7-31-2012 Premier Girls Fastpitch 18U Pools

July 31 2012

Pumas 3, Newtown Rock o
Team North Florida 6, Newtown Rock 0
Sorcerer 4, Pumas 2
Sorcerer 3, Team North Florida 0
Atlanta Vipers 5, Lake Breeze 0
MN Sting 5, Atlanta Vipers 4
Victory 6, Lake Breeze 0
MN Sting 3, Victory 2

IL Southern Force 3, NC Lady Lightning 0
TX Peppers 15, Southern Force 1
OC Batbusters 9, Lady Lightning 1
OC Batbusters 4, TX Peppers 2

FL Lady Gagtors 5, TCS Stars 0
Fl Lady Gators 9, Sorcerer Blue 3
So Cal Athletics 8, TCS Stars 0
So Cal Athletics 7, Sorcerer Blue 1

MI Finesse 7, Cruisers Lyn 2
MI Finesse 0, SJ Sting Woods 0
Cruisers Lyn 10, NM Sundancers 0
SJ Sting Woods 4, Sundancers 2

Worth Firecrackers  9, IN Magic 1
Jets 7, IN Magic 0
Worth Firecrackers 1, WA Ladyhawks 0
So Cal Jets 2, Ladyhawks 2

Corona Angels MT 6, Tulsa Eagles 2
NJ Intensity 5, Tulsa Eagles 1
Corona Angels 4, Lakewood Firecrackers 3
Lakewood Firecrackers 3, NJ Intensity 2

Irvine Sting 5, KC Peppers 3
KC Peppers 6, Cal Comets 1
Vienna Stars 3, Irvine Sting 1
Vienna Stars 6, Cal Comets 1

Lady Magic 3, TX Storm 0
Choppers 9, Lady Magic 2
IL Beverly Bandits 6, TX Storm 0
Bandits 9, Choppers  2

IL Chill 4, Mizuno Pride 0
TX Impact 0, IL Chill 0
Mizuno Pride 4, SGV Velocity 4
SGV Velocity 8, Texas Impact 1

Grapettes 6, Teamsmith 3
So Carolina Elite vs Grapettes ?
TX Glory 3, Teamsmith 0
Elite 5, Glory 2

Cal Cruisers MS 0, AZ Killer Bees 0
Cruisers 4, TX Rapid Fire 2
Killer Bees 3, CO Stars 0
Rapid Fire vs CO Stars ?

East Cobb Bullets 2, So Cal Breakers 0
Beverly Bandits JT 3, EC Bullets 1
Breakers 4, Firecrackers Snyder 2
Bandits JT 3, Firecrackers Snyder 1

So Cal 3D 6, American Pastime 2
So Cal 3d 7, Wichita Mustangs 5
AZ Storm 5, American Pastime 1
AZ Storm 5, Wichita Mustangs 2

Corona Angels Howard 12, GA Elite 0
Minor’s Gold 3, Angels Howard 1
Angels Howad 2, OR NW Bullets 1
Minor’s Gold vs NW Bullets ?

TNL 8, VA Legends 0
SJ Sting Perales 8, VALegends 0
TNL 4, AZ Hotshots KH 0
Sting 3, Hotshots 3

Explosion 7, Strike Zone 1
Explosion 5, New Lenox Lightning 3
Lady Magic 3, TX Storm 0.  Magic went long.  Bryce Etzler jacked a home run,an inning later, Brittanie Akey crushed a solo shot.
Choppers 9, Lady Magic 2.  The Choppers showed the Magic they could also play the long ball – with emphasis.  Bailey O’Mara gave Magic an early lead with a 2-run homer.  Magic changed pitchers and the game changed. In the 3rd, Kylie Sorenson belted a grand slam, 4-2.  Lindsey Willmon jacked a slam.
OC Batbusters 9, Lady Lightning 1.  THE BBH seized control in bottom 1st when Katiyana Mauga smashed a 3-run shot.  In their final at-bat, the Batbusters reached run-rule with a quadruple, including a 2-run shot by Coco Taualil.Strong pitching performance by Taylor McQuillin.
Worth Firecrackers  9, IN Magic 1.  In the 2nd, Tina Iosefa  belted a 2-run homer.  In their final at-bat, Casey Africano and Tera Blanco both went yard.
Sorcerer 3, Team North Florida 0.  Sorcerer got the jump on TNF with a first inning solo by Ashley Lotoszynski.  Later, Sorcerer loaded the bases, and scored two runs on passed balls.
TX Impact 0, IL Chill 0.  Tip of the eyeglass to Chill pitcher Alyssa Buchanan who staved off numerous  Impact threats, with runners in scoring position, including a bases-loaded, one-out situation.


Players were still buzzing Tuesday about the fun they had Monday night at the “party in the park,” which was conceived and organized by tournament director Dan Hay.

Among the hundreds who mobbed Jenny Finch after her remarks was another Olympian, Sheila Cornell Douty.  Had not seen Sheila in years, and brought back some memories when she told her husband I had covered her during the 1995 Olympic trials and 1996 Olympics.  I remember one play in which a ball hit into left field caused some disarray in the infield but Sheila raced across the diamond from 1st and took the throw for the force at 3rd.





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