7-30-2012 Premier 18U Pool Scores Monday


Only a portion of scores had been obtained by Spy at 2pm.  Spy will update.

Pool A Team North Florida 7, So Cal Pumas 1     Carley Hoover was her usual efficient self;  three Pumas pitchers couldn’t stop TNF PA Newtown Rock 0, Sorcerer Phil 4

Pool B MN Sting 3, WA Lake Breeze 1
GA Atlanta Vipers 7, Victory 0

Pool C NC Lady Lightning vs Texas Peppers 1-1
OC Batbusters 6, IL Southern Force 0

Pool D TCS Stars vs Sorcerer Blue
So Cal Athletics 0, FL Lady Gators 0     SCA pitchers Delanie Gourley and Madi Schreyer combined for the shutout; lefty Jane Sallen held A’s batters in check

Pool E Cal Cruisers Lyn 4, SJ Sting Woods 2
MI Finesse 3, NM Sundancers 1

Pool F Worth Firecrackers 3, So Cal Jets 0     Michelle Floyd and Sammy Cordova split Firecracker pitching.  Lauren Soles pitched for Jets.
IN Magic 2, WA Ladyhawks 0

Pool G NJ Intensity 1, Corona Angels MT 1     Strong game by hard-throwing NJ pitcher Finucaine; Angels Evelyn Carrillo jacked a rise ball HR.  UCLA left Jessica Hall pitched for the Angels.
OK Tulsa Eagles 2, Lakewood Firecrackers 0

Pool H Irvine Sting 5, CA Comets 3
KC Peppers 5, VA Vienna Stars 1

Pool I

TX Storm 2, So Cal Choppers 6
Lady Magic 0, IL Beverly Bandits 1

Pool J Mizuno Pride 2, Tx Impact 5
SGV Velocity 5, IL Chill 0

Pool K Teamsmith 3, SC Carolina Elite v 4
Cal Grapettes vs TX Glory

Pool L Killer Bees 3, TX Rapid Fire 0
Cal Cruisers MS 3, CO Stars 4

Pool M So Cal Breakersw 4, Beverly Bandits JT 4

East Cobb Bullets 3, FirecrackersSnyder 1

Pool N American Pastime 5, Wichita Mustangs 1
So Cal 3D 3, AZ Storm  0

Pool O Corona Angels KH vs Minor’s Gold
GA Elite vs OR NW Bullets

Pool P

TNL 2, San Jose Sting Perales 0
VA Legends 1, AZ Hotshots KH 3

Pool Q Strike Zone 0, TX Mizuno Impulse 4
IL New Lenox Lightning 1, Explosion 5


The Premier national champship will play a truncated schedule tioday, to allow for opening ceremoniesw this evvening in HB Cwtral Park.


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