7-23-10 KFC World Cup Day Two


July 23 2010, Hall of Fame, OKC

A Full Slate of Games

3pm     Canada vs USA Futures

7pm     USA vs Japan

9pm     Canada vs Japan

CANADA VS USA FUTURES (non-televised)

Jenna Caira vs Angela Tincher


WP Angela Tincher.  LP Danielle Lawrie in relief of Jenna Caira


Canada 1st: Matthews and Lever struck out, Tincher hurling mid-60s. Yee grounded out.

USA 1stLastrapes walked; Reid fanned, Langenfeld ground to 2nd, double play by Yee.

Canada 2ndLawrick opened with a single to right, and was sacrificed to 2nd by Salling.  Rafter whiffed, but Cumpstone doubled to left rbi. Russell fanned.

USA 2ndArioto led with a single to right.  Leles fanned.  Johnson hit to short, fielder’s choice, eliminating Arioto.  Purcell-Fitu grounded to 1st.

Canada 3rd:  Hayward went down, Matthews flied to right, Lever fanned a second time.

USA 3rdBoyd singled, Schutzler beat out a single to 3rd; Lastrapes popped to short; Reid fnnned again.   Langenfeld looked at a third srike.

Canada 4thYee, the former  slugger for Georgia Tech, grounded to Boyd at 2nd.  Lawrick singled to center.  Salling, star shortstop for the Washington Huskies, popped to Arioto at 1st.  Rafter drove a pitch into left, but Lawrick was out at home on a throw from Lastrapes in left field.

USA 4thArioto walked.  Leles walked on a 3-2 count.  Johnson at-bat, the runners advanced on a wild pitch; Johnson singled to right, rbi, tie score 1-1. Leles to 3rd.  Purcell-Fitu fanned on a high rise.  Boyd slashed her second single, an rbi hit to left, USA led 2-1..  Boyd was out, leaving early.  Schutzler popped to 3rd.

Canada 5thCumpstone flied out to Johnson at short, but Russell singled to center.  Pinch hitter Lye flied out to a diving Lastrapes; on her knees, she threw to Johnson who fired to 1st for the second USA double play.

USA 5thLastrapes lined to 3rd.  Reid lined out.  Langenfeld again looked at a third strike.

Canada 6th:  Matthews flied out to right but Lever beat out a grounder to 3rd.  Yee went down.  Lawrick singled, Lever scoring the tying run, Lawrick taking 2nd.  Salling jacked a 2-run home run over the fence in right, Canada 4-2.  Rafter popped  to the catcher.

USA 6thLawrie, the two-time USA most valuable collegian, relieved Caira – and hit Pac-10 opponent Arioto with her first pitch.  Leles, another Pac-10 opponent, doubled to the wall in right center.  Chavanne in to run.  With runners at the Corners, Chavanne stole 2nd, Johnson launched a rocket just outside the left field foul pole; then, on a 3-2 count, looked at a third strike, low and away.  Purcell-Fitu singled to center, two rbi, tie score.  Boyd, 2-2 this game, grounded to Lawrie, who tried a backhand throw to 1st, which went wide, and the Purcell-Fitu scored the go-ahead USA run.  Schutzler beat out an infield hit.  Lastrapes ground out to 1st.  Lawrie appeared to be hurt and was escorted off the field by team-mates.  Ashley Lanz relieved. Pinch hitter Iwata  struck out.

Canada 7thJordan Taylor relieved Tincher.  Cumpstone grounded to 1st.  Taylor alternated between a 65 mph breaking ball and her trademark 58 mph changeup.  Russell doubled to left.  Lye at bat, Russell went to 3rd on a passed ball; Lye grounded to 3rd, the runner holding.  Matthews flied out to right, the Futures win 5-4.

Game Notes:

Tincher said it helped her today having faced Canada three times last week in Canada, where the Futures split 3-3.  Her strategy today was to come out strong, be more deliberate in choosing pitches.  Tincher said the Futures team is coming together, “getting better every day.”  She said it was very exciting to be here and be part of the World Cup.

Boyd, who had a super day at bat, said she had seen Lawrie before and knew she had a “very great drop” and “dirty” changeup – which Boyd hit.  She too thinks the Futures team is starting to jell, as they get more playing time together.  Looking ahead to the game tomorrow against Team USA, she echoed Tincher: don’t give them extra outs.

Coach Caryl Drohan said this was “a terrific win.”  We got some key plays – especially the two double plays – and people stepped up to extend the rally.  In particular, she praised Tincher and Taylor, and catcher Purcell-Fitz.  She has had just three days catching our pitcher, and Tincher and Taylor put a lot of movement on the ball.  And, Drohan added, she got the clutch hit to drive in two runs, tying the game.  Drohan says communication has improved, she wants to see more intensity against Team USA.

(V) USA 5,  (H) JAPAN 0

WP Jennie Finch  LP Sayuri Yanane

After an uneventful first inning for both teams, the USA found the range. 

USA 2nd: Consecutive singles by Cochran, Finch and Duran loaded the basesl.  Haber hit a fielder’s choice to short, but Cochran wiped out the catcher, the ball flew away, and pinch runner Bramlett also scored.  Charters walked, reloading the bases.  Williams flied out to center.  Watley lined to 1st.  Lowe lined out to left.  USA 2-0.

Japan 2ndMabuchi out 4-3 on a nifty backhand toss by Charters.  Sakamoto walked but Finch struck out Oyanagi andTanigawa (looking).

USA 3rdMendoza fouled out to 3rd.  Cochran hit her second home run in two games, a jack to right center.  Finch skied out high to left.  Duran flied out to right.  3-0 USA.

Japan 3rdMatsumoto flied to right.  Mizoe was oujt 6-3; Watley dashed over in front of 2nd and threw her out on the fly.  Kawano looked at a third strike.

USA 4thHaber, who was the leading hitter at the XII World Championship, walked.  Bramlett pinch runner.  Charters forced Bramlett at 2nd.  Williams, with the speedy Japanese playing well up against lefty slappers, flied out to 2nd.  Watley flied deep to center.

Japan 4thKarino and Yamada fanned, Finch throwing in the high 60s.  Mabuchi ground out to Watley at short.

USA 5thLowe hit back to the pitcher.  Mendoza ground out to 1st.  Cochran belted a high rocket to deep center for the third out.

Japan 5thFinch lost her no-hit bid.  With two out, Tanigawa ripped a single off Duran’s glove at 3rd.  Matsumoto forced her at 2nd.

USA 6thFinch ripped a single up the middle on a 3-2 count.  Duran hit back to the pitcher whose throw to 1st pulled the fielder off the bag, two on.  Pinch hitter Galindo flied to left.  Charters worked a 3-count then walked to load the bases.  Williams, a formidable hitter at Northwestern, flied to left.  Watley singled sharply to left center, driving in two runs, 5-0 USA.  Lowe ground to short.

Japan 6thMizoe flied out to short, nifty back to the play catch by Watley, who then booted a grounder by Kawano.  Pinch hitter Nagayoshi ground to Duran who threw to 2nd for the force.  Yamada flied out to center.

USA 7thMendoza doubled to left center.  Cochran fanned.  Finch flied deep to left.  Pinch hitter Hansen ground out to 2nd.

Japan 7thMabuchi singled; Sakamoto singled.  Oyanagi bunted for a single, the ball just out of Finch’s reach.  Bases loaded, no outs.  Tanigawa struck out.  Matsumoto flied out to right, the throw from Cochran nailed Mabuchi at the plate, on a good move by Lappin.  Game over.  USA 5-0.

 Game Notes:
USA scored 5 runs on 8 hits, and had one error.  Japan was shut out, but had three hits and made one error.  Finch struck out 7.

Asked if she had changed her preferred “out pitch” since Arizona, Finch said she has five pitches she considers out pitches, and selects them according to what’s working, the game situation, how she feels.  Tonight, as catcher Lauren lappin confirmed, Finch threw a lot of drop pitches.  She credited “unbelievable defense” for the win, noting that Japan is quick on offense and defense, and always tough to play.  “Lauren Lappin did a great job behind the plate,” praise echoed by Coach Jay Miller, who noted several key plays, none more so than the rifle shot from Cochran to Lappin which ended the game.

Asked if she had taken a “bit” off on the three singles, Finch said she never takes anything off; she throws as hard as she can with as much movement as possible, but conceded one hit came off a changeup.  Asked more about her impending retirement, Finch said she will miss playing softball — I love having the ball in my hands.  She talked again about winding up her playing career with the Bandits, and focusing on her camps. 

Mendoza talked about the contrast between the national team and NPF, commenting that NPF currently has some of the best players in the world, who would also excel playing in this World Cup.  But, on the national team you are playing for your country, which is a special feeling.

Lappin said she “loved catching Jennie” with whom she has worked out signals.  Lappin said she set up for Cochran’s throw so that she would know where the runner was attempting to tag; the runner shot by and Lappin said she just reached back and tagged her.

CANADA VS JAPAN (not televised)

Jenna Caira vs Makiko Fujiwara

Japan 1, Canada 0 (8)

The crowd of 4,441 who watched the USA defeat Japan quickly diminished to a couple of hundred spectators observing a somewhat lack-luster game in which neither side could muster a sustained offense.

After four innings, Canada had 5 hits and an error; Japan had 2 hits and an error.  Bottom 4th, Japan had a runner on 3rd no outs and could not bring her across.  Bottom 5th, runners at the corners, two out, Yamada struck out.  Top 6th Cumpstone walked; stranded.  Bottom 6th: one on, one out, Mine looked at a third strike, pinch hitter Nagayoshi ground out 4-3.

Top 7th, Canada had 6 hits, no runs.  Lye flied out to 2nd, Matthews and Lever fanned.  In the bottom, Matsumoto grounded to short, but Mizoe bunted for a hit.  Top of the lineup, Kawano grounded to short, Mizoe to 2nd.  Karino fanned.

Top 8th, Canada had runners at the corners, could not score.  Bottom: with ITB runner on 2nd, Mabuchi fanned, but Sakamoto singled to center, driving in the winning run.

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