7-7-2012 Canadian Open Fastpitch Saturday

July 7, 2012

Team Venezuela vs Team Puerto Rico
Team Canada vs Team USA (1pm)
Team Australia vs Team Venezuela
Team USA vs Team Japan
Team Australia vs Team New Zealand

Semi-finals Futures Gold Divison
Worth Firecrackers vs Northwest Bullets
Ashburn Shooting Stars vs Oklahoma Force

Keilani Ricketts (Oklahoma) vs Karissa Hovinga (Oregon)
Top 1st: Moultrie tripled.  Taylor lined to short. S Johnson sac fly, Moultrie scored.  Cochran fanned.  Bottom: Matthew laced the first pitch into right field, single.  Matthews caught stealing; good throw by Shults.  Lye struck out.  Former Georgia Tech star Yee flied deep to Taylor in center.

Top 2nd: Arioto, who had 2 homers in er last game, walked on four pitches.  Fischer fouled out to Lawrick at 1st.  Leles walked.  Shults popped to Hovinga.  M Johnson singled to right, driving in Arioto.  Moultrie  Bottom: Lawrick grounded to short, rifle throw by M Johnson.  Rafter struck out.  Thomas grounded to short.

Top 3rd; Taylor grounded to 1st.  S Johnson singled.  Cohran walked.  Arioto hit her fifth homer of the tournament, a three-run shot. Fischer walked. Gibson in to run.  Leles grounded out.  Shults popped to 2nd.  Bottom:  Gilbert grounded out.  Cumpstone hit back to Ricketts.  Hayward walked.  Matthews, top of the order, reached on an error at 1st.  Lye laid down a 3-foot bunt.  Yee infield hitto 2nd; Gibson held the ball, trying for a rundown, but 2 runs scored. Johnson finally tagged the trailing runner,  5-2.

Top 4th: Schreyer now pitching for Canada.  M Johnson flied to left.  Moultrie struck out for the second time.  Taylor reached on an overthrow by Lye at short.  S Johnson popped to the infield.  Bottom:  Canada down in order.

Top 5th: Cocrhran beat out a hit to short.  Arioto flied to left.  Gibson popped to 3rd.  Leles reached on a throwing error by Schreyer, Cochran scoring the sixth USA run.  Shults grounded to1st.  Bottom:  Gilbet out but Cumpstone hbp.  Hayward put out by catcher (batted ball hit her in thebox).  Matthews

Top 6th: M Johnson reached on another throwing error by Schreyer.  Moultrie sacrificed.  Pinch hitting, Ricketts struck out.  S. Johnson sailed an rbi single over short,, scoring M Johnson.  Cchran singled up the middle.  Arioto singled hard to right, 2 rbi, her 24th of the 12 game USA season.  And 17 for the tournament, including 5 home runs .  Maria Demore took the circle to face Gibson, who walked   Orgeron in to run.  Shults singled, rbi.  Moultrie singled to righ center, 2 rbi.  Taylor singled to short left, the 13th USA hit.  The umpires called Taylor out because she had not been re-entered.  14-2.Bottom:  Lye  with Traina now  in the circle, struck out.   Yee popped to Gibson.  Lawrick looked at a third strike.


Firecrackers 10, Northwest Bullets 0
OklahomaForce 5, Ashburn Shooting Stars 1
Firecrackers 10, Oklahoma Force 4
Firecrackers on Sunday will play the loser bracket winner

The California A’s are undefeatedin nElite, having outscored opponents 72-1.


Jordan Taylor vs Miho Kurita

Top 1st:  Kawano struck out.  Nishiyama  singled.  Okubo sacrificed.  Yamada given a pass.  Fusino hit a soft liner over short which Molly Johnson grabbed over her head.  Bottom:  Moultrie lined out.  Taylor  hit back to the pitcher.  Johnson;s liner was Caught by Furuta on a leaping grab>

Top 2d: Mine doubled hard to left.  Iwabuchi  beat out a hit to 3rd,  Furuta hit into a fielder’choice, out at 1st but the runner advanced.  Suzuki popped to short.  Kawano singled up the middle, 2 rbi.  Bottom:  COC==ochran walked.  Arioto fanned.  Fischer rbi.  Chidester singled.  M Johnson flied out. Fischer tagged up but was out at home.  Holcombe flied out.  2-1 Japan.

Top 3rd: Nishiyama fanned. Okubo fanned.  Yamada  singled up the middle.  Fusino ground to 3rd.  Bottom:  Moultrie grounded to short.  Taylor singled to jeft.  S Johnson walked.  Cochran  singled to left.  Arioto walked.  Fischer singled down the left field line, 2 rbi.  3-2 USA.  Chidester walked.  M Johnson lined to left.

Top 4th: Iwabuchi fanned. Furuta walked.  Suzuki sacrificed,  Chelsea Thomas relieved Taylor. Kawano out.   Bottom 4th: Moultrie grounded to short.  Taylor singled but was thrown out stealing.

Bottom 5th: Fischer doubled in a fourth run.  M Johnson , two on, fouled out to right.

Top 6th: Mine doubled off Gibson’s glove. Iwabuchi out.  Furuta  bounced back to Thomas.  Mine scored on a passed ball, 4-3.  Suzuki walked , off base.  Bottom: no USA score.

Top 7th; Kawano fanned.  Nishiyama grounded to 3rd.

Taylor WP..Thomas save.

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