7-25-10 KFC World Cup Day Four


July 25 2010 Hall of Fame Stadium OKC


The Sunday Schedule

Noon   Japan vs USA Futures

4pm     Team USA vs Canada

7pm     Team USA vs USA Futures

9pm     Japan vs Canada


WP Blaire Luna vs LP Mika Somaya
This game marked the World Cup debut of Luna, the Texas freshman flash.

USA 1stChavanne singled to left.  Boyd was safe on a fielder’s choice.  Arioto ground to short, forcing Chavanne at 3rd.  Wright lined into a double play.

Japan 1stKawano singled; Karino popped to 1st; super catch by Arioto; Yamada flied to center; Mabuchi flied to left.

USA 2nd: Leles fanned.  Johnson ground to short.  Purcell-Fitu fanned.

Japan 2ndWith one out, Oyanagi doubled to center.  Tanigawa out 5-3. Matsumoto flied out to center.

USA 3rdReid popped to 3rd.  Lastrapes doubled to left.  Chavanne walked; again, the USA has two on.  Boyd ground to 1st.  Arioto lined out.

Japan 3rdMizoe singled. Kawano ground to 3rd.  Karino hit into double play.

USA 4thWright, Leles and Johnson down in order.

Japan 4thYamada singled to left.  With one out, Sakamoto and Oyanagi both flied out to shortstop Johnson.

USA 5thPurcell-Fitu down 1-3.  Reid ground out.  Lastrapes racked her second hit, a single up the middle.  Chavanne at bat, Lastrapes was out stealing 2nd.

Japan 5thTanigawa’s hard grounder was snared backhand by Boyd at 2nd, her throw to 1st beat the runner.   Matsumoto’s dying liner was snagged in center by Reid, diving to her knees.  Mizoe’s comebacker was fielded  by Luna, who threw wide to 1st, the first error by the Futures.  Mizoe stole 2nd.  Kawano, the leadoff hitter, ground to 2nd, another good play by Boyd.

USA 6th: Chavanne, second on Futures at 429,  recorded her second single. Boyd, the rising Sun Devil junior, singled past short.  Arioto sac bunt to 3rd advanced the runners.  Wright, hitting .500 in the tournament with 4 rbi, flied to short left.  Leles walked, loading the bases.  Johnson, a .300 hitter at KFC, was lifted in favor of Iwata who ground to 3rd but the 1st baseplayer could not make the catch, and Chavanne  and Boyd scored.  Purcell-Fitu, the BYU rising senior, ground out to 3rd.  USA 2-0.

Japan 6thKawano singled, her first hit of the CupYamada ground to Johnson at short, forcing Kawano at 2nd.  Mabuchi flied out to shortstop Johnson. Sakamoto, the leading Japanese hitter at .375, walked.  Oyanagi grounded to short.

USA 7thPinch-hitter Lauren Schutzler, the rising Arizona senior, went down.  Her Wildcat teammate, Lastrapes, hit off the pitcher’s glove, the 6th hit for USA and third for Lastrapes, batting in the ninth spot.  Chavanne beat out an infield hit.  Boyd, a .300 hitter, outran a slow roller to 2nd; bases loaded.  Arioto, the rising Cal senior, flied to left.  Wright, a Washington Huskies sophomore who blasted a big home run last night off Canada, looked at a third strike.

Japan 7thTanigawa reached on Johnson’s fielding error at short.  Matsumoto laced a single past short.  The tying runs were on base, no out.  Jordan Taylor relieved Luna.  Mizoe grounded to 3rd, excellent running play by Leles.  Kawano out on a grounder to short.  Karino, hitless in the Cup, was safe on a single to short, Tanigawa scoring.  The Japanese speed was impressive. Yamada, with runners at the corners,  ground to 2nd but Karino ran into Boyd, and the game ended on the interference call.

Game notes-

Would the Futures have fared better if their injured creshmen were able to play: Arizona’s ace pitcher Kenzie Fowler and Texas A&M’a slugger Meagan May.

Why didn’t the Futures relieved Nelson in the 7th Saturday night before the game with Canada turned a seeming victory into defeat?  Statistically, Japan was a much weaker hitting team than the Futures.



LP Eileen Canney vs  WP Jenna Caira (a rain delay pushed the start to 4:41pm; another delay after 6pm pushed the game to a 9pm restart.))

Canada 1stMatthews struck out.  Lever flied out to Watley at short.  Yee flied out to Mendoza in left field.

USA 1stWatley whiffed.  The speedy Lowe beat out an infield single to short.    Mendoza struck out.  Cochran, who has 3 home runs, at-bat – Lowe stole 2nd – flied out deep to the right field fence.

Canada 2ndCanney, hitting 65-68 mph, struck out the side: Lawrick, Salling, Rafter.

USA 2nd:  Finch grounded to 3rd.  Duran drew the game’s first walk, then stole 2nd.  Haber hit back to Caira. Charters nailed her first hit of the tournament, a run-scoring single to right center.  Lappin lined out to Yee.  USA 1-0.

Canada 3rdCumpstone singled to left, Canada’s first hit.  Ebert sacrificed. Lye walked.  Matthews, hitting .231, lashed a double to the wall in center, driving in two runs – and suddenly the undefeated USA was trailing.  Lever doubled to left center, rbi.  Yee, who led US collegians in home runs while starring at Georgia Tech, swatted a solo homer.  Coach Miller went to the mound but Canney stayed in.while Finch left 1st to warm-up.  Lawrick walked.  Finch, who holds the Cup record for wins, relieved.  Finch walked Salling.  Rafter whiffed.  Cumpstone grounded to short for a force at 2nd.  Canada 5-1.

USA 3rdWatley grounded to short, Lowe grounded to 3rd, but Mendoza walked.  Cochran lobbed a soft hit to Ebert at 3rd – who is having a very good game.

Canada 4thThe contrast between the way Canada is playing this game and the way they played a late night game against Japan is striking – today the Canadians are just as aggressive and fine-tuned as they were listless in that earlier game.  Ebert ground out to short, sparkling Watley to Cochran at 1st.  Lye hit a soft liner which Cochran backhanded.  Matthews, whose 2-run double put Canney’s game on a downhill slope, struck out but advanced on a passed ball.  Lever flied out to Cochran at 1st.

USA 4thFinch took a called third strike.  Duran grounded out 5-3.  Haber flied deep to the center field fence.

Canada 5thYee drew a walk.  Lawrick drew a walk – just as the crowd headed for the exits after lightning crashed over the field.  Salling was out 5-3 on sharp play by Duran.

Rain Delay at 620pm. Play resumed at 9pmRafter struck out, Finch hitting 68mph. Cumpstone grounded to Watley at short, who quickly tagged Lawrick.

USA 5thCharters beat out a single to 3rd.  Lappin struck out; Caira was alternating 38-55-67.  Watley forced Charters at 2nd.  Lowe hit to short.

Canada 6thEbert fanned.  Lye ground out.  Matthews out 1-3.

USA 6thMendoza turned on the burners and beat a bunt single to 1st.  Cochran popped to short.  Finch looked at a third strike for the second time.  Duran was caught looking.

Canada 7thLever fouled out to Mendoza in left.  Yee’s long ball was caught at the fence by Lowe.  Lawrick drew her third walk.  Salling took a called third strike.

USA 7th:  Team USA now has one last at-bat to keep its World Cup record perfect.  Haber, hitting just .250 after her torrid performance in Caracas, hit back to Caira.  Charters beat out a slow grounder to 3rd.  Pinch hitter Bramlett ground out.  Watley dropped an unplayable hit in front of Caira.  Lowe slapped an rbi single to left. Charters scoring, 5-2.  Caira resumed for Canada, relieving Lawrie. Mendoza was given an intentional pass, loading the bases.  Cochran is leading USA hitters with three home runs; Cochran smashed a shot down the right field line, but after two runners were homeward bound, the umpire ruled the ball had hit Mendoza’s foot, automatic out, and end of a game which had suddenly become a contest.

 Game Notes:

Because of the rain/lightning delay, tonight’s game between Team USA and USA Futures has been postponed until noon Monday.

Coach Miller said he thought Cochran’s single was a clean hit; the ball had passed the 1st baseman and,while the ball hit Mendoza’s heel, that is not an automatic out if the 2nd baseman had a play on the ball.  Miller said the coaches discussed a number of points in the game where the team could improve; he was disappointed that they didn’t move runners when they had opportunities in the 5th and 6th.  The rain delay didn’t affect the team, Miller said, noting that Finch “came out firing.”  Miller said he could have relieved Canney earlier, but, not knowing there would be a rain delay, the USA had another game to play tonight and he wanted to use Finch in that game, saving Abbott for Monday.  Miller said the USA should not have let the bottom of the Canada order build momentum in the 3rd with a single and walk, which set the stage for Matthews’ 2-run double.

 Mendoza knew the ball had hit her heel but she didn’t believe it was an out.  Reviewing the game with reporters, Mendoza said they had one bad inning (5 runs) and the game got away from them.  “That’s the way it happens sometimes,” Mendoza said, “and it’s good every now and then to have the kind of game where everything doesn’t go your way.”  She thought it important that the team came back optimistic in the 7th.

 Asked what was different in this game, than her previous outing when she notched 14 Ks, Canney said it was a combination of things.  Before Canada launched its big inning, Canney had struck out the side.  But, like Miller, she said they built momentum with their 7 and 9 batters, and things moved faster (with the top of the order).  But, she felt strong and thought she had her stuff.  Philosophical in defeat, Canney said players have to learn from such defeats, and learn more from losses than wins.   She said there was real optimism in the USA dugout that they would come back in the 7th.  Finally, Canney said she wants to play Canada again.

 Canney had 4Ks and yielded 4 hits in 2.1 innings, and was charged with five runs.  Finch pitched 4.2 innings of no-hit ball, with 5 Ks.  Caira gave p 3 hits, Lawrie gave up 5; each was charged with a run.


 As this game begins late Sunday, the USA has clinched one of the berths in tomorrow’s 8pm championship game.  Three teams have identical 2-3 records – Canada, Japan and USA Futures.  The winner of this game will improve to 3-3, but, if the Futures team were to defeat Team USA, Futures would also have a record of 3-3.

 With Japan leading 4-0 after six innings, Japan would be the odds-on favorite to meet the USA for the championship.  Japan outhit the Canadians 8-3; the Canadians, in sharp contrast to their earlier defeat of Team USA, committed five errors.

 Makiko Fujiwara pitched for Japan.  Tina Andreana started for Canada, and was relieved by Ashley Lanz. 

 About 50 people remained in the stadium for this contest which ended after midnight.

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