7-30-2012 Premier Hosts a Rollicking Party


An estimated 7,000 players, coaches, parents and spectators attended Premier Girls Fastpitch opening ceremony Monday night – which everyone agreed was a success.

In lieu of the customary parade through Huntington Beach and sitting on the sand through speeches, this year the girls had a party – an impromptu party which began with some players from the Vienna Stars standing on the grass, showing their “moves” and soon joined by dozens of players from many teams gyrating to the incessant beat of blaring rock.

Then they assembled on chairs, or simply on the grass, by teams, for a thankfully brief menu of remarks – followed by a bell-ringer of a motivational speech by Olympian Jenny Finch – quite literally still the icon of American softball.  Jenny talked about her travel ball experiences with the Batbusters, her 2001 WCWS championship with the Arizona Wildcats, and the 2004 Dream Team which won the Olympic Gold medal in Athens – and was recently inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame.

Spurred by questions from the players, Jenny talked about work ethic, about positive attitudes, but always returning to the “what was it like” kinds of questions.  She talked about her husband Casey, her sons Ace and Diesel, then, to the whooping, hollering and clapping delight of a few thousand teen age girls on the threshold of womanhood, Jenny told them she was 15 weeks pregnant.  Jenny quite obviously owned this audience.

Her speech was followed by a lengthy autograph session; Jenny’s appearance was sponsored by Mizuno.

The audience was then treated to more music, and a Hawaiian fire dance act.

The setting was impressive.  Totally planned by PGF, there were every kind of food stand and amusements.  A helluva show.

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