7-29-2011 Friday Gold Nationals



By 11pm, two teams were undefeated – Team North Florida and Newtown Rock – who will meet Saturday at noon.

In the losers bracket:

Gold Coast Hurricanes will play OK Athletics at 8am, the winner to play Wichita Mustangs at 10am.

Texas Impact Gold will play Tampa Mustangs at 8am, the winner will play All American Sports Academy at 10am. 

Winners bracket Friday

Wichita Mustangs 4, Gold Coast Hurricanes 2

Tampa Mustangs 7, Diamond Girls 6

Team North Florida 4, So Cal Athletics Smith 3

US Athletics 8, FW Batbusters 3

Wichita Mustangs 2, Tampa Mustangs 1 (9)

Team North Florida 10, USA Athletics 0

Team North Florida 7, Wichita Mustangs 3

OK Athletics 10, Texas Glory 6

Newtown Rock 4m Texas Impact 0

Strike Force 3, Corona Angels 0

AA Sports Academy 4, Fury 3

Newtown Rock 3, OK Athletics 1

AA Sports 4, Strike Force 1

Newtown Rock 8, AA Sports 0

Losers Bracket Friday (losers eliminated unless first loss)

Atlanta Vipers Gold 7, Severna Park Hornets 3

Atlanta Vipers 5, Fury 3

AZ Storm 8, OC Elite 1

Corona Angels 3, AZ Storm 0

Corona Angels 7, Vipers 6*

Tampa Mustangs 6, Corona Angels 0

Easton Elite 5, Wagner’s 1

Texas Impact Gold 5, Easton Elite 0

Huntsville Sparks 6, TN: 4

Texas Glory 1, Sparks 0

Texas Impact 12, Texas Glory 0

Texas Impact 12, USA 0

IN Magic 9, OK Exclusive 5

FW Batbusters 3, IN Magic 1

Indy Dreams 4, Atlanta Vipers Berry 0

So Cal Athletics Smith 9, Indy Dreams 4

So Cal Athletics Smith 5, FW Batbusters 1

OK Athletics 6, So Cal Athletics Smith 3

Lady Gators 2, Stingrays 1

Lady Gators 5, Diamond Girls 3

Desert Thunder 3, American Pastime Grant 1

Gold Coast Hurricanes 9, Desert Thunder 5

Gold Coast Hurricanes 10, Lady Gators 2

Gold Coast Hurricanes 5, Strike Force 0

*Spy finished recording these scores at 1230 am, and will find time to publish Game Notes on the weekend.  One game in particular stood out:  Corona Angels defeated Atlanta Vipers Gold 7-6. The Vipers had a 6-4 lead, bottom 7th, two out, bases loaded; a high fly ball hit by pinch-hitter Urness sailed to the right fielder, who dropped it, a 3-4 run error.  The Vipers were no strangers to dramatic finishes; they trailed Severna Park Hornets 3-0 after six;  Vipers tied 3-3, then Siena Lawrence jacked a walk-off grand slam to snatch victory from the Hornets.



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