7-6-2012 Canadian Open Fastpitch Friday


Team Puerto Rico 3, New Zealand 1
Team Venezuela 4, Team Canada 5 (9)
Team Japan 11, Team Puerto Rico 1 (5)
Team USA 7, Team New Zealand 0 (5)
Team Canada 5,  Team Australia 33


California A’s Team Canada BC
A’s won 1-0 on a solo shot by Melissa Davin


Entering the bottom of the 7th, Canada trailed, but scored 2 runs to tie, 4-4.  Top 9th: Ebert on 2nd as ITB runner.  Timpf walked. Wideman struck out. Heyward singed, rbi, with what proved to be the winning run.  Venezuela had 2 on, 2 out in the bottom, Jiminez drew a walk off Jenna Caira; loading the bases; Rivera flied to center.


Top 1st:  Venezuela down in order.  Bottom: Cochran singled. Gibson reached on an error at short.  SM Johnson reached on an infield hit.  Fischer hit a sac fly to deep center.  Arioto fanned.  Chidester flied out to right.  1-0 USA.  Top 2nd:  Venezuela again down in order.Bottom: Shults flied to left. Orgeron fanned.  Taylor reached on a two-out single, but Cochran grounded to short.

.Yop 3rd: Pitcher Stewart and two others retired; Traina now had 3 Ks.  Bottom: Gibson led with  SINGLE TO LEFT.  Sm Johnson walked.  Arioto jacked a 3-run homer to center.  Chidester walked.  Shults reached on an errorat 1st, the fielder trying for a force at 2nd but overthrew the bag.  Taylor walked, but Cochran struck out.

T4: Venezuela _ nada.  Bottom: Gibson  doubled off the top of the wall, scored on SM OHNSON’S RBI.  Fischer popped to the pitcher.  Arioto slugged her second homer, a 2-run job.  Chidester  fanned.  Shults  struck out.  Top 5th: superb play by Chidester at 3rd.    2 more hits and traina had a no-hitter.  7-0.


Stacey Porter, led off the game with a walk, advanced on a sac by Godfrey, scored on a hit b Warwick.  Bottom 1st. Bottom: Matthews opened with a single; but was stranded.  Top 2nd: Weaver singled with two out, stranded.  Bottom: Lawrick fanned; Thomas lined to right; Gilbert hit a liner over short; Natalie Wideway lined to short.

Top 3rd: StACEY Porter, the ageless one, drew her second walk.  Godfrey grounded to 3rd, but Lye sidearmed the throw oast 2d.  Warwick popped.  Forkin grounded to short; but Porter scored on the groundout.  Stevenson grounded out.  Bottom:  Hayward grounded to short, but got the hit despite a magnificent throw by shortstop Warwick.  Bottom: two on, down 2-0, Lye struck out.  Kara PARNABY  relieved pitcher Jocelyn Cater. Jen Yee

Bottom 4th: Canada broke the ice.  Bases loaded, Melanie Mtthews drove in 2 runs, tying the game.  Bases reloaded, the very pro-Canadian crowd leaped to its feet when Jen Yee smacked a 2-run double, 4-2.  Yee scored on an rbi by Lawrick.  Canada now had a 5-2 lead, on 11 hits.

Top 5: Porter struck out.  Godfrey singled through the hole.  Warwick out 6-3.  Forkin singled to right, driving Godfrey in with the third Aussie run.  Bottom:  Justine Smethurst pitching for AustrALia.  Wideman singled.  No Canadian scoring.

Top 6: Weaver hit a one-out single.  White lined hard to Matthews in left.  Long-Droppert singled to left.  Porter, who has not hit one of her booming drives this tournament, flied out.  BOTTOM:  Lye out 4-3.  Yee, who was an honored US collegian, singles to right.  Rafter pops to 2nd.  Lawrick walks.  Thomas grounds to 2nd.

Top 7th:  Down 5-3, Australia faces a different pitcher, Karissa Hovinga.  Godfrey flied to center.  Warwick singled up the middle. Forkin fans.  Stevenson  grounds to 1st,

Canada 5 runs, 13 hits.  Australia 3 runs, 7hits. 11 stranded,

Two more games to go but it’s 9pm

Proud moment: the Team Japan coach, told me in better English than many  Americans that she is a long-time reader of Spy.




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