7-28-2012 ASA Gold Nationals Saturday

July 28 2012

AZ Desert Thunder Wins 2012 Gold Nationals


AZ Desert Thunder 2, So Cal Athletics 0
Thunder is enjoying its best year ever at thr Gold level, after years of Fowler success at younger ages.  The So Cal Athletics is literally a 16U team whose coach Mike Smith decided to play up.
Game was scoreless through 4 innings,  Bottom 5th, Desert Thunder had a 2-out surge.  Ziegler reached on an error at short; McKeever singled; Satterfield doubled in both runs.  The runs were scored off Nasland, who had relieved starter Rodriguez.  Wilson pitdhed for Arizona, wiining with a 3-hit effort, while Thunder racked 6 hits off the Athletics.  Desert Thunder now awaits the sorting out of the losers bracket.  The Athletics will meet the winner of Texas Glory Gold vs Texas Impact.



Texas Glory Gold def Atlanta Vipers Giles 4-3
Glory scores top 7th.  WP Kern.  LP Hughes

Texas Impact Gold def Oklahoma Athletics Gold 7-1
WP Marks  LP Rove

Texas Impact comes back to defeat Texas Glory 5-4
Starters Kern for Glory.  Garner for Impact.  A rarity in Gold; two Texas teams still competing this deep into the tournament.  The last Texas winner was Cat Osterman’s Katy Cruisers.
Top 1st: Brickley doubled; one out, Stephens tripled, rbi; Kern singled, rbi.  2-0 Glory.

Top 2nd: Van Winkle reached on error at short.  Stokes singled. One out, Brickley walked.  Ortiz singled, rbi.  Marks relieved Garner. 3-0 Glory.  Bottom 2nd:  Vidales doubled.  McConnell singled, stole 2nd. A run scored on errors by the 2nd baseman and catcher, but McConnell was put out 2-5.  3-1.

Bottom 4th:  Krpec  homered. 3-2.  Littlejohn relieved  Kern; Shireman walked but Littlejohn retired the next three batters, two on strikes.

Top 6th: Brickley jacks a two-out solo homer. St. Pierre singles, but is stranded.  Bottom 6th:  Boenker leads with a double.  Krpec, who is hitting.650 for the tournament, reaches on an error in left field, two runs score, tying the game at 4-all.  Shireman immediately breaks the tie with a homer, 5-4 Impact.

Top 7th:  Now Glory, which led for 5+ innings, is three outs away from either advancing, or going home.  Stephens hitting .666 for the tournament, goes down 3-4-3.  Kern grounds out.  Dozier flies out.

The Impact completes a comeback, and now faces So Cal Athletics for the right to challenge Desert Thunder in the chamionship later this afternoon.


This game is scheduled to start at 3pm, giving Impact about 20 minutes to rest before playing  its third game of the day, after finishing late on Friday Texas Impact comes back to defeat Texas Glory 5-4
Starters Kern for Glory.  Garner for Impact.  A rarity in Gold; two Texas teams still competing this deep into the tournament.  The last Texas winner was Cat Osterman’s Katy Cruisers.

Starters: SCA’s Costlow.  Impact Garner.

Top 1st: Zavala singles; Perez sacrifices,but reaches on error at 1st. Laufou singles, rbi.  McCasland singles. Romaine singles, rbi.  Laufou out 6-1-5.  Bottom 1st: Boenker singles, is stranded.

Top 2nd: Johnson reaches on error at 3rd.  Zavala singles.  Perez sacrifices. Laufou doubles in 2 runs.  McCasland walks.  Houthoofd relieves Garner.  Romaine sacrifices. Stucker walks, loading the bases.  Johnson flies out to left.  4-0 A’s.   Bottom 2nd:  Shireman leads with triple, pinch runner Herzog scores on Vidales single.  McConnell hits into fielder’s choice forcing Vidales.  Grotenhuis  hbp.  Two on, two out, Hawkins works a 3-2 count, hits to left.  McConnell scores on error.  Cranek lines to short.  4-2 A’s.

Top 3rd:  A’s down in order.  Bottom 3rd: Boenker doubles, scored on Krpec single.  Shireman forces Krpec. Piro hits into double play, 4-4-3.  A’s 4-3.

Top 4th:  One out, Laufou singles, her third hit of the game, but is forced by McCasland, who in turn is forced by Romaine.  Bottom 4th: Impact down in order,  A’s 4-3.

Top 5th: One out, Cavazos singles.  Two out, Cavazos steals 2nd, Johnson walks. Zavala forces Johnson.  Bottom 5th:  Rodriguez now pitching for the Athletics.  Impact down in order.

Top 6th: Marks, who won the morning game against Oklahoma A’s, returns to the circle.  Athletics down in order.  Bottom 6th: Impact down in order.

Top 7th: Two out, Cavazos singles.  Rodriguez singles, but Cavazos is out 9-5.  Bottom 7th:  Can Impact come back a second game?  Nasland now pitching for the Athletics. Vidales greets her with a triple.  McConnell grounds to 3rd.  Grotenhuis at bat with a 3-2 count, Vidales scores the tying run on a wild pitch.  Grotenhuis walks.  Hawkins popped to the catcher.  Cranek singles, steals 2nd.  Pinch runner Benavidez steals 3rd.   Then scores the winning run.

Another nail-biter for the Impact but they are now in the championship game.



TX Impact Gold 6, AZ Desert Thunder 0
Impact won its fourth game of the day, handing Thunder its first defeat and forcing a what-if game for the 2012 Gold championship.  Impact scored in five of six At-bats.
WP Marks.  LP McAdams
Bottom 1st: Boenker doubled scored on Krec single.
Bottom 2nd: Two out, McConnell singled,scored on error in left (Thunder made 3 errors), Spell reaches 1st, scores on Hawkins rbi.
Bottom 3rd: Cranek reaches on error at short; Boenker singles; Shireman one out rbi single.
Bottom 4th: Vidales doubled.  One out, Herzog walked.  Vidales scored on Hawkins groundout.
Bottom 6th: Piro reached on error in right field; scored on Vidales sac fly.



Desert Thunder takes the what-if game from Texas Impact.
WP Wilson.  LP Marks.

Thunder scored bottom 3rd.  Ziegler reached on an derror at 3rd.  MacKeever reached on an error by the pitcher.  Satterfield forced Ziegler. Taylor doubled in both runners.  Trailing 2-0, Boenker singled and scored for Impact, which left bases loaded.







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