7-26-2013 Premier 14U National Championship

Premier 14U National Championship
July 26 2013

The third annual Premier 14U national championship began Friday at SC Fullerton’s impressive facility with an estimated 1300 people in the stands.  The games are being broadcast live by ESPN.
The championship pits Team Mizuno Campbell against Batbusters 14U McNee.  This game, and the 16U championship which follows, also attracted local and national press.

Mirian Lopez started for Mizuno; lefty Kaitlin Buff for Batbusters.

Batbusters took a 2-0 lead in the 1st. Stancill and Berouty  rbi.  Mizuno had 2 on, bottom 2nd; Snyder singled; Pacheco hbp; Campbell fouled to 1st; Broussard  popped to short, ending the threat.  Top 3rd: Holcomb reached on an error at short,Weissenbach reached, the rally died.   Bottom 3rd: top of lineup, Howell fanned; Barrera fanned; Ato grounded to 2nd. End of three 2-0 Batbusters.

Top 4th: Batbusters down in order. Mizuno Snyder launched a double which Weissenbach couldn’t handle,  but Mulipola smacked a sinking liner which Holcomb caught on a diving catch. Pacheco popped to short.  Top 5th: one out, Holcomb, a very promising player, singled but was stranded.
Bottom 5th:  Campbell popped to short; Broussard smacked a double to left; Song out; Barrera singled, Broussard scored, 2-1. Alo flied deep to Weissenbach at the right field fence.

Stancil opened the 6th with a single up the middle. Berouty out, Burns out, Stancil to 3rd, Burns out. Bottom 6th: Taekelano reached on an error at 2nd; Snyder moved the runner; Mulipola lobbed a high fly to center, in and out of Holcomb’s glove, a double, rbi, tie score 2-2.  Pacheco popped to short; Campbell grounded out.

Top7th: Dixon out; Cruse fuled out to short; Holcomb doubled to left, just inside the chalk; Weissenbach down 4-3.  Bottom: Broussard walked; Haleigh Leusch relieved Buff.  Song sacrificed to 3rd; Barrera walked. Alo Broussard stole 3rd.Alo walked, one out, bases loaded. Taekelalo brought crowd to its feet with a high fly, foul, then struck out.  Snyder  walked, rbi, Broussard scored the winning run
(PS: Batbuster catcher Montana Dixon showed super blocking skills.)

Mizuno Campbell win the 2013 PGF 14U Championship.  Next, the 16s.



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