7-24-2011 World Cup Sunday


July 24 2011 Hall of Fame OKC



Japan 13, Great Britain 6 (6)

Japan 9, Czech Republic 0 (5)

USA 10, Great Britain  0 (4)

Australia 8, Canada 3


Japan vs Great Britain

Top 1st:  Two on, two out, Leah English doubled in 2 runs, ground-rule double, Thompson and Cooper scoring. Legendre singled; both were stranded.

Bottom 1st:  Watanabe singled in a run; two on, Kageyama jacked a 3-run homer. 4-2.

Bottom 2nd:  One out, Ohasi doubled and scored on Yamada’s single to left.  Okubo singled to right, Ohasi scored. Watanabe singled to left, Yamada scored.  Bases loaded, Yamamoto hit into a fielder’s choice, Okubo out at home.  Hayashi grounded to 3rd. 6-2.

Top 3rd: Cooper led with a single to left.  Legendre walked.   English singled to left, loading the bases, no outs.  Morgan Parkerson hit into a fielder’s choice, out at 2nd, a third British run scored.  Ali Parkerson  hit into a 6-4-3 double play.  6-3.

Bottom 3rd: Kageyama opened with a single to left; Nagayoshi beat out an infield hit.  Mizoe ground to short.  Oashi at bat, a run-down eliminated Kageyama.  Yamada  doubled to left, driving in2 runs, 8-3.  Okubo flied to right.

Top 4th: One out, Yoshizawa  and Thompson hit consecutive singles to right.  Townsend flied to left; Cooper popped to 1st.

Bottom 4th:  Townsend in to pitch for GB.  One out, Yamamoto singled.  Hayashi walked.  Kageyama fielder’s choice.  Nagayoshi singled in 2 runs, 10-3.  Mizoe struck out.

Top 5th:  Great Britain needs at least one run to prevent a run-rule defeat.  Leading off, Legendre, who played college ball for Oklahoma, popped to 3rd.  Britain got its run when Leah English jacked a pitch over the fence in left center.  10-4.  Britain now had 9 hits to Japan’s 11, but trailed by six runs.  Morgan Parkerson lined to short.  Ali Parkerson singled up the middle.  Naomi Jones hit the first pitch for a single into right.  Runners at the corners, two out.  Yoshizawa singled a line-hugger to the right, rbi.  10-5.  Britain now had 12 hits.  Thompson hit into a fielder’s choice.

Bottom 5th:  Ohasi ground out.  Yamada singled to right center.  Pinch-hitter Suzuki struck out.  Watanabe lined to short.

Top 6th:  Townsend socked a high homer inside the left field foul pole, 10-6.  Cooper flied to center.  Legendre grounded to 1st.  English walked.  Morgan Parkerson  flied to right.  Britain now had 13 hits, Japan 11.

Bottom 6th:  Hare pitching for GB.  Yamamoto hammered a home run, 11-6.  Hayashi singled to left.  Kageyama singled to left.  Nagayoshi hit into a fielder’s choice, 6-5.  Mizoe flied to left.  Ohahsi was safe on a bunt, bases loaded.  Yamada walked, rbi, 12-6. Okubo at bat, Nagayoshi scored on a wild pitch.  13-6, run-rule.

Japan 9, Czech 0 (5)

Bottom 1st:  Yamada opened with a double.  Nagayoshi reached on error at 3rd.  Yamada scored on catcher error.  Furuta walked.  Yamamoto hit into fielder’s choice.  Watanabe doubled in two runs.  Hayashi flied out.  Iwabuchi doubled, rbi.  4-0.

Bottom 3rd: Yamamoto singled.  Watanabe grounded to short.  Hayashi doubled, rbi.  Iwabuchi rbi single.  After a pitching change, Suzuki reached on another Czech error.  Mazoe belted 2-run triple.  8-0.

Bottom 4th: Yamamoto tripled, scored with one out on Hayashi sac fly, 9-0.  Iwabuchi reached on error at 3rd, was out stealing.

Top 5th:  with the run-rule light flashing, Czech Nemravova hit a 2-out single, but Lemberkova made the third out.  End of game.  Japan had 9 hits, Czech Republic 3.

Wining pitcher Mike Someya.  Japan is now 4-1, USA and Canada 3-1, Australia 2-2.


Assuming the USA and Canada both win tonight, there will be a three-way tie with Japan for the championship round — each team at 4-1.

On the current tie-breaking basis (points allowed in games among the three), the USA will be the #1 seed.  Either Canada or Japan will be the #2 seed.  Australia will be the #4 seed.  Great Britain will be the #5 seed, the Czech Republic #6.

On Monday, #1 will play #2 for the World Cup championship at 8pm.
The fifth place game will be played at 1pm
The third place game will be played at 4pm.



Unofficially, the temperature in the stands was 106 degrees, ehich held down attendance.

Top 1st:  Yoshizawa flied out; Thompson singled to center, Canion fanned Townsend and Cooper.

Bottom 1st:  Michelle Moultrie hit back to the pitcher, Townsend, 1-3.  Rhea Taylor also hit back to the pitcher.  Stacy May-Johnson rapped the first pitch into left, single.  Kaitlin Cochran flied out to left.

Top 2nd:  Legendre flied out to center.  Leah English, the hitting hero of the morning game with a double and homer, struck out.  Morgan Parkerson struck out, Canion’s fourth.

Bottom 2nd:  Valerie Arioto grounded to 3rd.  Brittany Schutte fanned on a rise ball.  Taylor Hoagland also struck out.

 Top 3rd:  Watkeys flied out to Gibson at 2nd.  Pearce flied out to 2nd.  Yoshizawa flied out.

Bottom 3rd:  Christi Orgeron smacked the first pitch toward the left field pole – foul.  Walk; Jessica Shults in to run.  Lauren Gibson slapped an infield single to short; the shortstop had broken for the bag.  Moultrie hit back to the circle, 1-3, the runners moved up.  Taylor popped to Townsend.  SMJ  flied high to Jones at 2nd.

 Top 4th:  Thompson singled; Townsend and Cooper struck out.  Legendre flied to left.

Bottom 4th: A 10-run assault began with Cochran drawing a walk.  Arioto singled.  Schuttte advanced the runners with a sacrifice.  Hoagland was hbp.  Orgeron doubled in three runs.  Jenae Leles, hitting for Gibson, walked.  Moultrie reached on an error at 2nd, a run scoring.  Taylor singled, loading the bases.  May-Johnson jacked a grand slam.  Cochran struck out.  Arioto homered.  9-0. Schutte homered 10-0.. 

End of game, by run-rule. 

Whitney Canion yielded 2 hits, striking out 6.

USA must await the conclusion of the next game – Canada vs Australia – to determine which team it plays Monday night for the championship – Canada or Japan.

Note: this 10-0 victory was not the biggest margin of victory for thr USA in World Cup competition.  In 2009 World Cup, the USA defeated Italy 12-0, and Canada 14-0.  In World Cup II, in 2006, the USA defeated Great Britain 14-0, China 14-0, Japan 11-0.


There is added incentive for Canada: win, and play the USAMonday night for the 2011 World Cup championship.  Lose, and Japan plays for the championship, and Canada will meet Australia again for third place.

Karina Cannon pitching for Austraia; Sarah Phillips for Canada.

Top 1st: Warwick struck out.  Cox ground to short.  Bowering flied to center.

Bottom 1st:  Matthews and Hayward singled, advancing on Yee’s sacrifice.  Rafter grounded to 3rd.  Haberl singled to center, Matthews scored.  Lye flied out to right.

Top 2nd:  Stevenson popped to the infield.  Forkin singled.  Wall popped up.  Sorenson grounded out to 1st.

Bottom 2nd:  Timpf  singled to right, stole 2nd.  Baird sacrufuced,  Timpf scored on a sac fly by Lopez.  Matthews popped to the catcher; great catch by Sorenson, diving back for the ball.  2-0 Canada.

Top 3rd:  Long-Droppert hit back to the pitcher.  McManus singled up the middle.  Top of the order, Warwick bunted, out 5-3 on the sacrifice.  Cox singled in McManus, 2-1.  Cox stole 2nd, advanced to throw on a throw by catcher Rafter which eluded the fielder (error).  Bowering fouled out to Timpf at 3rd.

Bottom 3rd:  Hayward grounded to short; great play by Forkin.  Yee walked.  Rafter singled deep to short.  Haberl forced Rafter.  Runners at the corners, Lye singled past 3rd, Yee scoring.  3-1. Timpf  grounded to 3rd for the force.

Top 4th:  Stevenson singled up the middle on the first pitch.  Forkin singled to center.  Wall grounded to the pitcher, but the low throw to 1st was mishandled, error, and Stevenson scored.  3-2. Sorensen singled off Timpf’s glove at 3rd, and Forkin scored the tying run.  Long-Droppert laid down a sac bunt.  McManus hit a sac fly to right, driving in Wall with the tie-breaking run.  Warwick grounded out.  Australia 4-3.

Bottom 4th:   McCallum now pitching for Australia.  Baird looked at a third strike.  Lopez flied to right.  Matthews out 4-3.

Top 5th:  Leading off for Australia, Cox out 4-3.  Bowering flied deep to right.  White, hitting for Stevenson, singled to left.  Forkin singled to left, the eighth Aussie hit, which drove Phillips from the circle. Cater pitching. Wall singled in 2 runs, 6-3.

Bottom 5th:  Canada down in order: Hayward, Yee, Rafter.

Top 6th:  Warwick singled, but was stranded.

Bottom 6th:  Lye singled with one out, and was stranded.

Top 7th:  Bowering singled.  White grounded out to 3rd.  Forkin, with three hits in the game, walked.  Wall doubled to center, 2 rbi, four rbi for the game.  Sorensen flied deep to center. Long-Froppert ground out.  Australia, with 12 hits to 7, led 8-3.

Bottom 7th:  Their berth in the championship game virtually out of reach, Canada sent Lopez to the plate; fly ball.  Matthews singled to center. Hayward  walked.  Yee worked a 3-2 count, walked. Bases loaded, one out, down five runs.  Australia changed pitchers, Aimee Murch relieving McCallum.  Rafter flied out to right.  Haberl hit into a force ay 2nd, ending the game.

Japan will now advance to the championship game Monday night against the USA.

Canada and Australia will meet again in the third place game.


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