7-30-2011 Gold National Championship


July 30 2011

Team North Florida wins the 2011 ASA Gold national championship.

Newtown Rock was the winner of the winner’s bracket.  Team North Florida, which finished 2nd last year, topped the losers bracket.  T win the 2011 title, TNF will have to defeat Newtown Rock twice.

 The Finals

  1. Team North Florida
  2. Newtown Rock
  3. Texas Impact Gold

Tie 5th: Wichita Mustangs

               All American Sports Academy


Saturday Scores:

Gold Coast Hurricanes 4, OK Athletics 3

Texas Impact Gold 13, Tampa Mustangs 4

Texas Impact Gold 6, All American Sports Academy 5

Gold Coast Hurricanes 2, Wichita Mustabgs 1

Newtown Rock 5, Team North Florida 4

Texas Impact Gold 4, Gold Coast Hurricanes 3

Team North Florida 4, Texas Impact Gold 2


Team North Florida 5, Newtown Rock 2 (necessitates what-if game)

 Greiner, who has pitched every game for the Rock, pitched for Newtown.  Fales pitched for TNF.

 Top 1st– Lauren Gaskill led off with a walk, scored on McGoldrick’s single..  McKinney relieved Hales.

Top 2nd: Lauren Gaskill homered, 2-0.

Top 3rd:  Fagan beat out infield hit; stranded.  Only TNF hit.

Top 5th: A Gaskill walked.   L Gaskill flied out deep to center.  McGoldrick sacrificed.  Epler walked.  Carley Hoover relieved.  Kuhn flied deep to center.

Bottom 5th:  Rawls slashed a line drive at Greiner who caught it.  Schinella looked at a third strike.  Gajownik singled to left.  Dickey struck out. 

Top 6th:  Wambold led with a single up the middle.  Alden sacrificed.  DiPiazza grounded to short.  Wambold to 2nd.  Black hit to short.

Bottom 6th:  Fagan singled to left.  Carosone singled off Greiner’s leg.  Hartness singled to right, 2 runs scored, tying the game.  Carpenter singled to right.  Robinson, with two on, no outs, squeeze-bunted, rbi, out at 1st.  TNF had the lead 3-2.  Rawls grounded to short, scoring Carpenter, 4-2.  Schinella reached on an error by the secondbaseman. Gajownik singles, rbi.  Dickey flies to left.  5-2 TNF.

Top 7th:  Rentzel flies out to the pitcher.  L Gaskill walks.  McGoldrick grounds into a 6-lack

The What-If Championship Game

Hoover pitching for TNF; Wysocki for Newtown Rock

 Top 1st:  Fagan beat out a bunt.  Corasone singled.  Hartness out 5-3.  Carpenter singled, driving in 2 runs.  Robinson fanned. Rawls flied out to left.

Bottom 2nd:  Gaskill grounded to short.  McGoldrick flied to center.  Epler singled up the middle.  Kuhn walked.  Wambold doubled, driving in Epler.  Alden struck out.

 Top 2nd:  Schinella fanned.  Gajownik grounded to 3rd. Dickey out 4-3.

Bottom 2nd:  Sanabria walked.  Black at bat, Sanabria steals 2nd.  Black bunts, reaches on E5.  Boyer sacrifices.  Lauren Gaskill, top of the order, hits a fly ball deep to center, the relay to the catcher Robinson is high, but she outs Sanabria (in a very athletic move).

 Top 3rd: Fagan hits off the pitcher’s glove.  Corasone flies out deep to left.  Hartness singles past short.  Carpenter flies out deep to right.  Robinson walked, bases loaded.  Rawls hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Robinson.

Bottom 3rd:  McGoldrick grounded to short.  Epler out 4-3.  Kuhn flied out to center, another stellar play by the TNF defense. 

 Top 4th:  After three, TNF had 5 hits, Rock 2.  Schinella flied to right.  Gajownik beat out a grounder to short. Dickey out 1-3.  Fagan, who mostly bounces slaps, out 6-3.

Bottom 4th:  Wambold dropped a single into center.  Alden lofted a single over short.  Sanabria hit a fielder’s choice, Wambold out at 3rd.  Black fielder’s choice, all safe, bases loaded.  Boyer hits into a fielder’s choice,Alden out at home, 4-2.  Gaskill lined to short.

 Top 5th: Corasone lines out to left field.  Hartness singled past short.  Carpenter flied out to short.  Robinson lined a single into center.  Rawls singled to left, bases loaded. Schinella put out at 1st

Bottom 5th:  McGoldrick beat out a grounder to 2nd – and steals 2nd.  Epler strikes out.  Kuhn strikes out.  Wambold grounds to 3rd.

 Top 6th:  Gajownik out 4-3.  Engel flied out deep to right.  Fagan singled past 3rd.  Fagan steals 2nd.  Corasone fouls out to left.

Bottom 6th:  Alden opened with a single to center.  Sanabria popped to 2nd.  Black lined out to Fagan at short, who made a diving catch.  Boyer drew the first walk issued by Hoover.  Gaskill ground out.

 Top 7th:  Greiner in to pitch what may be her last inning for Newtown Rock, before she heads for South Florida.  Hartness ground to 3rd.  Carpenter doubled to right, enabled by her foot speed.  Robinson hit into a fielder’s cmhoice; the alert Rock fielders caught both in rundowns between 2nd and 3rd, and 2nd and 1st.

Bottom 7th:  Newtown Rock has trailed by just a run since the first inning; now, it has one last chance to close the gap and win the title.  The small crowd came to life. McGoldrick flied out to center.  Epler put out at 1st.  Kuhn grounded to 3rd.

Comment: A year later, Team North Florida had the Gold Championship which eluded them last year, when East Cobb Bullets won.  This game was decided by a single run, Team North Florida having an edge on both offense and defense.  TNF had 9 hits, Newtown 6.  Team North Florida came out of the loser’s bracket and forced a what-if game, a fitting end to a well-played tournament, which became a very competitive tournament in the late rounds of elimination.


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