7-3-2013 Boulder Wednesday Game Notes

Boulder games notes Wednesday
July 3 2013
Spy apologizes for holding these reports until Thursday morning, and for the brevity of the notes.  Spy was ill during the evening and all night;  Spy suffers from a rare blood disease and doctors have warned about extreme heat, which enveloped Bould on Wednesday.

Batbusters Haning 7, OR NW Bullets 7
Kristen Cullin (Cal) pitched for BBH.  Katie Sutherland-Finch and Emily Sorem for the Bullets.  A 2-run homer put the Bullets up 2-0 in the 1st; Bridget Rafferty (UW) drove in Katherine Kramer (Pitt) for a 3-1 lead. Kelly Burdick (UW) jacked a grand slam for a 7-1 lead. Trailing 7-2, the Batbusters rallied for 5 runs to tie. Annie Aldrete (Tennessee) doubled in 2 runs;  bases-loaded sac fly brought in a run; bases-loaded walks led to a tie.
Absolute Blast 9, IL Sparks 2,
Scored tied 1-1 when Brooklyn Isaacs doubled in 2 runs.
Corona Angels 9, TX Sudden Impact 0
For this tournament, Marty Tyson deployed his committed players.  The Angels had a 3-0 lead when Amanda Umess (Nebraska) unloaded a 3-run homer.   Once again, we were impressed by Angels’ shortstop Kinsley Washington (2017).  Miranda Viramontes (Utah) pitched for the Angels.
NJ Intensity KOD 6, Firecrackers Snyder 1
Tori Finucaine (Missouri) and Jordan Weed (Boston College) pitched for Intensity; Rachel Cue South Dakota and Kira Griswold (Colgate).  Vittoria Lattanzo (Lehigh) and Lindsay Montamarano (Michigan)  scored in the 1st on a hit by Alyssa Vanderveer (Penn State), 2-0.  Although Intensity would score 4 more runs, it came away empty-handed with bases loaded in the 3rd.  The Firecrackers, not Tony Rico’s team), scored on Cue’s rbi in the 3rd.  They loaded the bases on Finucaine, who was inconsistent late in the game, but didn’t score.  Weed relieved.
Fresno Force 1, CO Stars 1
Force pitched Arizona Pilgrim (2015) vs Logan Losh (2014).  Both are quality pitchers and are being recruited.  Force scored on a home run by Caitlyn Emberson (2015).
Beverly Bandits 5, NJ Inferno 2.
The Bandits, one of the stronger teams, had just vanquished CA Cruisers 10-0; gave an immediate 2-0 lead to starter Megan Betsa (Michigan).  Anne Marie Gatti (2014) pitched for Inferno, who rallied late but felt short.
Finesse 7, Richmond Diamonds 1.
Outcome never in doubt; chance to visit before heand with long-time friend Walter Pettus whom Spy profiled in the most recent Spy update.  Finesse ponded American Athletics 12-1 in the final game of the night.

Spy wanted to watch So Cal A’s vs NJ Intensity but fell ill in a restaurant and did not see the 5-5 tie.  The SCA’s had just beaten a very good Birmingham Bolts team 5-4.


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