7-26-10 KFC World Cup Day 5


July 26 2010, Hall of Fame Stadium


Noon   Team USA vs USA Futures

4pm     #3 vas #4

8pm     Championship #1 vs #2
Team USA has clinched the #1 berth



WP Jennie Finch vs LP Angela Tinche
Each has a 1-0 record.


Futures 1st: Alternating her pitches between 50mph and 68mph, Finch struck out, Chavanne, Boyd but Langenfeld walked.  Leles, like Finch, one of five Arizona Wildcats in the game, whiffed on a 66mph offering.

USA 1stWatley put out at 1st.  Bramlett flied out to left.  Mendoza skied high to left.

Futures 2ndWright struck out.  Johnson worked a 3-2 count, fouled out to Galindo at 3rd.  Williams, the rising Huskies junior, flied out to Watley at short.

USA 2ndCochran squared to bunt, flied to right.  Finch, hitting .333 in the Cup, lined out hard to Schutzler in center.  Haber singled up the middle, first hit of the game. Haber stole 2nd.  Galindo  laced an rbi double to right center, Haber scoring.  Hansen lined out to Lastrspes in left.  USA 1-0.

Futures 3rdSchutzler whiffed.  Lastrapes hit a sinking liner to center which Haber caught diving.  Chavanne fanned on a 65mph pitch, Finch’s 6th.

USA 3rd:  Williams ground out to Boyd at 2nd.  At 3-2, Watley dropped a bloop single in front of 2nd. Bramlett forced Watley.  Bramlett stole 2nd.  Mendoza jacked a 2-run homer to left center.  Cochran flied out to center.  USA 3-0.

Futures 4th: Boyd  popped high to Finch.  Langenfeld, thre WCWS MVP, took a third strike.  Leles ground to 3rd.

USA 4thFinch took a third strike, the first K for Tincher.  Haber popped to the catcher.  Galindo flied out to left.

Futures 5thWright nailed the first hit off Finch, a hard single to right.  Duran now at  1st, Wiliams at short.  Johnson laid down a perfect 1-3 sacrifice, moving the runner to 3rd. Nikki Williams looked at a third strike, the eighth for Finch.  Schutzler laid down a perfect three-foot bunt but quick USA reaction held the runner at 3rd.  Lastrapes looked at a 65mph drop.

USA 5thHansen flied out.  Tammy Williams flied to Boyd behind 2nd.  Duran, Bramlett and Mendoza loaded the bases for Cochran who struck out.

Futures 6thChavanne ground out to 2nd.  Pinch hitter Iwata out ran an infield hit to 2nd, despite a good stop by Hansen.  Langenfeld became #10 for Finch.  Leles stretched the K string to 11.

USA 6thFinch hit back to Tincher, so did Haber, as Tincher continues to impress defending her position (strong throws). Galindo ground out.

Futures 7th:  Quite possibly the last inning Jennie will pitch in this stadium.  Wright  flied out to left.  Johnson flied out to right.  Williams worked 3-2  then struck out.  Finch had hurled a 3-hit shutout, with 13 Ks.

Now, the Futures will play Canada at 4pm, and the USA will face Japan at 8pm in the Championhip game.

Game Notes

Finch has pitched and played so many games in Hall of Fame Stadium – college and national teams – so I asked which game stands out most in her memory – the 2001 Women’s College World Series, which she won for Arizona as a junior.  Jennie said she was holding back on some of her thoughts about this being the last game she might pitch here, since there will be a ceremony honoring her after the Championship game. She didn’t focus during the game on it being a last pitching opportunity; “I just concentrated on getting that last out.” More, she said “our job is not yet done; this team has one more game to play” which she hopes will showcase other players.

Coach Miller took the same approach to reportera’ questions: we have a game to play.

Tincher said she thought she got stronger as the game progressed.  “The national team is always tough; they’re the best in the world.  Jess is a great hitter, and I put too much of the ball over the plate.”

Consolation  Game


Jordan Taylor vs Danielle Lawrie
Futures players looked forward to this game; in their previous match, Canada won in the 7th 5-4 after Futures had led 4-0.

USA 1stA much revised lineup.  Chavanne, Lastrapes and Johnson went down in order.

Canada 1: Matthews opened with a single to center, but Leven, Yee, Lawrick and Salling could not bring home a score.

USA 2ndArioto struck out.  Langenfeld walked.  Schutzler slapped a single up the middle.  Leles fouled out to 3rd.  Runners advanced on passed ball.  Purcell-Fitu walked, loading the bases.  Boyd drew an rbi walk, Futures 1-0.  Chavanne  struck out, stranding three runners.

Canada 2ndRafter out.  Cumpstone fanned.  Russell ground out to Johnson at short.  Taylor’s mix was serving her well, especially her 54mph changeup.

USA 3rdLastrapes ground 4-3.  Johnson flied out to left.  Arioto fanned.

Canada 3rdLye struck out.  Matthews was hit by a 64mph screwball.  Lever couldn’t connect.  Yee hit into a snappy Boyd-Johnson 4-6 fielder’s choice.  Matthews scored on a passed ball, tying the game 1-1.  Lawrick popped to Boyd at 2nd.

USA 4thLangenfeld and Schutzler looked at  3rd strikes.  Leles slugged a double to the center field fence.  Purcell-Fitu popped to 1st.

Canada 4thSalling flied high and deep to Chavanne in right field.  Rafter struck out.  Cumpstone ground to short.

USA 5thBoyd ground to 2nd.  Chavanne popped to short.  Lastrapes singled up the middle.  On a count of 2-2 to Johnson, Lastrapes stole 2nd,  Johnson ground to 2nd.

Canada 5thRussell hit hard back to Taylor.  Lye bunted, out 5-3 on good throw by Leles.  Matthews ground to 2nd.

USA 6th:  Arrioto, who had struck out twice, led, with a prodigious home run to straight-away left field.  Langenfeld doubled to left center, the fifth USA hit.  Reid in to run.  Schutzler was put out at 1st.  Leles, who doubled last time, singled to left, rbi.  Canada pulled Lawrie, the 2009 and 2010 player of the year in the US while playing for the Washington Huskies, had pitched to half of the Futures lineup in Pac 10 games.  Now Jenna Caira relieved.  Purcell-Fitu greeted her with a single to right past Lawrick. Pinch hitter Iwata fanned.  Top of the order, Chavanne grouknd to short but Salling muffed the play, bases loaded.  Lastrapes lined out to Matthews in left.

Canada 6thThe come-back game of the weekend still a fresh memory, for both teams, Canada led with Lever, a .294 hitter in the Cup, who dropped a single over Leles at 3rd.  Hearts fluttered when Taylor fell to the ground, seemingly twisting an ankle, but the Michigan stalwart stood and resumed pitching.  Yee singled to right.  Lawrick sacrificed.  Runners at 2nd and 3rd, one out.  Salling, a .357 hitter, grounded to Boyd, but a run scored. With the tying run on 3rd, Rafter, hitting only .111 in the Cup — Passed ball, and the speedy Yee scored the tying run, 333. – Rafter struck out.

USA 7thJohnson’s grounder eluded Yee, the second Canadian error.  Arioto was walked.  Langenfeld, whose home runs propelled her to the MVP of this year’s College World Series, flied out to left.  Schutzler beat out an infield bunt, loading the bases.  Leles singled to center, driving in two runs.  Purcell-Fitu walked, reloading the bags.  Ashley Lanz relieved for Canada.  Boyd hit back to the pitcher, for a force at home.  Chavanne singled to left, rbi.  Lastrapes, the ninth batter of the inning, walked, rbi.  Back to Johnson, who started the run parsade.  Johnson singled to left, driving in two runs.  Arioto struck out.  USA 9-3 on 11 hits.

Canada 7thCumpstone ground out.  Russell fanned.  Lye stroked a dying liner to Johnson to end the game.

USA Futures end the tournament #3 with a 3-3 record, and  most satisfying win.


This game will mark the final appearance of Jennie Finch in a USA national team uniform, and her last game in Hall of Fame stadium.  A ceremony will be held after this game to celebrate Jennie’s years of excellence in behalf of the USA.  Her formal retirement from Softball comes after her final game with the Chicago Bandits in August at the NPF Championships.


Team USA 5, Japan 1

WP Monica Abbott vs LP Makiko Fujiwara

Japan 1stKawano 4-3.  Matsumoto singled.  Yamada forced her at 2nd.  Mabuchi fanned.

USA 1stWatley singled, advanced on Lowe’s sacrifice, scored on Mendoza’s deep single.  Cochran walked.  With the crowd roaring, Finch stepped to the plate, but looked at a third strike.  Two down, Duran also took a third strike.  USA 1-0.

Japan 2ndSakamoto hit to Duran at 3rd who gunned the long throw to Finch at 1st.  Oyanagi flied to Charters at 2nd.  Tanigawa struck out.

USA 2ndHaber hit back to the pitcher.  Charters singled to right.  Lappin at bat, Charters was caught stealing 2nd.  Lappin hbp.  Watley singled to center.  Lowe, who had some great moments in this stadium for Arizona, tripled down the right field line, driving in two runs, 3-0.  YomoYasufuku relieved Fujiwara.  Mendoza struck out.

Japan 3rdWith one out (Karino), Mizoe walked.  Kawano grounded into a 4-6 force.  Matsumoto singled up the middle, the speedy Kawano racing to 3rd.  Yamada singled to right, driving in Kawano.  Mabuchi struck out.

USA 3rdCochran took 1st on an illegal pitch.  Finch flied ro right.  Duran reached on an error at 1st, the ball rolling away, Cochran scoring. 4-1. Haber hit into a 6-4 fielder’s choice.  Charters struck out.

Japan 4thSakamoto was out 6-3, Watley racing behind 2nd and throwing to a stretching Finch; helps to have a 6’2” first baseman.  Oyanagi hit to Abbott.  Tanigawa ground out.

USA 4thLappin bunted, our 1-3.  Watley outran an infield hit to short.  Watley stole 2nd.  Lowe down 6-3; Matsumoto a very sure handed shortstop.  Mendoza out 6-3.

Japan 5thClocking 72 mph, Abbott struck out Karino and Mizoe, but Kawano slashed a double to center, the fourth Japan hit.  Matsumoto flied high to Charters at 2nd.

USA 5thCochran singled to center.  Finch hit two long fouls then ground into a fielder’s choice.  Bramlett in to run.  Duran lined out to left.  Haber flied out to center.

Japan 6thYamada hit back to Abbott.  Mabuchi struck out for the third time.  Sakamoto struck out.

USA 6thCharters singled to left.  Lappin laid down a sac bunt.  Watley,with Charters on 3rd (passed ball) hit a sac fly to left, 5-1.  Lowe out 4-3.

Japan 7thOyanagi was put out by Finch.  Tanigawa looked at a third strike.  The USA relieved Jennie Finch – to a standing ovation by the capacity crowd – Finch hugged Abbott and walked off – for the last time.  Karino flied out to Lowe, ending the game. 

 The celebration was truly joyous, both teams participating, the moment crowned with the presentation of the World Cup to Team USA.  A special presentation honoring Jennie Finch with video-taped messages from each of her team-mates followed — capped by the surprise appearance of husband Casey Daigle.

SPY took dozens of pictures during the tournament and  will post them Wednesday on Picasa.


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