g 7-5-2012 Canadian Open Fastpitch Thursday

Jul5 2012

Mexico 2, Indonesia-Jakarta 0
Team Australia vs Team Japan
California a’S VS Team Peru
Team USA vs Team Puerto Rico (3:30)
Indonesia-Jakarta vs Team BC
Team Canada vs Team Japan
Venezuela vs New Zealand
USA vs Australia
St Louis Elite vs WhiteRock
Team USA vs Team Australia
Great Britain vs St Louis Elie
Worth Firecrackers 10, Duncan Red Hots o

Note: the majority of Team Japan’s top players compete professionall in the Japan Softball League (where several players from the US have competed).  Only one player  competes at the university level: infielder Mari Soma.  Team Japan is the defending champion of the Canadian Open.

Note: the majority of Team Japan’s top players compete professionall in the Japan Softball League (where several players from the US have competed).  Only one player  competes at the university level: infielder Mari Soma.  Team Japan is the defending champion of the Canadian Open.

Australia scored off pitcher Yamato Fujita, bottom 1st, Melinda Werner drew a ledoff walk, but was out staeling, 6-2.  Stacey Porter bent the air, striking out. Leigh Godfrey singled.  Godfrey broke a pickle and scored.   Brenda DeBlaes reached on an error by SakaMOTO at short; Chelsea Forkin singled; Jodie Bowering singled to right, rbi.  The inning ended on a groundout, Australia up 2-0.

With veteran Eri Yamada on base with a leadoff walk, Iwabuchi hit a one-out single;  runners at the corners, Suzuki dropped a single into short right, scoring Yamada.  Two on, Watanabe singled to left, bases loaded; 2 rbi; with two out, Seki singled in 2 runs; OKkubo drove in 2; Vanessa Stokes relieved Kim Parnaby in theAussie circle; Yamada singled; Sakamoto walked; Iwabuchi reached on an error by the  left fielder; bases loaded; Watanabe struck out.  Japan 7-2.

One out, top 3rd, Clare Warwick doubled to left, stole 3rd,  Stranded.  Bottom  3rd.  Porter ripped a single into left.  DeBlaes sacrificed. Forkin lined to Sakamoto at short.  Jackie Bowering looked at a third strike.
Top 4th: Japan down in order.  Bottom: Verityy Long-Droppert singled to center. Pinch-hitter Michelle Cox sacrificed.  Warwick grounded to 1st.  stranded.  Japan drew a leadoff walk, but the runner was out stealing; the next two battes fouled out.  Watanabe led the 6th with a single to left.  Soma looked at a third strike.  Nishiyama ground into a force at 2nd.  Seki ground into a force at short.  Bottom:  Forkin popped to thecatcher.  Bowering flied to right.  White struck out.  Top 7th:  One out, Yamada lined herd to short; Warwick made a highlight reel jump to catch it.  Sakamoto  popped to the pitcher.  Bottom: three outs to win, Warwick singled to right.   Belinda Weaverlined to right.  Pinch hitter Jodie Stevenson singled to center.  Porter flied to center.  De Blaes watched a third strike, ending the game with two runners on base.


Top 1st: Puerto Rico down in order vs Chelsea Thomas.  Bottom: Caitlin Cochran hbp.  Lauren Gibson popped to 2nd, Cochran doubled off 1st.  Stacy May Johnson singled.  Amanda Chidester doubled, rbi.  Valerie Arioto jacked a 2-run homer.  Jenae Leles doubled; stranded.  Top 2nd: Nicole Springer singled, but the other three batters went down.  Bottom: Michelle Moultrie singled to right.  Cochran doubled.  Gibson made out.  Johnson walked, bases loaded.  Chidester  hit into a 5-2 fielder’s choice, Cochran out at home.  Arioto, who was runner-up for USA collegiate player of the year in 2012, crushed a grand slam, her second homer of the game and sixth rbi. Leles fouled out to right.

Top 3rd:  PR down in order.  Bottom: Christie Orgeron led with a single to left center.  Molly Johnson Bases loaded, Cochran hit into a fielder’s choice at short, but Orgeron scored.  Gibson hit into a fielder’s choice at short.  SM Johnson gounded to 1st.  USA 8-0  Top 4th:  PR down in order.   Chidester out.  Jackie Traina singled to right.  Leles Samantha Fischer hit into a force at @nd.  Orgeron looked at a third strike (very wide).  Top 5th:  PR got its second hit, but that’s the ball game.

CALIFORNIA A’s 11, Peru o (3)
A’s split pitching between Wesly and Horowitz.  Glasso had a 3-run homer.  A’s are undefeated


Top 1st: Kawano led off the game with a double, and scored, with one out, on a sac fly by Mine.  Bottom Canada down in order.  Top 2nd:  fujino singled, Sakamoto doubled; , two down, Soma reached on a very short bunt,  Bases loaded, Kawano hit back to the pitcher.  Botoom:  Rafter ripped a single to left.  Lawrick cracked a double to center.  Haberl lined to short.  Ebert singled to left, rbi.  Lawrick was caught in a rundown between 3rd and home.   Hayward fanned.  1-1.  Kaleigh Rafter broke the 1-1 with a sac fly in the bottom of the 3rd Top 4: Japan, two onno outs.Kawano lined out.   Okubo flied to right.  Mine, such a strong presence at the 2008 Olympics, flied high to right.  Top 4th:  Japan had two on, no outs, but three fly balls preserved the 2-1 lead for Canada.  Each team had six but no score since the 3rd.  Bottom 6th;  Lawrick led with a double.  Two on, two out, Natalie Wideman looked at a tird strike.  Japan was three outs from losing a game thwy were expected to win.  All star pitcher Yukikio Ueno ripped a single up the middle.  Mine sacrificed.  Eri Yamada walked.  Fujino flird to right.  Sakamato sailed a fly ball the left firlder Ebert couldn’t handle, two runs and a 4-2 lead.  Iwabuci flied to center.

Now, the burden was on Canada. Gilbert fanned.  Lye  walked.  Jen Yee lined to the pitcher, who doubled  Lye off 1st.


Top 1st: a 2-run double by Fischer, scoring Cochran and Taylor, gsve an early lead.  Arioto singled.  Leles walked, loading the bases.   Zara Mee, who pitched a no-hitter her last outing, replaced Justine Smethurst.  Molly Johnson rbi, 3-0.  Moultrie looked at a third strike.  Bottom: Keilani Ricketts pitching. Porter ground to 2nd,  Godfrey grounded to 3rd.  Warwick walked.  Forkin grounded to Ricketts.  USA 3-0.

Top 2nd: Holcombe looked at a third strike.  Cochran took a called strike three.  Taylor popped to 3rd,  Bottom:  Weaver fanned. Stevenson ripped a single past SM Johnson at 3rd. Bowering put out at 1st. McManus struck out.

Top 3rd:  SM Johnson struck out swinging.   Fischer slammed a single to left.  Arioto walked. Aimee Murch relieved Mee whose rise ball was getting away from her.  Leles flied out to left.  M Johnson slammed an rbi double, 4-0.  Moultrie singled to left, rbi.  Holcombe struck out.  USA 5-0 on 5 hits.  Bottom:  Cox hit back to Ricketts.  Porter grounded to short.  Leigh doubled but was out at 3rd on a sharp throw from Moultriel close play.

Top 4th: Cochran  walked, but was forced by Taylor.  SM Johnson  at bat, Taylor stole 2nd.  Johnson hit a sunking liner caught spectacularly by shortstop Warwick.  Fischer doubled, rbi.6-0.  Arioto singled, rbi.  Leles singled to right.  Smethurst re- entered the circle for Australia.  M Johnson  fanned.  USA 7-0.  Bottom: Warwick fanned,  Forkin  grounded to 1st.  Long-Dropper walked.  Stevenson whiffed.

Top 5thL Shultsbeat out a hit to short.  Cochran hbp.  Taylor watched a third strike.  SM Johnson hit into a fielder’s choice at 3rd.  Bottom:  Bowering ground to 3rd.  McManus flied to 2nd,  Cox  out 6-3.

That;s the ball game!


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