2 rbi; Forkin and Perry also had rbi.


USA vs AUSTRALIA (630pm)

The winner advances to play Japan in the Gold medal game.



USA loses to AUSTRALIA 2-1 (8) (630pm)

The USA outhit Australia through five innings  but trailed 1-0. 

Top 5th: Weaver singled; White singled; both advanced on McManus groundout.  Sara Nevins relieved Jessica Moore. Godfrey singled, rbi. 

Australia and USA down in order in 6th.  Stokes now pitching in relief of Parnaby.

Australia down in order in top 7th.

Bottom 7th: Chavanne singled; Gibson who had 2 hits, sacrificed. Salvarola running for Chavanne.  Chamberlain singles, the ninth USA hit, Chamberlain’s second, Salvarola scores to tie the game, 1-1.  Chamberlain caught stealing.  Arioto walked; Hudson singles. Freeman flies out to 2nd.
Top 8th: McManus on 2nd, ITB.  Godfrey singles, McManus scores tie-breaker. Porter fielder’s choice, forces Godfrey.  Warwick singles, Porter to 3rd. Casey fielder’s choice, Porter out 6-5-2. Bowering 1-3.
Bottom 8th: Amber Freeman on 2nd, ITB. Ziegemhirt in to run. Thom flies to center. Martinez singles, runners at the corners.  Moultrie grounds to short.  Chavanne flies to short. The USA had out hit the Aussies 11-7.
Australia wins, 2-1.
The USA is eliminated from a tournament in which they were expected to contend with Japan for the championship.

With the lose, the Americans take third place in the Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship and Australia moves on to play Japan in the finals later in the evening on Monday. Team USA will return home for a brief break before traveling to Puerto Rico in early August for an International Softball Federation (ISF) World Championship/Pan American Games qualifying tournament.

Japan vs Australia (late)

Japan 2, Australia o (8)
Japan scored 2 runs top 8th to win Gold medal for second straight year.
WP Yukiko Ueno  LP Kaia Parnaby.  Ueno held Australia to 2 hits, striking out 10.
Top 8th: Okubo on 2nd, ITB. Kuniyoshi sacrificed.  Nagayoshi reaches on error by Porter  at 3rd, Okubo scores.  Ono sacrifices. Ichiguchi singles; advances to 2nd on overthrow, on yo 3rd on wild throw, Nagayoshi scores.  Kawano hits back to the pitcher.




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