7-26-2013 Premier 16U National Championship

July 26 2013

Batbuster pitcher j McDonald.  Bandits Lizzie Seynour
All but one of the Batbuster 16s has already committed. About 1100 people came to the second game.

Top 1st; Melanson singled past 2nd.  Clough fanned; Rowland fielder’s choice, 5-4; Rochford hbp; Clark grounded to 3rd for a force. Bottom:  Arnold down 1-3; Mack fanned; Behan singled up the middle; Buddle popped to the catcher.

Top 2nd: Fry singled to left; Falo out; Evans flied to left; Wade singled up the middle, no play;  Melanson fanned.  Bottom: Cunningham walked; Seymour reached on an error at 2nd; Schiattman walked; Elish fanned.  Gagliano grounded hard to 3rd.

Top 3rd: Clough grounded to 3rd; good throw by Cunningham. Rowland grounded out. Rochford popped.  Bottom:   Arnold struck out. Mack reached on an error by the pitcher. Behan singled up the middle.  Mack out trying to steal 3rd.  Buddle grounded to 2nd.

Top 4th: Clark reached on error at short by Schlatman. Fry out.  Falo out 5-3.  Evans out.  Bottom: Cunningham walks.  Seymour  lashes a single down the left field line. Schiattman fanned. Elish singled to center, a high fly that Wade couldn’t handle, the run scored by Cunningham.  McGuire reached.   Arnold singled, bases loaded.  Mack reaches on infield hit to short, rbi.  Behan out 1-3.  Bandits 2-0.

Top 5th: Wade, Melanson. Out. Clough singled to left. Rowland grounded deep to shot.  Bottom:  Buddle out.  Cunningham reaches. Seymour fans. Schiattman lined out.

Top 6th: Elish pitching for Bandits with a 2-0 lead.  Clark reaches on infield hit to 2nd.  Fry beats out infield hit to short.  Falo flies to left. Evans grounds out, 1-3.  Bottom 6th: Gagliano on base.  Arnold reached on an error at 3rd.  Gagliano caught in a rundown between 3red and home. Mack made the third out.

Top 7th: Trailing 2-0, championship on the line, Wade struck out.  Melanson reached on an error at 2nd.  Clough out, 4-3.  Rowland  groundout to short.

Beverly Bandits win the Premier 16U national championship.

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